When is the Best Time to Plant Lavender? 

 May 12, 2022

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The best time to plant lavender is in the fall so it can grow through the winter. The spring planting date depends on when you want your lavender leaves to show up. If you’re not sure what day works best for you, check out this handy guide and find out!

The “does lavender spread” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is generally not known, but it seems like the best time would be in the spring.

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Want to learn all there is to know about growing and Lavender plants? This how-to tutorial has everything you’ll need.

We’ll investigate:

  • the several lavender varieties
  • When and where should lavender be grown?
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Best Time to Plant Lavender

French lavender is distinguished from English lavender by the presence of lovely purple tufts or ‘ears’ on the blossoms, as shown in the photo above. Other lavender varieties may be found in Spain, Portugal, Madeira, and the Canary Islands. These are often adorned with those adorable tufted blooms. Lavender plants are available in a variety of hues, ranging from deep purple to pastel blue, pink, and white.

When can I start growing lavender?

The optimum time to plant in your garden is in the spring – April and May are typically good, however this varies on your local environment. Small plants are plentiful at this time of year at garden centers. 

Lavender plants

Plant lavender at the perfect position in your yard, with lots of light and well-draining soil. If your soil is moist and heavy (like clay), plant your lavender in pots or raised beds instead.

  • Remove any weeds by digging the dirt over.
  • If you have many plants, they should be separated by around 3 feet.
  • Plant lavender plants closer together if you want to make a hedge – approximately 1 foot apart.
  • In the first year, water your plants often, especially if the weather is hot and dry.

Lavender may be grown in pots.

Lavender grows well in pots and looks great on a patio in the summer. They’ll require watering just like any other container, although they don’t like soggy soil and can handle dry periods rather well.

For your containers, you may use any multi-purpose compost. As long as the soil drains well and the plants aren’t sitting in water, they should thrive. Drainage may be improved by mixing some grit into the soil (approximately 25% grit, 75% dirt).

What size lavender pot should I use? Something with a diameter of at least 12-16 inches is ideal. Smaller pots may be used, but they will need more frequent watering to prevent the compost from drying up. Check to see whether your container has a lot of drainage holes.

Consider growing lavender inside.

You can grow lavender inside if you have the correct circumstances. Lavender plants want full sun, so make sure your containers have enough of it.

  • Every day, make sure they get at least 4 hours of direct sunshine.
  • Try a sunny south or west-facing windowsill.
  • Lavender plants dislike humidity and thrive in dry, sunny environments, much like the Mediterranean areas where they are from.
  • A few hours of daily airflow from an open window can help your plants develop.
  • It’s a good idea to give each plant its own container to ensure that the roots have adequate room to breathe.
  • Because lavender prefers poor soil, you shouldn’t need to fertilize your indoor plants.
  • To prevent the roots rotting, avoid overwatering — the soil should seem dry before you water again each time.

Lavender treatment

Watering lavender plants in the garden borders is typically unnecessary after they are established and thriving. Remember that these plants thrive in hot, dry environments.

Water lavender in pots as needed throughout the warmer months if the compost seems to be dry. Watering is seldom essential in the winter since the plants prefer to be dry and cold rather than moist and cold.

If you have lavenders that are acclimated to warm temperatures and reside in a cooler area, you may need to protect your pots from frost. Check the plant labels to learn what’s best for that particular kind.


Gardening ideas for the backyard

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The “lavender growing zones” are regions that have the best climate for lavender plants. They can be found in France, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

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