Pulsar GN200KT Review 

 October 25, 2020

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Pulsar GN200KT

We must admit that our whole lives depend on electricity and we currently can’t do almost anything without it. Then, you will agree with me that buying an energy backup is a wise decision, especially because many of our activities get stopped during a blackout. Therefore, you might consider purchasing a generator for your house or business in order to go on with your life when an outage occurs. You have the option to buy a single-fuel unit, but I’d rather buy a dual-fuel generator.

As you can imagine, a dual-fuel generator has the capability of feeding on more than one source. Then, you can fuel it with gasoline for heavy-duty tasks and propane for clean, economical, quiet energy.

Pulsar’s GN200KT Parallel Inverter Kit Combo includes everything you need: a PG-iPAIR-B1 Adapter and two PG2300iS inverter generators. The combination of these two units with the adapter gives as result the power of a huge machine in the size and handiness of a portable device. Parallel compatibility means that you will be able to run both units at the same time, providing you twice the safe energy amount of an inverter generator.

The Pulsar GN200KT Inverter Generator Parallel Combo Kit offers the power and versatility you need for different jobs with two inverter generators and one parallel adapter. You can attach the units to each other through the parallel kit to get enough energy for your heavy-duty tools.

Both units come with one 12-volt DC 8-ampere output, two AC 120-volt 13-ampere outputs, and one 5-volt DC USB port. This model applies a clean sine wave output meant for delicate devices. By the way, its build is light an small, which adds portability and convenience. Thanks to its low noise level at about 59 decibels, this generator is ideal for almost any kind of outdoor activity, camping, and parties.

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