The Ultimate Guide to the John Deere 955 Tractor 

 April 6, 2022

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The John Deere 955 Tractor is one of the most well-known and tested pieces of equipment on the market today. Manufactured by American company, it has been used in fields from farming to construction for generations. It’s a workhorse designed with heavy reliability as its core focus.

The “john deere 955 tractor for sale” is a John Deere model that has been in production since the year 2002. The John Deere 955 Tractor is a highly reliable machine that can be used for many different purposes.

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John Deere 955 Compact Utility TractorThe John Deere 955 is a monster tractor, powered by a Yanmar diesel engine with 33 horsepower and three cylinders. The 955 is designed for usage in the agricultural and farm sectors, and it is capable of getting the job done.

John Deere’s history of the 955

From 1989 through 1998, the 955 was produced for nine years.

Unlike many other JohnDeere tractors produced in the United States, this one was built at a plant in Japan.

It’s a utility tractor with a small footprint.

The 955 retailed for $18,000 at the conclusion of its run.

This tractor is a true workhorse, much superior than consumer garden tractors. Professional applications, such as farming and load running, call for the 955.

If you’re seeking to acquire one of these bad boys, secondhand versions can be found for under $10,000 at auctions.

Today, an excellent functioning 955 would fetch approximately $7000.

The following are only a handful of the attachments:

  • Hedge trimmers with flail blades
  • Plows
  • Front-loaders are vehicles that are loaded from the front.

John Deere 955

The 955 Engine by John Deere

A strong Yanmar diesel engine powers the John Deere 955 tractor. The engine has three cylinders and a power output of 33 horsepower.

The drawbar’s power is rated at 23 HP, while the PTO is rated at 27. (These statistics were not independently verified and may differ somewhat from working values.)

  • The engine is liquid cooled and has a coolant capacity of 2.4 quarts.
  • The displacement is 87.3 cubic inches. A 6.6-gallon gasoline tank ensures that you stay on the job until it’s finished.


The John Deere 955 transmission is a four-wheel drive gearbox. Maintaining tire traction even with significant front or rear loads is one of the key reasons for employing a four-wheel drive system.

With this transmission, traversing rough terrain becomes a breeze. The transmission is hydrostatic and allows for infinite forward and backward adjustments.

This is especially useful if you’re using the tractor to move logs or trees on remote country terrain after rainy weather.


The 955 is equipped with a 4.5-gallon open hydraulic system with a 7.2-gallon-per-minute valve flow. Tractor attachments are powered by hydraulics.


The John Deere 955 features a 3-point hitch and a rear lift of 957 pounds.

Power Take-Off (PTO):

The purpose of the power take-off is to deliver mechanical power to your accessories. The 955 features a 540 RPM live rear PTO.

Further information:

A stock 955 weighs 4,000 pounds and has a 64-inch wheelbase.

  • 7.00-12 for the front tire
  • 11.2-16 in. rear tire

The John Deere Brand’s History

The John Deere brand has a long and illustrious history, reaching back to the 1830s.

Why? Because John Deere has a track record of delivering high-quality goods that speak for themselves.

And how?

John Deere’s leadership has been mostly familial. This acknowledges the transmission of family values such as honesty and a dedication to innovation.

Did you realize that John Deere sales increased from $5.2 million to $30.7 million between 1910 and 1913?!

That’s a whopping 590 percent!

John Deere has had eight outstanding CEOs throughout its almost 200-year existence, each shaping (or maintaining) the brand excellence we now demand.

When you think of John Deere, what comes to mind?

Tractors by John Deere

The “john deere 955 operation” is a guide to the John Deere 955 Tractor. This comprehensive manual will help you learn about all of the features and benefits that come with owning this machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a John Deere 955 worth?

What HP is a John Deere 955?

How much can a John Deere 955 lift?

A: John Deere 955 weights are not listed in the product specification sheet.

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