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 October 25, 2020

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WEN is ahead of its time when it comes to applying new technologies on its engines, and has become an authority when it comes to creative products, which blend power and quality in each one of its models. One of its last creations, the 56180 generator, designed under these criteria. In this review, we will take a look at this1800-watt fuel powered portable model, its main features, its disadvantages, and the great things you can do with this powerful device.

Since its foundation in 1951, WEN has released and distributed economical and high-quality energy suppliers for people in the US and abroad. Based in Elgin, Illinois, WEN products and parts are covered by consistent warranties. Its service centers are settled throughout the US, which guarantees you will find your local service center not far from your home.

Main Features

  • The 56180 supplies 1,500 watts of running and steady energy and 1,800 surge watts.
  • Comes with a four-stroke OHV single cylinder dependable and efficient motor. It uses a forced-air refrigeration system that keeps the motor from overheating.
  • Its layout is compact and light and comes with grips at the sides for a better mobility. With barely 50 lbs., this machine is one of the lightest on the market.
  • The engine is mounted lightly in the bottom part of the build. This reduces the engine vibes as much as possible for a softer and quieter running.
  • It uses a muffler for reducing noise even more. It reaches a 65-decibel level when running at full power.
  • Its runtime is of about 7,5 hours on a full tank at ½ its power.
  • The fuel tank can hold 1,45 gallons. Consumption stands at 0,386 gallons an hour at full power.
  • It uses a low-oil shutoff system that automatically shuts off the motor when the oil is running out and reaches dangerous levels. This prevents the machine from damaging.

WEN 56180 PROS

  • It’s quite affordable and reliable. It will supply power to your appliances for a long time.
  • Also fitted with a spark arrestor that withholds sparks during working. This makes it suitable for using in woods or national parks.
  • The controls are set on a panel on a side for easy operability of the machine and its features.
  • It has two 120-volt AC outlets and one 12-volt outlet. Whit this, you can plug the several devices and tools you need to have running at your home, campsite or at your working place.
  • Complies with EPA III and CARB standards.
  • Covered by a 2-year limited warranty for repair and replacement on the whole equipment.


  • With a noise level of 65dB, this model is a bit louder than other generators. Trying to converse over it can be a bit hard. If you take it on a campsite, you better settle it at a certain distant, so that it doesn’t annoy your neighbors.
  • It lacks the power needed for big demands of energy, like in the case of the AC unit in your house or RV, for example. Its limitations determine the range of its utility. It can’t be used as an RV supplier, and won’t power major construction tools at a working place.
  • There is no electric start. A few pulls of a cord are needed to start it up. It can be a drag.
  • Doesn’t work well when it’s cold outside. Startup implies a double effort when the temps get too low.
  • Doesn’t have wheels, so you have to lift it up to move it around.
  • Quality standards while manufacturing are quite low for this device.
  • Oil can poor out in the changing process, since it provides no funnel to do the task.

Big power in a small size

You probably think it looks small for the 1800 wattage of power it claims to provide.

Actually, this tiny beast reaches the impressive amount of 12,5-ampere 1,800 surge watts and 1,500 running watts.

It’s a great machine for supplying electricity in cases of power outages as well as outdoor activities. The layout is compact and convenient for carrying around and has a durable casing.

It’s a very reliable generator for many different applications.

Secure, fairly quiet and effective

The WEN 56180 is not as loud as many other generators of its kind. It reaches a level of 63 decibels while running (click here for quieter machines).

That’s why this is a fairly quiet choice.

Its runtime average is about eight hours at ½ load on about 1,1 gallons of fuel.

That means this is a very efficient little generator.

The low-oil shut-off protects the four-stroke OHV motor and increases its lifetime. It prevents the engine from damaging and saves the owner from injuries caused by generators.

Also, the spark arrestor withholds sparks and makes it suitable for using in woods and national parks.

Dynamic and practical

This device comes with two AC 120-volt three-prong wall outlet and a lighter-like 12-volt DC outlet.

Basically, if you’re after a reliable and safe generator that provides a lot of energy and offers the dynamism and mobility needed for several different occasions, the WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator could be the right choice for you.

Noise generation

WEN generator with a 8CC engine

If you want a generator suitable for camping or outdoors activities, you should consider a generator with a fairly quiet running.

The WEN 56180 is relatively quiet. It’s not supposed to be a silent device at all, but you don’t need to shout to converse over it either.

It might be a good choice for camping or tripping. When an outage happens, it doesn’t matter whether the generator is quiet or loud. What matters is that it works.

Anyway, a quiet device is a plus in a hard time like when a storm or high winds cause a blackout.

This machine is effective and quiet enough to power your home without annoying your neighbors. It’s comparable to the noise produces by an air conditioner.

Noise specifications:

  • Reaches 63 decibels while running
  • Fairly quiet
  • Produces more or less noise than a wall air conditioner.
  • Don’t have to shout to converse over it.
  • Noise level feedback: 3 out of 5 stars
  • It might not be a silent machine. But it’s not noisy either.
  • You can easily talk over it at a normal volume.

Fuel efficiency and capability

Fuel burning efficiency is a fundamental issue for most users.

You know, nobody wants to take home an inefficient generator that burns fuel too fast.

Luckily, this small device will not do that. It will run for 7,5 hours at half power on a full 1,1-gallon gasoline tank. This is quite amazing when you compare it with many other generators of its kind.

Actually, we can consider its efficient fuel burning as one of its main positive features.

Its running for 7,5 hours has been proved by many owners. This kind of rating is just as best as possible.

The efficiency of this engine reduces its carbon emission rate.

It meets CARB standards and is perfectly suitable for your place of work or your kitchen appliances, and can be used in all of the 50 states.

WEN 56180 – Conclusion

The conclusion we draw from this review is that the WEN 56180 is an ideal generator for home electricity needs. If you need to power some big appliances during a blackout or heavy-duty tools at your working place, this model might not meet your needs. It’s fairly affordable and that’s why this generator is so popular among customers. Its resistance and good price set this machine among the best-selling models this season. It’s by the way light and compact, what comes in handy for a camping adventure. It meets the EPA and CARB standards, so it’s an environment-friendly device. That’s another great reason to take this machine out.

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