WEN 56105 Review 

 October 25, 2020

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When operating at half load, the WEN 56105 generates 60 decibels of noise. It is compatible with CARB and has a spark arrester making it secure to use as national parks and camping facilities in government fields.

With its reset button nearby, it displays only one energy outlet on the side. This one outlet, however, will give you enough energy for your mini-fridge camping or tailgating sound system.

It limits its use to heavier apps, though. The 56105 is, above all, just a small addition to the earlier PowerPro 56101 model. It is, however, an economic generator that could be of excellent advantage to any camper.


  • Affordable and comes in a compact design, makes carrying and storing an easy task.
  • The best part is that it does not require engine oil and oil changes as it has a 2 stroke engine which uses a mixture of gas and oil as fuel.


  • Weak recoil components and handle that can easily break.
  • Also, it idles very rough and can be fairly loud.

WEN 56105 generator (1000 Watt) provides 1000 starting watts and 900 running watts, powered by EPA III and CARB-compliant 63cc 2-stroke engine with internal air-cooling system.

WEN 56105 is light and compact, ideal for camping and and emergency backup with 1 120V 7A outlet (5-20R), 1 circuit breaker, and 1 spark arrestor.

WEN Inverter Generator–Generators are lower, slower and more efficient than ever thanks to contemporary technology.

Because of a hurricane, wildfire, drought or other form of man-made or natural disaster they are fantastic to have in case you need backup energy.

In so many circumstances, generators can assist, including your campsite, work location, house or small business.

Buying one can have a major effect on your preparedness for emergencies. You can still appreciate it for recreation in the meantime.

Wen has protected you when you need a secure generator at a cost that will not meet your budget. Wen’s generators are designed to provide long-lasting energy in any scenario, and consumers love their creative designs and ease of use. When it comes to finding the best Wen generator for your needs, there are options for a wide range of power capacities and feature sets. We regarded an amount of significant characteristics to assist you locate the correct Wen generator. These included not only the valued and surge inputs that determine how much ability you are going to get out of your generator, but also whether the generator is an inverter or standard model. We also examined whether the generator is running on gasoline or other petrol and what kind of runtime you can expect from the generator to maintain your devices functioning.

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