Predator 4000 Review 

 October 25, 2020

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Predator 4000 is a powerful generator that delivers 3200 running watts that are sufficient to run most of your devices. It is very useful when a power outage happens, for outdoor activities, and as a home backup. This model can run for about 10 hours at 50% load. It has a great design with a careful finish and an attractive paint.

You can feel confident with a machine that runs reliably. When a blackout occurs, you can go on with your routine since this generator can provide enough energy for your fridge, a heater, AC, lighting your house, and a microwave all at once.

Great Features of the Predator 4000

While the Predator 4000 is a heavy and big generator, it is plenty of features that will surprise you.


It’s great when you know that the product that you are planning to buy can fit several situations and is multifunctional. This generator is a good option since it can be used indoors and you can also take it out on an RV trip or a campsite. You can use it for your yard maintenance or your jobsite.

Full of Power

If it is power what you are interested in, the Predator 4000 generator is perfect for you. It produces up to 6,5HP, and 3200 running watts. Also, this machine features many outputs which are two 120-volt, 20-ampere duplex, three prongs one 240-volt, 30-ampere, a twist lock, four prongs, and a 12-volt DC output.

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Efficient Consumption

This unit consumes fuel very efficiently and features a 212cc fan-cooled OHV gas-powered motor. The tank has capacity for 4Gal. It even comes with a control panel with starting button, oil monitor, output jacks, and circuit breakers.



The fuel tank in this versatile machine is placed on the upper side to make the refilling process easier. This placement of the tank is also meant to minimize gas spillage and issues that can happen. The cap is quite big too, so refilling it isn’t such a hassle.


You will fall in love with this generator at first sight. It is protected by a steel casing that prevents any damage that could be made to the susceptible internal components. The corners are rounded and soft to avoid hurting anyone. Red and Black paint makes it look beautiful.


This generator was designed and launched to give customers control and confidence. For a start, the startup system is much simpler than some might suppose. While it only features a pulling start, it is fast and easy. It has a recoil start that usually only needs one pull to turn the engine on. It also comes with a control panel that gives the user total control of the operation.


When it comes to performance, it’s hard to find any generator that runs as well as this. Whether you need to take it with you on a trip, require extra power on your working place, or you are in middle of an RV adventure and you need to recharge batteries, or you simply need a powerful energy supply for home, you can trust me when I tell you this generator won’t let you down.


The Predator 4000, like all of its siblings, is really easy to maintain and keep clean. The overall cleaning of its components is a simple series of tasks. There isn’t much knowledge required to accomplish it. Just to have a basic idea of how this machine works is enough. Just read thoroughly the user manual and you won’t have any issue.


You can expect to get this product at a reasonable price. You will soon also notice that the cost-benefit ratio is quite high.



It is no easy task to move this machine around. Try to move it by yourself once and you’ll soon realize that you need to seek help to take this beast where you want. Remember that you can get the caster kit and carrying handle separately. If you cannot afford the extra investment for these accessories, it will be a hassle of you want to take the unit with you.


It is rated at 70 decibels. You already know so don’t complain for the noise later. Think about it if you are planning to take it to a natural protected area. You will also have problems with your neighbors if you run it late at night. In general terms, you can look over that if you consider its positive features.


Refilling the oil tank is a hassle since it is virtually hidden. Because of that, you will need a few tools to get to the oil tank in order to refill it or empty it. Keep in mind that you will have this issue when you have to pour or drain oil from the unit. You will also need to tilt the entire unit in order to drain the oil because it lacks an oil plug. Don’t forget that the oil is a fundamental component for the good functioning of the motor, so adding or changing oil isn’t a secondary task that can be delayed.

Things to have in mind when purchasing the Predator 4000 Generator


Any decent generator consumes fuel efficiently to reduce costs. If a machine is not able to run according to the load, it will burn the gasoline faster than needed. Therefore, the energy supply will be distorted. A generator worth your money must have an idle running speed.


Ask yourself how many years you want the engine to last. Take a close look at the engine of a unit before choosing it. Else, you will have to spend time and money on service from time to time.


Your time is precious. How many time are you disposed to invest in maintenance? Find out which are the machine’s maintenance requirements to ascertain if it is suitable for your schedule. In general, all engines need some upkeep and the Predator needs it too.


Each model generates a limited amount of power. Find out what are your power needs before you decide to go for a particular model.


If you need it to be portable, then go for a machine that is easy to move and not too heavy.

Safety and operability

As the saying goes, safety is first. Check the safety features on the generator that you are planning to purchase. You should check also the compatibility of your appliances with the energy output of the machine in order to prevent any accident. And of course, go for a model that is easy to use which is the case of all of the Predator models.


It is common sense, but go for a product that doesn’t shake your financial standing.


As you may conclude, Predator 4000 comes with useful and handy features and offers more benefits than drawbacks. It is a popular product that deserves your attention for being powerful, easy to use, and durable. It is EPA III compliant and performs reliably and powerfully. Moreover, it has a compact design and comes with a strong roll cage.

Offering 4000-watt peak power, this mighty device also comes with a few drawbacks that could mean a hindrance for you. Loud, hard to move, and certainly heavy, this machine can be also overwhelming. Anyway, it is still a great option and a dependable tool. If you like what it has to offer and don’t care much about those downsides, go ahead, it won’t disappoint you.

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