Wooden Greenhouses: Plans, Designs & Ideas 

 May 27, 2022

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It’s a tranquil scene from any angle: A quiet, green space full of the scents and sounds of nature. But for those who are looking to capitalize on this beautiful environment with an organic gardening venture or just fancy starting a new hobby, it can be harder than you might think. That is why we have done our best to take some pressure off your shoulders by rounding up all the plans, designs & ideas that make building your garden easy-peasy!

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Wooden Greenhouse

A full greenhouse is sometimes much too heavy to transport cheaply, hence most wooden greenhouses are made from designs. Builders may choose from a variety of timbers to construct the greenhouse, including cedar and pine. Builders may either construct the wooden greenhouse according to the blueprints or come up with their own design. To endure the rigors of the weather, the wood must be coated with a waterproof coating. These greenhouses are a permanent addition to your home that may be utilized to raise healthy plants for years to come after they’re finished.

Greenhouse Kits Made of Wood

Many people choose to buy a kit rather than construct a wood greenhouse from the ground up. Most or all of the hardware required to create the shed is included in a kit, and they are often tailored to make a certain shed style. Steel joints, door hinges, screws, and light panels are just some of the hardware that make constructing the shed a lot simpler. Without a greenhouse kit, it might be very difficult to purchase and create greenhouse light panels. Users only need to buy the wood, protective lacquer, and any other embellishments they want.


Wooden greenhouses are intended to maintain a constant level of humidity within the unit in order to encourage plant development. The top and sides include light panels that enable sunshine to enter, allowing the plants to thrive. To mitigate the strong sunshine, light panels on the top are normally opaque. These panels, which are made of fiberglass or plastic and sit within the timber framework like glass panels in a picture frame, are made of fiberglass or plastic. The front of the greenhouse should include at least one hinged or sliding door for access. A bigger door is recommended if you intend on moving large pots or small trees in and out of the wooden greenhouse. Clear panels may be added to the door to let light in while also giving it a “French door” appearance.

To enhance the size of your growing area, use wooden or metal shelves/benches. Shelves enable users to stack plant pots on top of one another while still allowing enough light to reach the leaves of the plants. In the summer, a roof vent on either side of the greenhouse is advised to let excess heat to escape.

Although cedar and pine are both suitable woods for use in a wooden greenhouse, I prefer Redwood. While more costly, Redwood is very weather resistant and, being a hardwood, quite sturdy. Without any particular treatment, insects, rot, and weather conditions are all resisted. While some kind of wood treatment is advised, Redwood may last a lifetime without the need for human intervention.

Some individuals choose to create their wood greenhouse with a shed addition to take advantage of the strength and beauty of wood. A storage shed add-on increases the size of the greenhouse and enables users to keep their growing materials close at hand.

Laying the Groundwork

When constructing a wooden greenhouse on earth or grass, it’s always a good idea to start with a solid foundation. Depending on your preference, the base may be built of wood or concrete. The foundation should be strong enough to sustain the greenhouse’s weight as well as its contents.


Wood greenhouses are both useful and attractive, but they should be carefully considered to see whether they are the best option for them. These greenhouses are permanent buildings that will last the same amount of time as your home. While they can be transported in certain situations, dismantling and transporting them requires a lot of time and work. When built correctly, these buildings can produce some fantastic greenhouse seeds. Building a greenhouse from the ground up or from a kit enables individuals to build a unique construction that they can be proud of.

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The “10×12 greenhouse plans” is a blog that has plans, designs, and ideas for greenhouses. The blog also includes pictures of the 10×12 greenhouses.

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