Predator 8750 Review 

 October 25, 2020

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Predator 8750 Generator Review

The Predator 8750 is a high-performing generator made for users with huge energy needs. Providing 7000 running watts, this 13HP machine is the ultimate backup resource for blackouts. Featuring a 420cc fan-cooled OHV gas-powered motor, it can run steadily for about 12 hours at half load. This device can be a perfect option for powering factories or a department complex.

While the price might be a bit unaffordable for a lot of customers, it is yet quite reasonable when you compare it with other models in the same power range from other companies. It is not only great for common applications like energy supplying, farming machinery, working places, and outdoor activities, but it also can be applied to power up low-power appliances. Let’s find out why the Predator 8750 is a step ahead from its competitors.

Best aspects of the Predator 8750

Considering the features of this heavy-duty generator, you can imagine what you’re going to get when you buy this machine.

Efficient consumption

As I already said, the unit lodges a 420cc fan-cooled OHV gas-powered motor. It feeds on 87+ unleaded gas and has a safety system that turns the unit off when the oil is running out to a level that is risky for the motor. It burns fuel efficiently. The fuel tank can hold 6,6 gallons and can work steadily for 12 hours supplying energy for a lot of devices. This will make you save on gasoline in the long term.

Compact build

Whenever you go shopping for a generator, you must pay attention to the design of the unit. In the case of the P8750, it is designed to be convenient and the size is not proportional to the power it provides. Considering its 7000 running watts, you might suppose that it is enormous. But not really. It is certainly heavier than former models, but comes in a lovely size. By the way, it has a steel casing that gives shelter to its delicate parts.

Full of power

It is EPA compliant and is hugely powerful, featuring many different outputs. To understand the amount of power it provides, the Predator 8750 comes with two 120-volt, 3-prong 20-ampere duplex outputs, one 240-volt, 4-prong 30-ampere twist lock output, one 120-volt, 3-prong 20-ampere twist lock output. It has circuit breakers too, that meet UL standards. The thing is that the unit generates 7000 watts when running and 8750 watts of surge power.


What we love about Predator models is that they can adapt to any situation. They can be applied for different needs. This particular unit is versatile as well and can power a wide range of appliances. It makes you feel so good just to think that you have a reliable generator that you can use in case of a power outage as well as a power supply for your RV adventures.



You can feel confident when using this gas-powered generator since it’s as simple as possible. The Predator 8750 comes with a well-laid out control panel so you don’t need to have a doctorate degree to control it. It comes with accurate instructions so take a look at the user manual whenever you just don’t know what to do.


I know you will like this. The starting process is really fast. You just have to grab the starting cord and pull it firmly. It also comes with an electric startup to use as an alternative but note that it requires a battery that is not included.


Many other models require a lot of task to be done for its upkeep. The Predator 8750 is absolutely different. It doesn’t only need scarce maintenance, but it is also extremely easy. The whole task consists in cleaning it every now and then and prevent the oil from running out. You have the user manual for minute instructions. That’s it when it comes to maintenance.


We wouldn’t recommend you buy an economical unit that will eventually make you spend on repairments and service. The Predator 8750 has a tough build that will pay for itself over time. If you treat it properly, this machine will provide many years of reliable service thanks to its steel construction.


The Predator 8750 is easy to control, and performs safely and reliably too. It has fan-cooled breakers that prevents fire and therefore makes it safer for the user. It performs reliably providing energy for about 12 hours.



It is definitely heavy so moving it around is a hassle. The unit weighs 220 pounds which doesn’t make it portable at all. If you are looking for a portable model, you should look elsewhere.


Although it comes at a reasonable price for a machine this powerful, especially compared to most models in the same power range from other companies, not many users can afford it. And if you want a wheel kit and a start battery, note that they are not included so you will have to pay for them separately.


This unit is not as quiet when it runs as other generators are. So, you won’t be happy with it when you want to have a moment of peace.

Things to have in mind when purchasing the Predator 8750 Generator

Any decent generator consumes fuel efficiently to reduce costs. If a machine is not able to run according to the load, it will burn the gasoline faster than needed. Therefore, the energy supply will be distorted. A generator worth your money must have an idle running speed.


Ask yourself how many years you want the engine to last. Take a close look at the engine of a unit before choosing it. Else, you will have to spend time and money on service from time to time.


Your time is precious. How many time are you disposed to invest in maintenance? Find out which are the machine’s maintenance requirements to ascertain if it is suitable for your schedule. In general, all engines need some upkeep and the Predator needs it too.


Each model generates a limited amount of power. Find out what are your power needs before you decide to go for a particular model.


If you need it to be portable, then go for a machine that is easy to move and not too heavy.

Safety and operability

As the saying goes, safety is first. Check the safety features on the generator that you are planning to purchase. You should check also the compatibility of your appliances with the energy output of the machine in order to prevent any accident. And of course, go for a model that is easy to use which is the case of all of the Predator models.


Of course, you must go for a generator that you can afford. A friendly advice: go for a product that doesn’t shake your financial standing.


If you need a personal power plant that can run several high-voltage devices at a time, the Predator 8750 would be a wise choice. It will provide you clean and reliable energy when you need it. This machine is popular for its high and clean power supply. It is highly recommended as a home backup.

The many different outputs it offers make it a versatile power plant for either high-tension appliances or delicate devices. A collection of handy features and convenient benefits makes this model overtake all of the other generators from other brands. While it has a few downsides, just like any other machine, the positive features are more and enough incentive to give it a shot. Above all, never forget to do a proper research before making your mind up for any one. Find out which is the seller’s warranty and whatever is important to you. Finally, your energy needs and your budget are the crucial factors that define the generator you need.

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