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 April 3, 2022

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John Deere 4440 Tractor is a tractor that was produced by John Deere and introduced in 1982 for use on farms. It’s dimensions are: width: 86 inches; height: 70″ which is similar to most tractors of the time, but it has an 11-foot turning radius. The engine capacity ranges from 20 hp to 36 hp depending on model and availability. The tractor weighs 4,800 pounds without load or fuel and can carry up to 853 gallons of liquid or 1,000 pounds of bulk solids with its tank capacity.

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John Deere 4440The John Deere 4440 tractor, which was produced from 1978 to 1982, was the most popular Iron Horse tractor.

The 4440 is a full-sized farm/agricultural tractor with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. The 4440 retailed at $44,000 in 1982.

These tractors are now available for roughly $20,000 to $30,000.

The rear axle was expanded from 86mm to 92mm towards the conclusion of the first year of manufacturing. The JD 4440 is available in two versions: normal and high-crop.

The High Crop has a greater clearance, making it ideal for work involving tall crop harvesting and navigating challenging terrain. A rear three-point hitch (type IIIN/II) may accommodate a wide range of attachments, including snowplows. The 4400 has two front loaders, one with a 1,350-pound capacity and the other with a 1,771-pound capacity.

The 4440 Engine from John Deere

A 6 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharged aspiration powers the John Deere 4440. The inline cylinders have a 466 ci displacement. A total of 36 quarts of liquid coolant are stored in the cooling system.

Delivered Power:

The draw bar is rated at 112 horsepower, while the PTO is rated at 130 horsepower. The actual power, with the drawbar at 112.69 hp and the PTO at 130.58 hp, was found to be quite similar to John Deere’s promises. With RPMs of 540/1000, the 4440 boasts a rear independent power take-off.


The John Deere 4440 tractor came standard with a two-wheel drive system, however HFWD four-wheel drive systems were also available. The weight of the various systems ranged from 11780 to 15775 pounds. The 4440 is equipped with a “Quad Range” gearbox, which has four speeds in four different ranges. It has synchronized shifting between 2 and 3 and a power shift in each range in pairings 1-2 and 3-4. In ranges A through C, two reverse speeds are offered. With the clutch utilized to shift between ranges, the tractor must come to a complete stop. The 4440 has eight forward speeds and four backward speeds in total.

System Hydraulics:

The 4440 has a 2250 psi closed center hydraulic system. Valve flor with 2 or 3 valves is 23 gpm.


  • 11 gallon power shift 2wd
  • 13 gallon quad range 2wd
  • 15 gallon power shift 4wd
  • 17 gallon quad range 4wd

Electrical Installations:

The John Deere 4440’s electrical system is powered by a 61 amp (ROPS) / 72 amp alternator (cab). For starter, two six-volt batteries produce 800 cold cranking amps.

Additional information:

  • Hydraulic Differential Lock with Pedal Control
  • Hydrostatic power steering is a kind of hydrostatic steering.
  • Wet-disc brakes with a differential hydraulic system

420 John Deere

3010 John Deere


The “john deere 4440 years made” is a tractor that has been manufactured for over 40 years. The tractor was originally released in the year 1966.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a John Deere 4440 cost?

A: A John Deere 4440 tractor costs just over $100,000.

How many horsepower does a 4440 John Deere tractor have?

A: 4440 John Deeres are typically used for either general farming or large scale industrial applications such as waste disposal. These tractors range from 65hp-130hp and can be more with certain options, but tend to come in around the 90ish hp mark on average.

How much does a 4440 John Deere tractor weight?

A: The weight of a 4440 John Deere tractor is about 3,694 pounds.

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