Overview for Outdoor Blinds 

 April 15, 2022

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Outdoor blinds are a great way to block out the sun and enjoy your outdoor space. Read more in detail here: outdoor blinds.

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The roller-style blinds are the most prevalent kind of outdoor blind.

The patio will be considerably cooler with these blinds since they provide superb sun protection. They may be retracted when not in use and are available in a variety of colors.

These days, bamboo and reed shades seem to be the most popular. Continue reading to find out more about outdoor blinds.


Outdoor blinds are easy to put up, needing just a few screws and sometimes a stud finder.

You’ll need a stud finder to detect the wooden studs within the wall if you’re placing the blinds straight onto stucco.

Drill pilot holes where each screw will go once you’ve located the studs. Then install the blinds to the provided mounts by screwing them on.

Some blinds do not have mounts and are instead fixed to the wall directly. Try to attach the blinds to a horizontal wood beam above when installing them to a patio awning.

The better the installation, the less probable it is that the blind will tumble down due to the wind.

Blinds with rollers

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Blinds with rollers are designed for placement over windows or on patios.

To be correctly placed, they need a sturdy mounting point such as a wall or a wooden support beam. Rolling up or down with a pull rope on the side, these flexible blinds give on-demand shade.

Users can choose to shade a portion or all of their patio area using Blinds with rollers.

These outdoor shades are made of bamboo, reeds, oak, and synthetic textiles, among other things. Outdoor blinds made of bamboo are very resistant to weather and offer a tropical-island appeal.

Blinds made of PVC

Consider PVC blinds instead of wood blinds to prevent the effort of cleaning them on a regular basis.

PVC is a plastic which has a smooth exterior that is easy to clean. Many Blinds made of PVC are colored to look like reeds or bamboo, eliminating a plastic man-made look.

PVC is a long-lasting material that does not degrade in the sun.

Protection against the wind

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Because of their broad appearance, outdoor blinds may behave like a boat sail in the wind, causing them to shake and twist out of control.

Look for outdoor blinds with wind ropes and/or a bottom weight to avoid this. Better still, when the blinds aren’t in use, draw them up.

Savings on energy

When an outdoor blind is installed over a window or on a patio, it provides immediate energy savings by cooling the inside of the house. Energy bills will undoubtedly decrease as less heat enters the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of outdoor blinds?

A: There are three types of outdoor blinds, vertical slat blinds, retractable roller shades and mini-blinds.

What do you call Outdoor blinds?

A: We call them awnings.

Are outdoor blinds waterproof?

A: Blinds that are waterproof to withstand the outdoor elements will be made from water-resistant materials.

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