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 April 5, 2022

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Though it may not be a new model, the John Deere 3010 Tractor is still an iconic piece of machinery for farmers. This tractor has been prized and coveted by old-school farmers all over America. What are some features that make this tractor so appealing to them?

The “john deere 3010 problems” is a John Deere tractor that was manufactured in the year 2010. The engine of this tractor is 4-cycle diesel, and it has an overall weight of 8500 pounds.

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John Deere 3010From 1961 to 1963, the John Deere 3010 was a big farm/agricultural tractor.

It has a four-cylinder John Deere engine that runs on one of three fuel types.

This tractor from the New Generation series cost $4700 in 1963 and weights 5800 pounds.

The 3010, like many Tractors by John Deere, came in agricultural and industrial models with varying usefulness and size.

Utility, regular, row-crop, and orchard are the four main orientations available in the Version for Agriculture alone.

The 3010 can tackle any terrain thanks to its huge tires and strong 90-inch wheelbase. There are eight forward speeds and three backward speeds on the Synchro Range gearbox.

A Brief Overview

The 3010 is a true workhorse tractor that outperforms today’s consumer tractors. The 3-point hitch on the 3010 may be utilized with a variety of accessories. Many 3010s are still in use on farms today, and many people are repairing and collecting them.

The John Deere facility in Waterloo, Iowa produced a total of 44,000 of these tractors. You won’t find a more powerful and dependable tractor elsewhere, capable of hauling a maximum of 6323 pounds.

Version for Agriculture


The John Deere 3010 tractor was equipped with three different engines, each with differing fuel capacities. The tractor’s orientation determines the kind of motor.

Both the gasoline and LP gas engines have four cylinders and are liquid cooled. With a displacement of 201 ci, the rated RPM is 2200. Except for a wider bore/stroke and a greater displacement of 254ci, the diesel engine is identical.


The transmission is a Synchro Range, which necessitates stopping the tractor and depressing the clutch to pick one of four shift stations. The tractor can change between two forward gears while in motion after a station has been chosen by utilizing the clutch.

Take-Off with Power:

With RPMs of 540 and 1000, the 3010 offers rear independent power take-off.


The closed-hydraulic system has a 9.5-gallon capacity. A flow of 18 gpm is controlled by two valves.


The drawbar has 52 horsepower, while the PTO has 55.09 horsepower, according to John Deere. In 1960, testing indicated a drawbar power of 52.8 HP and a PTO power of 59.4 HP.

Version for Industry:

The industrial version of the 3010, known as the John Deere 3010 Wheel, was introduced in 1961. A prototype crawler was created, however no crawlers were ever manufactured. Owners had the option of a gas or diesel engine.

LP gas was not used on the industrial models for safety reasons. All of the other hydraulic and hitch options were available including the three point hitch. All of the heavier parts caused the Wheel to outweigh the Version for Agriculture by a couple thousand pounds.

Information about the Industrial Version:

The frame rails were built bigger and stronger, with the holes drilled in a different configuration than the Version for Agriculture. The 6-inch C Channel steel frame extends farther back over the tranny case than the agri-version.

A cast iron nose frame was fitted to increase weight and protect the gas tank.

The shifting mechanism is set up such that the right lever changes through all gears while the left lever moves between high, low, and reverse.

  • Front axle is heavier.
  • Front grille is flat and industrial looking.
  • Steel sheet metal, 10 gauge
  • The tread size is fixed.

Tractors by John Deere



The “john deere 3010 diesel hp” is a John Deere tractor that has been in production since the year 2000. It has an engine with a displacement of 8 litres and it can produce up to 100 horsepower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many horsepower is a 3010 John Deere tractor?

Is a John Deere 3010 a good tractor?

A: This is a very subjective question, and I wont be able to give you an answer that would satisfy everyone. All I can do it provide the facts in order for you make up your own mind about this question.

What years did John Deere make the 3010?

A: John Deere made the 3010 in 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959.

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