When Is the Best Time to Plant Sunflowers? 

 May 27, 2022

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Sunflowers are a popular flower, but the best time to plant them depends on where you live. If your area doesn’t have cold winters, it is important to start planting as early in the year as possible. Start planning now so that you’ll have plenty of sunflower seeds when they’re needed most!

Sunflowers are a great addition to any garden. They can be planted throughout the year, but they need to be planted at the right time. The “how late can you plant sunflowers” is an important question that needs to be answered before planting.

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When is the ideal time to sow sunflower seeds? These bright blooms, which are endemic to North America, bloom throughout the summer. Sunflowers thrive in Plant Hardiness Zones 1 through 11 in the United States. Continue reading to find out when to grow sunflowers.

During the hot summer months, the sunflower is one of the most popular garden plants. On tall, coarse stalks with bristly leaves, this brilliant yellow flower blooms. Drought-resistant sunflowers are a low-maintenance plant in hot, dry areas.

The sunflower is a heliotropic plant. This indicates that the bloom follows the sun’s path. The flower’s massive crown is brimming with seeds, which may be saved, fed to birds, or replanted to produce new blossoms!

We’ll talk about the optimum time to grow sunflowers in this article.

If you’re new to gardening, be sure to read our instructions on how to plant a garden and when to do so.

When Should You Plant Sunflowers?

Sunflowers take 80 to 120 days to mature, therefore experts advise sowing seeds in the early spring. Here are some more planting suggestions for sunflower seeds:

  • Sunflower seeds are best planted after the final frost of the year, when the soil temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. (Make sure the temperature is at least 50 degrees.) This occurs in most places between late February and early May.
  • During the summer, sunflowers blossom. They thrive in soil that is rich, well-drained, and has a pH of 6.0 to 7.5.
  • If you want continuous blooming throughout the summer, stagger your sunflower seeds every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • During the winter, you may start cultivating smaller variants of this garden plant inside. 6 weeks before planting in your garden, start spreading seeds in a garden tray.

Sunflowers: Where to Plant Them

  • Sunflowers may grow up to 14 feet tall, so put them near to a tall structure like a fence or anywhere where they’ll be shielded from powerful wind gusts.
  • Sunflower seeds should be planted at least 6-inches apart and no more than 1-inch deep. You’ll want to thin the seedlings as your sunflowers mature so that the stronger plants stay approximately 12-inches apart.
  • Plant your flowers in a location that receives lots of direct sunshine! Sunflowers, for example, need at least 6 hours of direct sunshine every day to grow.

Sunflowers: Facts and Figures

  • Helianthus annuus is the botanical name for the sunflower.
  • Because of its endurance and determination to following the sun, the sunflower is a symbol of loyalty and constancy in many cultures and religions.
  • Kansas, often known as the “Sunflower Official,” has a sunflower as its state flower.
  • The sunflower is honored in Greek mythology in the story of the water nymph who fell in love with Apollo, the sun god. The water nymph was transformed into a sunflower, allowing her to follow the sun at all times.


The answer to “When Should You Plant Sunflowers??” is a relatively simple one. These plants grow quickly and don’t require extensive maintenance. As long as they’re grown after the last frost of the year when the soil is above 50 degrees, it’s hard to go wrong.

Check out our entire guide on backyard garden plants for more information.

The “when to plant sunflowers in tennessee” is a question that has been asked before. The best time to plant sunflowers in Tennessee is during the spring.

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