What are Fluorescent Grow Lights? 

 April 25, 2022

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Fluorescent grow lights are a type of lamp that is often used in indoor gardening. When it is turned on, the light emits ultraviolet rays which can help to increase plant growth by providing them with more energy than they need from sunlight. In addition, these lamps emit far less heat than other types of lighting and they also provide an excellent way for plants to be able to photosynthesize even when their leaves may be shaded.

Fluorescent lights are a type of light that emit visible light, but also produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation. This means that they’re capable of stimulating plant growth. They work well with plants because they’re not as harsh on the eyes as other types of lighting. Can you use regular fluorescent lights to grow plants?

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What are Grow Lights and How Do They Work?

Grow lights have made it such that adequate plant illumination is no longer a concern. Grow lights are artificial light sources that are used to promote the development of plants.

Incandescent grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, high-pressure sodium lights (HPS lights), combined metal halide (MH) lights, switchable/convertible/and 2-way lights, and LED grow lights are among the numerous types of grow lights available.

The Fluorescent Grow Light is a perennial favorite.

Anyone who wishes to grow plants inside can benefit from fluorescent grow lights. They’re great for indoor plants, whether you’re growing them in a greenhouse or in your home. Fluorescent lights are available in a broad variety of hues and color temperatures, ranging from 2700 to 7800 degrees Kelvin.

The sort of grow lighting you choose is determined by the purpose of the artificial lighting. Standard fluorescent lighting is often used as an indoor grow light for plants and vegetables. They’re also great for starting seedlings for spring plantings.

What makes fluorescent grow lighting superior than other types of grow lighting? Even the most basic fluorescent grow lighting fixture may generate twice as many lumens per watt of energy used, with a useful life of up to 20,000 hours. Fluorescent lighting is, thus, more energy and cost-effective.

The Different Fluorescent Grow Lighting Types

What sort of grow light to purchase is mostly determined by the purpose of the grow light. There are many various varieties of luorescent grow lighting fixtures, just as there are many different types of grow lights. The following are some of them:

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Fluorescent Light (Regular)

This is your traditional fluorescent light;long tubes contained in a ballast that illuminate a section of space below them. The Fluorescent Light (Regular) lighting fixture is generally recommended because they are versatile and can serve generic purposes.

Fluorescent T5

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T5 is one of the newer types of grow lights in the market. They are rectangular in shape and they contain multiple long tubes within them. Fluorescent T5 lights are best for vegetative growth, and they are some of the most expensive grow lights available.

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Compact Fluorescent Lighting

The Compact Fluorescent Lighting light is made up of relatively small bulbs which output much less light than the other types of grow lights out there. They’re the easiest to install and string up around plants, and they’re the cheapest ones compared to any other type of fluorescent lighting.

T5 fluorescent grow lights are the most popular type of grow light. They are used in hydroponic gardening and can be purchased from a variety of places, including Amazon. Reference: t5 fluorescent grow lights.

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