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 October 25, 2020

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Ryobi 2300 Bluetooth Inverter Generator Review & Purchasing Guide

A brief description: The 2300W Ryobi Inverter Generator is ideal for technophiles thanks to its Bluetooth port that allows you to control and turn off the unit from your cell phone with the Gen Control App. This generator meets CARB standards and is available at a reasonable price for the benefits it offers and also works great for tailgating.


Ok, it is not that affordable, but this 2300-watt Ryobi portable inverter with Bluetooth connection is worth the money you pay for it. It was blessed with an inverter system and is also very portable and made for techno-lovers.

Its most noticeable aspect is its compatibility with the Gen Control App, which you can download to your phone to control your unit via Bluetooth. When the engine is on you can control its performance and even shut it down remotely.

This machine features two USB ports that allow you to directly connect delicate devices like your PC and your phone. The downside is that it lacks DC outputs which many users like to find in a portable model.

It is an awesome inverter portable generator for outdoor activities and especially for powering electronic devices. It also includes a cold start that makes it suitable for colder weathers.

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Ryobi is popular for its power tool manufacturing but not so much for its generator models. Nowadays, its creative designs are captivating customers.

Who would expect to find a Bluetooth port in a portable inverter? This is the main evidence that the firm is determined to be one step ahead from its competitors. So, why do so many users look away from standard models and pay attention to this new idea of a generator?

Controlling from a smartphone was until recently applicable only on household standard generators having Generac as a pioneer with its Mobile Link Remote Wireless Monitoring System. Ryobi is not a pioneer, but gives the same in a portable version which is way more affordable.

The advantage of a remote monitoring is that you can keep doing your job without distractions or have a time of peace without having to turn back to the unit every now and then. You will appreciate this when the unit is located at certain distance to avoid hearing its noise and breathing its gases.

Apart from this digital addition, you have other considerable reasons to go for this machine. It has little casters that make it easy to move along with two carrying grips. It burn fuel efficiently so the unit can run for a long time. It can also run in parallel, which means that you can double its power.

This are some of the many reasons you have to keep reading this article on the Ryobi 2300 Bluetooth connected inverter generator and ascertain whether it is the kind of device you are looking for.

I didn’t have the chance to personally test the product. This article is based on a collection of thorough professional reviews, user reviews, and specs provided by the company itself. All statements made in this article are result of a combination of these reliable sources.

Ryobi 2300 Overview

The Ryobi 2300 is an inverter generator that has portability and ease of use as its main priorities. It’s a great model to go for instead of some of the more popular brands since it includes many of the features that other companies would make you buy separately.

It weighs 56 pounds and perhaps you could find lighter generators in the market, but it comes with rear casters and a luggage-like carrying handle that solves the transport issue. It is quite small as well, so you can have two units in your truck or RV and run them in parallel to double the power.

Apart from these features, we can see that Ryobi designed this model thinking about younger users and making an approach to technology. This is clearly noticed in the remote monitoring app and the option for two USB ports in place of a DC output.

Apart from the tech additions, it is nice to have a cold start feature in this kind of devices. Here we have another fancy detail that usually would increase the price of the generators from other brands.

Ryobi 2300 Specifications

  • Running Watts 1,800
  • Surge Wattage 2,300
  • Tank Capacity 1,2 gallons
  • Runtime 11 hours at 25% capacity
  • Fuel Gasoline
  • Noise Level 57 decibels
  • Weight 56 pounds

This model can provide 2300 surge watts and 1800 running watts. It is not precisely an electricity plant but works great for outdoor activities like lighting your campsite, recharging batteries and even supplying a sound system for your backyard party.

If you are looking for more potency, then it would be a good choice to purchase two identical units since this model can be run in parallel. Remember that it comes at a proper price for what it offers, so buying two of them would be a wise decision.

The brand has outdone itself by enhancing the burning efficiency in this new model. It can run for almost 11 hours at 25% load on a full 1,2-gallon tank of gas, 7 hours at half load and almost 5 hours working at full load.

Monitor the unit’s performance with the frontal control panel with an LCD display that indicates its running time, the gasoline level, current load and when it runs on idle. On this same panel you have two USB ports and two 120-volt 20-ampere AC outputs, circuit breakers and a reset knob in case of overload.

Additionally, you can download the mobile app to monitor the machine’s working remotely. This also allows you to shut down the engine directly from your phone.

It is a handy alternative energy supplier that you can take anywhere thanks to its small and relatively light construction weighing 56 pounds. It by the way comes with a carrying handle to lift it and carry it, and a telescopic handle and rear casters which allow you to drag the unit around.

Electric start is not included and the mobile app isn’t enabled to start the engine, so you only can start it by pulling a cord. Anyway, it is a simple one-two-three process and it comes with illustrated instructions on the side of the unit where the pull cord is placed.

The good thing is that it comes with a cold start. A cold start is what ensures that the motor runs whatever the environment temperature is. This is awesome for users who live in colder areas or where the winter hits hard.

Ryobi 2300 vs Ryobi 2000i

The 2300 Bluetooth inverter is the only Ryobi inverter available in the US, but the firm has launched a similar model in Australia with similar capabilities. The model in question is the Ryobi 2000i. Does the Aussie version match the 2300 or is the one available in America almost the same?

The main disambiguation is the Aussie’s 2000 surge watts and 1600 running watts. Though it is a bit weaker, both models offer almost the same runtime, about four hours at full load.

The other distinction is the power outputs. The 2000i features 15 amperes while the US standard model offers 20 amperes but this is just due to regional regulations.

When it comes to mobility, both machines are quite similar. The 2000i is barely lighter with 55 pounds but both have the same useful features like rear casters and telescopic grip to drag it like a suitcase.

In general terms, the two versions are almost the same excepting the Bluetooth port with the monitoring app for the cell phone. As this digital addition is the main attraction of the 2300, we won’t expect to see the 2000i available in the US because the former is still the people’s favorite.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The main benefit that comes with the Ryobi 2300 is of course the Gen Control App that allows you to control the unit via Bluetooth. This extremely handy feature prevents you from walking back to the unit every now and then to check it and adjust it since you can do it remotely.
  • An LCD screen is a thoughtful addition that indicates the fuel level, time of running and current load. Anyway, according to most online feedbacks, what people like the most about the panel is the two USB ports to attach digital devices without a recharger.
  • The smart feature of an extendable grip and rear casters beside a standard carrying handle helps you transport this inverter easily, although it is not precisely a light machine for the power it provides.
  • It comes with an LCD screen that indicates the fuel level, time of running, and current load.
  • A thoughtful detail is the cold start that really makes this unit way more alluring for users that live in colder areas and experience blackouts in the cold season frequently.
  • At last, it is an inverter, and that says it all. Inverters produce clean energy for delicate devices, consume gas more efficiently, and are usually quieter. This model offers a decent runtime of about 10 hours at 25% load and produces an average noise level of 57 decibels.


  • In the case that you want this generator to charge the battery of your car, then you should consider other options since it lacks DC outlets. This unit is mainly meant for recreational purposes.
  • Not everyone can afford this generator. While it has some awesome features and solid construction, the price if this unit is a few hundred dollars over some other inverter models with the same wattage production.


To sum up, the Ryobi 2300 is a great entry-level option with advanced features for a new generation of users. The remote control from a mobile app makes this unit much easier to handle than other inverter generators in the same wattage range.

This model also stands out in the portable category because of the additional extendable handle to drag it around on its little casters. This is an advantage over some other inverters that come with only a carrying grip.

Ryobi outdid itself by launching a portable device that stands apart from the rest just to have the guts to be different. This is what justifies its cost and makes its benefits overshadow its two minor drawbacks.

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