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 March 21, 2022

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This step-by-step guide will teach you how to refinish your wooden outdoor furniture with ease.

The “refinishing wood furniture for outdoor use” is a step by step guide on how to refinish wooden outdoor furniture. The author will start with the tools needed and then move on to the process of sanding, staining, and finally sealing.

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Outdoor Lawn Furniture with a pot of flowers

All forms of wooden outdoor furniture may be damaged by a mix of sunshine, grime, and moisture. The good news is that the majority of the items can be repaired. Teak, pine, cherry, and maple hardwoods with cracks and discolouration may be repaired in a few easy procedures, as explained here.

Cleaning is the first step.

Start by sprinkling the artwork with water from a yard hose. It is not recommended to use a power washer since the high-speed stream may easily cut through the wood. Make care to clean underneath the item to eliminate any dirt or cobwebs that have formed. The water also aids in the diluting of any runoff brightener solution that will be used in the next stage.

Step 2: Deep Clean with a Brightener

Deep cleaning is accomplished by using a “brightener,” such as those made by Thompson or Valspar. This solution, also known as a deck cleanser, aids in the removal of grime and the restoration of the wood’s natural color. Fill a spray pump halfway with the brightener and apply it to the wood furniture, beginning from the bottom and working your way up. Allow the chemical to rest on the item for several minutes before washing it thoroughly with a nylon brush. To get into all the nooks and between the slats, use a variety of brush sizes.

Step 3: Finish by rinsing.

Rinse the brightener off the wood to reveal a clean, smooth surface. All of the damaged wood cells, as well as dirt particles, will be washed away by the chemical. Allow the artwork to air dry.

4th Step: Sanding

The outdoor furniture’s surface will be rough and grainy. These flaws may be removed with a little sanding using 100 grit sand paper. Large faces benefit from a power sander, whereas tiny portions benefit from a folded piece of sandpaper. Remember to sand softly, since too much sanding can hinder the wood from absorbing the finish that follows. For optimal results, sand in the direction of the grain.

Step 5: Apply the Stain

Because gel stains do not spill after application, they are ideal for outdoor wooden furniture. Any form of hardwood stain, on the other hand, will suffice. Stain is used to give the wood a vibrant color while also protecting it. Start by staining the piece’s ends, edges, and corners using a tiny detail brush. Using the provided applicator, apply the stain to the wood in straight and circular strokes. The pigment should be uniformly applied.

Step 6: Use a sealer to protect your work.

You may wish to add a coat of sealer on top of the stain if you did not use a stain/sealer mix. Sealer comes in a variety of finishes, from dull matte to high gloss, and helps to seal and preserve the wood. It’s used in the same manner as Step 5 explains. Sealing outdoor wood furniture extends the duration between refinishing tasks while also locking in the color.

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The “what to use on outdoor wood furniture” is a question that has been asked before. The best answer to this question is using a high-quality paint, such as oil-based or water-based paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you restore wood that has been outside?

A: This is not possible. Wood that has been outside and not protected will deteriorate over time, even if it was kept indoors. Some people like to use vinegar as a preservative and this can help preserve the wood.

What are the steps to refinishing wood furniture?

A: First, you start with a piece of wood that is already stained. You then sand the finish off the stain and clean it thoroughly. After this step, use an oil-based primer to make sure that there are no stains left on your surface before applying paint or varnish depending on what type of furniture youre refinishing.

How do you revive outdoor wooden furniture?

A: It is difficult to revive outdoor wooden furniture. If a piece of the furniture has been painted then it can be removed and re-painted, otherwise this may require extensive repairs that are best left to professionals or significant time spent in repairing the wood if you do not want it restored back to its original state.

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