Westinghouse WGen7500 Review 

 October 25, 2020

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It happens from time to time that we must face the issue of a power outage. Despise the advance of technology over time, we still need the help of a generator to light our homes and power up our appliances. Anyway, the issue remains whether you’ll be able to keep this machine in a separate room of your house. You won’t be happy with a giant machine that fills the major part of your garage either. What options do you have? The best choice would be a portable generator you can find in the market. Actually, you will run into lots of portable generators available. In this WGen7500 review you will figure out if it is the portable generator that meets your needs.

The amazing 7000w Westinghouse machine is one of the latest models this brand has released. It comes with a lot of positive features and is also affordable enough for your wallet.

What makes it so cool? Why is it so popular?

The first thing to look at are its receptacles. This model comes equipped with two Ground Fault Circuit and one L14-30R receptacles. It can be certainly not wrong to say that this machine can supply energy to theoretically any appliance currently in use. In the manufacturing process the brand also considered security features. In fact, all outlets on this generator is covered by a strong protective rubber.

Battery charger included

Formerly customers were forced to buy besides a generator also a battery charger separately. You were able to load a car battery using these two apparats together. Lucky for us, the Westinghouse incorporates a battery charger. Even if it’s not the main feature of this product, it definitely improves your experience with it. To say more, the charger will supply energy to the battery gradually to reduce the risk of damage and elongate the battery’s lifetime. Adding a LED made its system easier to operate.

Remote key start

As I’ve said before, this model is much more refined and technological than I expected. You will find start and stop buttons as in fancy cutting-edge cars. The remote key is maybe the most outstanding feature of this striking portable machine. It is easy to turn on and off from not so far with its pocket remote key. You will love it while camping with your family.

Quiet running

This amazing portable generator produces a noise much lower than most of the other generators available. Moreover, the motor inside this generator was severely tested before its release. It’s not only consumption efficient, but it also requires few maintenance. This engine runs for about 10 hours at ½ load on barely one full tank. Also, most applications will need lees than 20 to 40% load.

Control panel

The control system of this device is considerable since it comes with four outlets that provide energy when needed. While you’re unboxing it, you will find a full kit of tools and a whole set of wheels along with the basic items. Another significant advantage of this magnificent generator is that it comes with a 3-year warranty against all risk.

Technical issues

Its fuel efficiency is another fundamental feature of this this model. Overhead valves give it an amazing layout and also make it burn fuel more efficiently.

Another significant aspect of this unit is that it runs with a tough 420cc motor with 3-position start. Also, it feeds on the fuel of a 6,4-gallon tank that gives you 14 hours of continuous electricity. It includes a comfortable carrying handle. It also releases the pressure on an even basis. Moreover, you will find a transistorized burning system. This collects the voltage and reduces the risk of accidents.

Safety system

It has a durable casing made of steel. All electrical parts are enclosed to keep you safe. It will also resist heavy weather and even shocks. When a blackout happens, you can count on the WH7500 and its two 120-volt circuit breakers that work at the hit of a button.

It also has an extra 240-volt breaker that helps the machine run without any distortion. If you use power cord, you can use a Nema locking system for more security.


  • Very quiet
  • Has a remote key start to turn on and off
  • Comes with two GFCI’s
  • Can run for 1 hour on a single full tank


  • The manual is not really useful
  • Low-quality muffler

You can have one of these problems while running this model:

  1. It won’t result precisely quiet for you when using it in a campsite, where you might want to enjoy a silent environment. For that reason, you might prefer to place it at a certain distance where it doesn’t disturb you.
  2. It weighs about 200 pounds and thereby it cannot be considered as an actual portable generator.
  3. Many user feedbacks indicate problems while operating this device.


Considering what we have read in this review, we can conclude that the WH7500E is for sure one of the most brilliant and advanced portable generators so far. In addition to the high-quality service it provides, it proves to be an economical choice for your camping trips or any other outdoor activity as a backyard party. You will find plenty of Westinghouse devices for sale on the internet that you might seize only when you’re positively sure of knowing what you are acquiring. You will find the best prices for this generator on websites like Amazon.com that even ship the item right to your home.

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