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 October 25, 2020

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Pulsar PG10000 10,000W Peak 8000W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator with Electric Start
  • 10, 000 Peak Watts/ 8, 000 Running Watts for powering major appliances and multiple other tools and...
  • The Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a Heavy-duty Powder Coated...
  • The convenient Electric Push Start with Recoil backup makes operation a quick and simple process.
  • A Large 8 Gallon Fuel Tank gives you up to 12 hours of continuous operation at half load
  • (4) 120V Outlets, (1) 12V Outlet, (1)120V/240V TwistLock Outlet, (1) 30AMP RV Port, & (1) 50AMP...

A dual fuel generator is the greatest choice for many customers because it provides greater flexibility and comfort.

The Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel is a generator that provides a lot of energy at a very reasonable price.

About the PG10000 Generator: Main Features Reviewed

Ultimately, Pulsar took many of the most significant characteristics you could expect from a generator and made sure they included them in this high-value model.

Here are some of the PG10000’s most precious characteristics.

High Power

Why are you buying a generator? You are in need of power! Pulsar is prepared to supply it, and it’s a beast.

It has 10,000 maximum watts when using gas and 8,000 rated watts.

It has 9000 maximum watts and 7000 rated watts when using liquid propane gas.

The energy emerges from the trusted 420cc, 15 HP, OHV, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled motor, no matter what sort of gas you use.

It’s a unit that gets the job done.

Dual Fuel Capability 

Pulsar pg10000 hybrid generator 

Dual fuel offers convenience and worth. There’s an oversized fuel tank for gasoline.

If you like, you’ll be able to use the enclosed hose to attach a tank of liquid fuel gas.

The switch and go feature helps you to switch from gas to fuel or the other way around whereas the generator is running. 

This will be a lifesaver and ensures that you simply could run the generator for twenty-four hours straight or longer, as needed.

Another advantage of dual fuel capability is that it helps you straddle the road between worth and convenience.

At sure times, like throughout a natural disaster, one or the opposite variety of fuel could also be tougher to come back by and/or dearer. Dual fuel offers you choices.

Operation and Transport 

Simple use is certainly engineered into each side of this generator.

At over 200 pounds, the Pulsar PG10000B is pretty heavy, however a wheel kit and handle make it simple for even those without a lot of strength to move around.

The wheels can never go flat. Starting it up is easy with an electrical switch. 

There’s additionally a recoil starter backup if required. Operating the controls is really of easy and user-friendly.

There is an hour-meter that helps you keep an eye how much time you have left before running out of fuel.


There are lots of places to plug things in, therefore this generator can keep all of your appliances, tools, and devices running.

There are:

  • Four 120V outlets
  • One 120V/240V twist-lock outlet
  • One 120/240V 50A RV receptacle

It’s fully ready to take on the road in your RV but it’s also a good model to keep on hand in the garage or basement in case of a power outage.

Noise level

Generators are becoming quieter and quieter all the time however with the large and powerful models, they’re never about to be super quiet (click here for my “most silent” generators list post).

This can be obviously a robust machine and you’ll positively hear it.

Naturally, it’ll be loudest once operated at a full load. There’s no quiet eco mode on this generator like you’ll see on another models.

Generally, this generator won’t be any quieter than sixty five dBA and it’ll typically be louder than seventy dBA.

The manual cautions that “prolonged exposure to noise levels higher than sixty eight DBA is dangerous to hearing” and recommends using ANSI-approved ear protection to stop hearing injury. 

Once in operation this generator at a full load, you would possibly encounter a higher-pitched noise that’s one thing sort of a whine.

The whine on high of the rough roar of the machine positively needs hearing protection once in shut proximity. 

Usually speaking, the Pulsar PG10000B Hybrid Fuel goes to be too loud for using on the camping area or for tailgating.

For a backup home power supply or for using on a far off worksite, though, the noise shouldn’t be a tangle.

Gas Consumption & capability 

The 8-gallon fuel tank may be a nice point of this model, because it can last a protracted time.

This can be a comparatively fuel-efficient model, together tank of hydrocarbon can get you concerning twelve hours of operation once running a half-load. 

The sweetness of a dual-fuel generator is that you simply will use each hydrocarbon and liquid propane.

Combining the 2 fuel varieties suggests that you’ll be able to operate the generator for a way longer amount before eager to refuel. 

Changing between fuel varieties is straightforward and might even be done whereas the generator is running.

Service, manual and warranty

The user manual for the Pulsar PB10000 clearly lays out the counseled maintenance schedule.

It explains how typically you would like to service the generator and tells you the wayto try and do it.

This includes things like dynamical the oil and checking the spark plugs and filters.

If you don’t follow the counseled maintenance schedule, you’ll void the warranty. 

In the event that you simply want any sexual union done outside of the fundamental maintenance, you’ll have to use associate degree approved technician.

If you are attempting to do a giant repair on your own or if you’ve got a technician perform it UN agency isn’t associate degree approved supplier, you would possibly unknowingly void the warranty.

The 3-year warranty is kind of generous, definitely when put next to different generators of this size and capability.

This restricted warranty can cover replacement of any of the mechanical elements just like the lasers, chips, and LEDs that are possibly to interrupt.

It’s important, however, to register your generator among thirty days of purchase or the warrant won’t be valid. Without registering, you would possibly find yourself facing down an upscale bill for replacement elements and repair that you simply may have otherwise had covered. 

Even though this generator already offers sensible worth considering its price, the 3-year warranty makes the worth even higher. 

Online client reviews and Ratings

Overall, consumers appear to be more than happy with this generator. As of this writing, it’s earned a 4.3-star average on Amazon.

For a product that needs this size of associate degree investment, that’s notably spectacular.

Reviewers typically compare it to different models, describing it as quieter and a more robust worth than similar models. 

Several consumers additionally describe it as easy to use and straightforward to move. 

This can be notably noteworthy for a model that’s therefore serious. The wheel kit and handle appear to form it simple for as regards to anyone to maneuver. 

One amongst the foremost consistent cons you’ll see in client reviews is that it tends to run fairly rough.

Potential issues & illustrious problems 

One issue to bear in mind of with this generator are some things to be aware of once shopping for any giant and serious product online. Some consumers have found that there was some injury in transit.

Luckily, it’s potential to own a replacement sent at no price to you if that happens.

This model of generator is thought to run a small amount rough however this isn’t something to fret concerning. 

You would possibly encounter it virtually shaking and sputtering a small amount. This will be minatory however it’s positively commonplace with this model. It won’t cause injury to any of your tools or appliances. 

The opposite potential issues you would possibly encounter are an equivalent ones you’d see with the other generator.

This includes things like not starting or starting but not seeming to power what you plug in (see this post if your generator won’t start). 

Once encountering common issues like these, you’ll be able to check the manual and follow the troubleshooting steps.

More usual than not, there’s a straightforward fix like improvement or changing the plug.

And generally, once you perform the counseled maintenance schedule, these kind of problems are extraordinarily rare.

My Opinion: Must you get Pulsar’s Generator?

Pulsar PG10000 10,000W Peak 8000W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator with Electric Start
  • 10, 000 Peak Watts/ 8, 000 Running Watts for powering major appliances and multiple other tools and...
  • The Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a Heavy-duty Powder Coated...
  • The convenient Electric Push Start with Recoil backup makes operation a quick and simple process.
  • A Large 8 Gallon Fuel Tank gives you up to 12 hours of continuous operation at half load
  • (4) 120V Outlets, (1) 12V Outlet, (1)120V/240V TwistLock Outlet, (1) 30AMP RV Port, & (1) 50AMP...

As you would possibly expect, this can be very a private call that depends entirely on your distinctive wants and preferences.

If you wish a generator that gives great amount of power for an inexpensive worth, it’s worth considering.

It’s a very good value and it also offers the convenience of dual fuel.

However if you would like to have a very powerful machine but you want the absolutely the best product out there for your buck, the Pulsar PG10000B is maybe the generator for you. 

Appearance should never be on top of the list of why you decide on one generator over another, however there’s positively one thing concerning the design of this unit.

Looking at it, you see the mix of a contemporary, high-tech machine and a dependable and powerful workhorse.

The blue, black, and white style looks neat. 

This can be a machine you’ll positively be proud to possess.


  • 10, 000W peak 8000W rated (gas); 9000W peak 7000W rated (LPG)
  • Switch & go- while the generator is running, switch from LPG to gas or gas to LPG
  • Electric push start with recoil back-up, Battery included
  • 420cc, 15 HP OHV engine
  • Four 120V, one 120V/240V twist-lock, & one 120/240V 50A RV Receptacles


Being the only hybrid generator during this review, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is one of a kind in this regard.

The advantage of dual-fuel (hybrid) engines has been mentioned in several reviews, therefore I’ll simply mention the fundamentals.

A dual-fuel generator will run on either gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), giving you the flexibility to use either fuel supply. Propane-powered engines became very talked-about in recent times for variety of reasons. This is, in part, as a result of environmental considerations, however LPG is additionally safer to store and transport and is sometimes much more economical to use. If you wish to understand a lot of concerning the advantages of fuel engines, this review goes into some detail on the topic: fuel hopped-up Generator Reviews. The only negative aspect of using fuel to power a generator is that the engine produces less Horsepower. Than it would when running on gas. This would be a lower kilowatt rating for propane.

The 420cc, 15 HP, OHV, ICE fitted to the Pulsar PG10000B16 may be a nice piece of machinery and produces the very best running watts out of the 3 generators during this review – 9000W using gas and 7000W once running on fuel. When using gas, you’ll get a peak (surge) power of 10000W (8000W for propane). There’s an oversized dial on the front of the machine to pick the fuel supply and you’ll be able to change from gas to propane while the engine is running. There’ll be no interruption in your electrical provide, must you arrange to modification the fuel supply while using the generator. This engine is protected by low oil shutoff therefore you don’t run the chance of destroying it if the oil runs low. I don’t see any mention of CARB certification (either on their web site or within the owner’s manual), therefore all indications are that this generator isn’t certified to be used in California.

The Pulsar PG10000B16 is great to use and therefore the owner’s manual offers terribly elaborated directions on a way to begin and use the generator for each gas and LPG. It has a large 6.5-gallon gasoline tank and therefore the fuel consumption is extremely affordable for a generator of this size, functioning 8-hours from a tank of gas at 50% of the rated load. This works about 5-kilowatt-hours per gallon of gas. I don’t have official specs for the runtime when using propane, however my estimate would be around 10-hours on a 20 LBS propane tank at an equivalent load. You got the convenience of an electric starter and the peace of mind that it includes a recoil starter as a backup when the battery fails.

This unit is one amongst the most effective for logical layout and simple use. It has four standard 120V house power outlets, a 120V/240V twist-lock receptacle, and a 120V/240V 50A RV receptacle. The outlets are nicely sorted in conjunction with thermal overload circuit breakers for every cluster directly higher than the outlets. It’s really simple to seek out the right breaker for the circuit that has tripped. All the AC outlets have GFCI protection. Also, you get 8.5A 12V battery charging outlet. There’s a display, providing readings for running hours, voltage, and frequency.

 This can be a durable 209-pound brute with a tough powder coated frame which will handle some abuse while transporting it – without scratching too fast. Rust shouldn’t be a tangle with this generator. Nobody will enjoy lifting this machine, but it includes large 9” solid rubber wheels and fold-down handles that are long enough to permit you to drag or push the generator with ease, even over rough piece of ground. The wheels, in conjunction with thick rubber feet at the front end facilitate to reduce any vibration created by the running of the engine. 

Pulsar is a US brand with over 100 years of expertise behind it. There’s a certain amount of trust that goes with purchasing from such a maker and they’ve teamed up with Ford to develop many of their products. To anyone searching for an inexpensive, high-quality 10000W hybrid engine, I would not hesitate to advise the pulsar PG10000B16.

The compact portable generator 56105 is as mobile as generators can get at just 39 pounds. It is perfect for light camping and urgent backup use due to its simple to use structure and a carrying handle.

With a living energy of 1000 watts and a constant capacity of 900 watts, it can operate on its one gallon gas tank at half load for 5 hours.

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