Log Holder Advantages and Types 

 March 30, 2022

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A log holder is a type of home improvement that is used to house firewood. It can be mounted on walls, posts or rafters and it has the ability to transport logs from the wilderness into an indoor location. They are usually made out of metal for durability and come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you need them for.

The “indoor firewood rack” is a type of log holder that can be used in the home. The advantages of an indoor firewood rack are that it does not take up too much space, and it can be built with materials found around the house.

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If you like burning wood in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit, having a supply of split logs on hand is a good idea. If you don’t have the correct instrument, such as a log holder, storing logs might be difficult.

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Advantages of a Log Holder 

Log holders provide a polished and well-organized method of storing modest to big quantities of logs. Large log holders are often used by those who cut their own wood for heating in the winter.

A smaller container is appropriate for more casual wood burners.

They also keep the wood off the ground, away from insects and dampness, which may cause rot.

Log Holders Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Log holders are available in a variety of designs and sizes. This article will walk you through a variety of log racks to help you select the appropriate one for your requirements.Classic Fire Log Holder

Log Holder in the Traditional Style

Although no one log holder can claim to be the first, the long, broad types seem to be the most popular. A long rack with a retaining wall on either side is used in these models.

The logs are arranged in an organized method on the rack until they reach the top. The width of the rack, which may vary from 3 to 9 feet and beyond, is used to measure these holders.

They are often built of weatherproofed steel or wood for long-term use. They frequently perform nicely against a wall, such as your house or shed, due to their flat design.

If you’re worried about the logs attracting pests, you may put the holder someplace away from the home. Users who want a more personalized solution might consider purchasing a log rack kit.

The two side walls are included in this kit, however there is no bottom shelf. The shelf is made from wood that has been cut to the required length by the users.

A kit enables users to create a log holder of whatever length they choose. A log holder cover is also highly suggested for keeping your wood dry.

These coverings are put over the rack to keep rainfall out of the wood.

Fireplace Log Holder / Log Hoop

People who live in cities do not need a lot of log storage. Smaller log holders are offered to retain a smaller quantity of split logs ready to burn.

The log hoop and the fireplace rack are the two most common styles.

The hoops are created with a metal hoop that retains the logs within, exactly as the name indicates. This elegant design serves as both a decorative and practical element.

Fireplace log holders resemble small traditional log holders and are placed beside the fireplace for easy access. Fireplace racks may also be used outdoors, beside your fire pit, on the patio.

Some fireplace log holders come with a collection of equipment that may be used to clean and maintain the fireplace both during and between usage.

A shovel and brush can quickly remove ashes, while a fire pick may assist stoke the fire on a cold winter night.

With Canvas Log Holder

A canvas is nothing more than a piece of plastic or cloth with handles on both sides. This gadget makes it easier to transmit many logs at once.

The canvas is placed on the ground, and the log is stacked on top of it. Users then transport the logs to their log rack and insert the canvas inside without having to unload them.

Some log racks are built with this useful feature in mind, and the purchase price includes both the rack and the canvas.

Covers for Log Holders

I strongly advise getting a cover for your log holder if it will be stored outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Wet logs are difficult to burn and might take days or weeks to dry completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are log holders called?

A: They are called touches or slots.

What is a firewood rack?

A: A firewood rack is a device used to store firewood in an orderly manner. It has two or more horizontal rails that are spaced evenly apart and often have crossbars at the top for hanging items such as cooking utensils on when not in use.

How do you make a log holder?

A: There are a few different ways to make one. You can either use cardboard and pins, or you can buy a pre-made log holder from a craft store for about $8-$20.

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