What Kind of Logs Do You Use for an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit? 

 April 15, 2022

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The logs you should use for your outdoor gas fire pit are hardwood and will burn longer than those made from softwoods. They also need to be dried out properly before being used, so the burner can get a good start. The length of time they’ll last depends on how often you have them lit during the day, as well as what fuel is in that type of log.

Outdoor gas fire pits are great for creating a warm, inviting and romantic atmosphere. There are several logs that can be used to create the perfect outdoor fire pit. The best logs for an outdoor gas fire pit are hardwood logs. Hardwood logs burn longer than softwoods or pine logs.

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The two most prevalent varieties of outdoor gas fire pit logs are ceramic and Cement that is refractory. These logs are the best option if you want to use your outdoor fire pit often. They’ll also assist the flame last a lot longer than actual organic wood.

Logs for outdoor gas fire pits come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. Some fire pit logs have very accurate characteristics in their shape and color, resembling a specific tree species.

Others are less comprehensive but nevertheless give the same advantages of weather resistance, environmental friendliness, and tree preservation.

Your patio’s overall design should be reflected in your outdoor fire pit.

When putting everything together, try utilizing our Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit Guide. The book may also assist you in making other important choices about the sort of fire pit you choose, as well as providing information on how to operate a gas fire pit. Otherwise, have a look at these outdoor gas fire pit logs alternatives.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Fire Pit

Before you go to your Amazon account’s checkout area and buy the first outdoor fire pit logs that come up, make sure you search for the following features:

  1. What is the logs’ composition?
  2. Is it okay to use the logs outside?
  3. What is the total number of logs in the set?
  4. Take a look at the bark. Is it in keeping with the surroundings of your outdoor fire pit?
  5. What are the logs’ length, diameter, and any other metrics that have been provided? How do these figures relate to the fire pit’s dimensions?

Any one of these five elements has the potential to turn you away from the product and lead you to something better.

Of course, Amazon and other online shops provide return services, but it’s always easier to save time and effort by doing the legwork ahead of time. Above all, ensure sure the fire logs are the right size for your fire pit.

Types of Logs for Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Cement that is refractory and Logs made of ceramic are the two main kinds of logs that may be used in outdoor fire pits.

Both of these sorts are made of synthetic wood rather than natural wood. Real wood burns down over time, and you may find that you spend more time loading and arranging logs than really enjoying the fire.

Ceramic and Cement that is refractory fire logs will endure as long as the fire pit’s gas is switched on and will not burn down.

Cement that is refractory

Cement that is refractory is a type of calcium aluminate cement that is common for heat-exposed decorative elements, like building bricks, stone fireplaces, and as you see here, outdoor gas fire pit logs. It is hard to tell the difference between Cement that is refractory and Logs made of ceramic, but the Cement that is refractory is considerably heavier.

Log Set for a Charred Campfire Gas Fire Pit, 18″

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8-Piece Set of Firegear Beach Fire Refractory Logs for Outdoor Fires

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Logs made of ceramic

With ceramic fire pit logs, there are more options available online, and those options are significantly cheaper than Cement that is refractory logs.

Logs made of ceramic also weigh less, so redecorating is always doable. Most Logs made of ceramic are okay for indoor use, as well as outdoor use, and there are even options that come in a nice setup for indoor fireplaces to make the most of the space.

The Logs made of ceramic you see here are predominantly outdoor items. They come with disassembled logs and look very realistic.

Ceramic Wood Logs for a Large Gas Fireplace by Natural Glo (Indoor or Outdoor)

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For outdoor gas fire pits, Hisencn offers a 10-piece ceramic wood log set.

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Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set for Outdoor Fire Pits (9-Piece) by Goplus

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How to Finish Your Outdoor Fire Pit’s Look

Outdoor fire pits aren’t always as realistic as you’d want them to be. You may, however, add a few additional objects to the pit to make it appear more realistic.

Under the ceramic or Cement that is refractory wood logs in an outdoor fire pit, add fireproof rock granules or glass.

These help to spread out the flame and make the logs seem less out of place and more at home in the fire pit. You may also opt to utilize just glass to create a more contemporary style and give the outdoor living room an entirely new atmosphere.

Whatever choice you select, make sure the goods you purchase are high-quality, fireproof, outdoor-safe, and the right size for the fire pit. Larger logs look better in certain extra-large fire pits.

So, pay attention to the length of the logs and how many arrive in a set, since this will decide how much vacant space there will be in the pit.

Here are a few ideas for adding to your outdoor fire pit. Do not attempt to manufacture these things for your fire pit at home.

Tempered glass and other grains are produced in a certain manner so that they do not melt at high temperatures.

Lava Rock Granules from Stanbroil for Indoor or Outdoor Fire Pits

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Cobalt Blue Hisencn 12 Inch Reflective Fire Glass for Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pit (Other colors available)

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Amber Blue Ridge Brand Professional Fire Pit Glass Rocks (Other colors available)

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The Best Fire Pit Logs in a Nutshell

Finish the remainder of the surrounding area to complete the aesthetic of your outdoor space. If everything surrounding it isn’t up to date, your freshly constructed fire pit will seem lonely.

Designing an outdoor living area may quickly become prohibitively costly; instead, consider some of these Incredible Backyard Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Fortune. Then sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your new fire pit arrangement by adding some unique touches to the backyard decor.

The “best gas logs for outdoor fireplace” are logs that are made of a material that burns slowly and creates a lot of heat. The logs are typically used in outdoor fire pits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What logs do you use in a fire pit?

A: Logs are wood, paper and other organic matter which burn. This is the logs you can use in a fire pit!

What kind of logs do you use in a gas fireplace?

A: I use logs that are made from metal, typically tin or steel.

What do you burn in a gas fire pit?

A: Charcoal is a byproduct of burning wood in a fire pit. The heat from the flame and smoke causes charcoal to form, which can then be used as fuel for cooking or heating purposes.

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