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WEN 56352 Review 2018

All of those who purchased WEN 56352 Portable Generator were 100% satisfied with its performance. The machine is designed to deliver 15 hours of sustained power at 50% load. WEN 56352 can supply 3,000 watt electric output to your indispensable home appliances and gadgets. So whenever you experience power blackout, WEN 56352 generator is the practical solution.

The WEN 56352 portable generator is equipped with 196cc, 6.5 Horse Power and 4-cycle gas engine, is a perfect emergency stand by unit for every household and offices. It has additional outlets for you to charge other important appliances; 120V outlet, 120/240 NEMA outlet for your domestic appliances and 12V DC receptacle. This machine is your reliable partner anywhere anytime.

WEN 56352 Features at a Glance

  • 3500 peak, 3000 running watts
  • 4 Gallon fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • 15 hrs. run time at half load.
  • Automatic low oil engine shutdown
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

Benefits of owning WEN 56352 Portable Generator

Superb Performance

The main thrust of Wen 56352 is to give you power when you need where ever you are. Evidently, this machine never failed those customers who bought them. The 15 hour run in half a load with 3,000 watt power output is more than enough to give you comfort and ease. The manufacturers made sure that their products are engineered to deliver superior performance when it comes to powering supply.

Easy Start and Operation

The machine has an easy to follow diagrams that even the “non-techy” person can follow. With just one pull you can immediately start the machine. Once started, you can opt to conveniently check the engine hour counter or not at all. WEN 56352 is also fitted with an automatic voltage regulator and circuit breaker to instinctively regulate any changes in the supplied power, protecting your appliances and gadgets.

Fuel Efficient

The WEN 56352 is built with a 4 gallon fuel tank. Basically, with the current gasoline price pegged at $3.6 per gallon the maximum, your 15 hour run of power is only $0.96 per hour. In addition, the machine has an automatic low oil sensor that shuts off once the oil has reached the low-level limit. There is no need to worry about the oil level; it’s being taken cared off.

Easy Transport

Encased with a wheel kit, the WEN 56352 can be easily transferred to places you want to mount it. So when you are out camping or in your backyard, you can push the machine with less effort. Rest assured its function ability is intact.

Pros and Cons of owning WEN 56352


  • Fuel Efficient
  • Up to 15 hours run time.
  • 196cc 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered engine
  • Wheel kit


  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California


Product Reviews

As of this time, a total of eight customers shared their honest opinion regarding the total performance of WEN 56352. Full transcripts of their reviews can be viewed at Amazon.com.

“It got me some basic power back up for my fridge/freezer, charge phones and things like that. I didn’t really stress it that much; the priority was my fridge/freezer…” Jeff.

“Very well built medium power emergency generator. Appears to be a good value. Enough power out to keep my refrigerator, freezer and a few lights going when the electric company has a problem… ” Robert Hand

OVERALL VERDICT: Rating: ★★★★★

It is indeed worth your every penny. The WEN 56352 is rated 5 out of 5 from those who bought the unit and tested it for good. So for those contemplating on purchasing a portable generator, the WEN 56352 is the best choice because it won’t fail you.


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