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 April 4, 2022

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John Deere is one of the most recognizable brands in America. It has been around since 1837, and as of 2017 it’s still an American firm with factories all over the country (and world). A few years ago, John Deere started a new project that allowed users to buy shares in their company: FarmShare. This program allows for farmers to own pieces of land within John
Deere’s farms so they can generate cash on each acre instead of renting the space out like past practices have done. The idea came from Ty Danco who saw problems with farming issues such as drought and soil degradation across American farmland which led him to create this innovative solution.

The “john deere 400 tractor for sale” is a John Deere model that was released in the year 2000. It has been used on farms across America and around the world.

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John Deere 400The John Deere 400 tractor is the first in the 400 series and is a garden tractor.

The 400 is powered by a two-cylinder Kohler gasoline engine that produces 19.9 horsepower. With two ranges in each direction, the hydrostatic Transmission offers limitless forward and backward capabilities.

The John Deere 400 is built to take on the toughest tasks around the house. The 400 gives optimal comfort while operating thanks to power assisted steering.

After a good run of production from 1975 to 1983, you may still see 400s in use today.

The 400 Series in Brief

The 400 series started with the 400 and expanded to include the 420 and 430.

The engines of these heavy-duty tractors range from 20 to 22 horsepower (the 400’s 19.9 HP engine is rounded down to 20 HP). These tractors are employed in both residential and commercial settings due to their strong construction and power.

The 400 was created with both sorts of operators in mind. The 400 series is suited for cutting grass in areas ranging from 3 to 5 acres. This series’ cutter widths vary from 48 to 60 inches.

These versions have more power and torque, allowing them to employ a wider range of tractor attachments.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the rotary tiller 450
  • Loader with the number 40

The 400 line may also make use of:

  • blades in front
  • baggers
  • blowers of snow
  • as well as a variety of tow-behind equipment

The John Deere 400 has the following features:

Now we’ll take a closer look at the model 400 and the things it has to offer.


The Kohler 19.9 horsepower engine powers the John Deere 400.

As usual, John Deere exceeded expectations John Deere 400when they revealed the 400 to the public. This powerful combination of engine, tool capabilities, and comfort resulted in a tractor that is suitable for home and commercial use.

The air-cooled engine (model KQ532) has two cylinders. The displacement is 53.67 ci, and the top speed is 3500 RPM. It can hold 3 quarts of oil.

John Deere ride-on mower engines are well-known for their dependability and ease of maintenance.


The 400 is equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox with limitless forward and reverse ranges. The chassis is two-wheel drive and includes power steering.


Grass Mower

Tractors by John Deere

  • http://yardsurfer.com/john-deere-430/

The “john deere 400 backhoe” is a tractor that was released by John Deere. The Tractor features a four-cylinder engine, and has two gearboxes. It also has an automatic transmission with a shift lever on the steering wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a John Deere 400 worth?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. The value of the John Deere 400 could range from $2,000-3,000 depending on how much used it is and what condition its in.

What engine is in a John Deere 400 lawn tractor?

A: John Deere has a 4-cycle engine.

How much does a John Deere 400 weight?

A: The John Deere 400 weighs about 1,858 kg or 4,000 lbs.

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