Outdoor Toy Storage Your Kids Will Love 

 April 16, 2022

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Storage is one of the most essential factors in maintaining a well-organized home. Children’s toys are likely to get lost or damaged if they have nowhere safe and secure to be stored, that is why finding an easy way to store them outside your house will make things much easier on you!

The “waterproof outdoor toy storage” is a great way to store your kids’ toys outside. The unit is waterproof and can be used in the backyard, around the pool, or even in the rain.

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How many times have you stumbled over or wounded your leg because your lawn is littered with toys? We’ve all had something fall beneath our feet, whether it was legos, puzzle pieces, or soft toys, right? And, oh, some of them are very painful.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this this? And that you don’t have to bring them all inside (after all, who wants all those filthy, germ-ridden toys?). would take up all of the available storage space.

Today, we’ll discuss some of our favorite outdoor toy storage options that you and your children will like. So let’s go straight to work on them.

Your Children Will Enjoy Outdoor Toy Storage

Toy Bins No. 1

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Storage bins are ideal for storing your child’s toys such as balls, soft toys, toy boxes, and other similar items for a low cost. They may also be used on porches or maintained inside the home if necessary.

There are two kinds of toy bins available now. You may choose between ordinary bins or wheeled bins that can be hung or maintained on the floor. I like wheeled ones since they provide more mobility, making it simpler to gather and transport the toys (so easy, even your kids can do it).

Storage Benches No. 2

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Isn’t it true that having both storage and dining places in the backyard may suck up a lot of space? So, instead of killing two birds with one stone, why not kill two birds with one stone?

This concept benefits not just your garden but also your children since their toys will be kept in a safe area while not in use, ensuring that they stay clean and last longer. 

Oh, and the size of your backyard is irrelevant; it works just as well whether you have a large or little yard (after all, do you really have a backyard if you don’t have seating?).

3. Make a fence out of milk crates.

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Do you have a fence around your property? The majority of your children’s toys are likely to have been left around it. And, if they’re left alone, they’re likely to be exposed to heat, rain, snow, and other elements, so it won’t just be clutter that’s a concern.

One of the simplest remedies to this problem is milk containers. To begin, you’ll need to secure 2-3 slats to the fence. However, they only function on wooden fences; otherwise, we recommend nailing two mounting brackets to each milk carton to the fence.

But, since you’ll be using at least two crates, make sure you take all of the measurements beforehand. After the crates are hanging, just add the toys and you’re done.

4. Make Your Own Toy Shelf

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If you’re in the mood for some DIY and want to unleash your inner creative beast, this is the outdoor toy storage solution you’ve been looking for; here’s everything you’ll need.

Make sure the metal buckets you choose are large enough to accommodate all of your toys. Also, since the toys will get wet, keep the buckets in the garage or in a shady location so they don’t fill up with water when it rains.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may paint distinct shelves/buckets for soft toys, pool toys, balls, and other items so your children can readily distinguish between them. 

Furthermore, since the buckets are constructed of steel, they are one of the most robust outdoor storage options available, and will easily last you for years. 

5. Parking Lot for Toys

outdoor toy storage

Do your children spend the majority of their time riding bikes, scooters, or toy cars? Then this toy parking lot is just what you need. 

All you have to do is establish a standard parking lot, but this time on your patio or porch. Colored tape or spray paint may be used to make the lines dependent on the size of the cars. 

What I like most about this is that it instills in the youngsters a feeling of order from the start, ensuring that you don’t trip over stuff even when you’re 60.

Wheeled Cart No. 6

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You may purchase a ready-made cart. alternatively you can make your own wheeled bins, which are quite similar to wheeled bins except that you have more flexibility with it and may therefore adjust the size dependent on the amount of toys you want to put in it, saving you the money of purchasing 2-3 bins. 

And if you have the necessary wood hanging around collecting dust, it would be much more cost-effective. Soft toys, balls, and other sports equipment may all be stored in these bins, which are much more robust than plastic bins.

Indeed, a few bungee cords may be used to make different compartments for various items, as well as a shelf for the skateboard, etc (the possibilities are endless, let your imagination and creativity lead the way).

7. Tire Storage Box with Stacked Tires

outdoor toy storage

Those decaying tires in your garage may be made into a really clean and eye-catching storage space with some spray paint, caster, plywood, drawer handle, drill, washers, and nuts and bolts. Plus, the more tires you stack, the more storage space you’ll have, allowing you to tailor it to your own requirements. 

Clean the tires first, then begin stacking them. Begin spray painting the tires after they’ve been piled. To completely cover them, you’ll need at least 2-3 applications and plenty of drying time between each one.

The plywood must next be cut into a circular form. This foundation should be 2-3 inches narrower than the tire’s width. After that, use the nuts, bolts, and washers to secure the casters and tires.

Attach the plywood next, followed by the drawer handle on the side. You may now either cut out a circular cover and glue it in place with a sealant or just turn it over.

Tires are one of the greatest types of outdoor toy storage options since they are weatherproof and will last you for years. Yes, it’s a little hefty, but that’s only an issue if you have to move it on a frequent basis.

Buckets with Zip Ties

Almost every home has a corner that is a terrible waste of space. However, here’s a simple outdoor storage solution that may assist with a few of them. You won’t have to move anything since you’ll be utilizing vacant places in the yard/patio.

It’s also cost-effective, and since plastic is water-resistant, it’s an excellent choice for storing pool toys, but longevity will be a problem.

Only 15-20 zip ties, 10 buckets, and a drill are required (a small hand drill should be good enough). The finished product has a design that is comparable to how bowling pins are placed.

To begin, stack four buckets with three to four holes around the neck (the holes should be distant). Using zip ties, connect all of the buckets. Place three buckets in front of you and tie them all together. Stack two more on top of that, then just one. 

You’ll have a total of ten storage compartments, each of which may hold a distinct set of toys.

9. A Sandbox with a Roof

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Do your children spend a lot of time in the sandbox? They do, of course; kids like it, and I’m thinking you purchased them a sandbox to go with it. 

However, with snow and rain, you’ll have to change the sand more frequently than you’d like, right?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution: a covered sandbox. You may even toss some of the toys into it if it has elevated edges. 

Seats and dome covers are included in several of the sandboxes for enhanced comfort and storage. These may readily be found at a toy shop or on Amazon.

Storage Shed No. 10

outdoor toy storage

Have you have a big shed? While you may use part of it for outdoor storage, the other half can be transformed into a delightful playhouse for the kids to keep them occupied for hours (so you can attend that all-important meeting without any trouble).

For your children’s safety, make sure you add a slip-resistant mat on the interior. After that, putting the toys away and securing the playhouse and storage shed will be a breeze. 

You may also add shatter-proof glass, blinds, skylights, and other features to make it more appealing.

But what would I do with it when my children had grown up? If you’re curious, the whole area may be converted into one large storage place for your automobiles, sports equipment, and other items with a little DIY.

Magnetic Car Holders (nine)

Have you ever been working on your vehicle or bike in the garage and seen your child doing the same with their toy automobile? Isn’t it adorable? Magnetic vehicle holders are available to help attach these toy cars to a specific location.

When the automobile is stationary, neither would your youngster, limiting the mess to a confined area. Just make sure it’s not too high up. 

These holders can support up to three automobiles at once, and the kit includes all of the tools and pieces required to fasten the mount to the wall, making installation a breeze. It’s a unique but cost-effective outdoor toy storage solution.

12. Storage for Nerf Guns

outdoor toy storage

Nerf guns are a timeless toy for kids and teens, but owing to the large amount of pieces, they might be difficult to store for adults. Plus, they’re generally big, so they take up a lot of room. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a sleek, compact outdoor toy storage solution.

A pegboard, adhesive, mounting brackets, and a wall large enough to accommodate the nerf guns are all you’ll need. Simply attach the pegboard to the wall and secure the mounting brackets. Just make sure to leave enough space between them for all of the nerf guns.

We recommend utilizing a drawstring bag to hold all of the other things, such as bullets and arrows, which may be hung on any of the mounting brackets.


These outdoor storage solutions can help you make the most of whatever you have on hand, whether it’s old kinds, wooden planks, or old bins. 

This way, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also have plenty of storage space in your garden or porch. 

Send us images if you’ve developed something more distinctive and eye-catching, and if we like it, we’ll include it in our post.

Until then, happy do-it-yourselfing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store toys for your kids outside?

A: Our favorite answer is to get a big plastic tub, cut out holes for them to walk through and then put some fabric on the bottom so they dont fall. We also stack our toys with blocks in between each layer of toy.

How do you store toddler toys outside?

A: If you have any toys, then it is a good idea to store them in the garage or out of reach of your little one. It will be hard for them to find and take these treasures that are meant for their enjoyment away from where they were stored.

How do you store outdoor toys in the winter?

A: You can store your outdoor toys in a garage or basement.

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