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 April 5, 2022

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Igloo Coolers, a brand of products designed to keep food fresh and cold, has been in the business for over 50 years now. With ice retention times lasting up to 24 hours, IGLOOS are perfect for picnics or any event.

The “igloo cooler with wheels” is a portable cooler that can be used in any outdoor environment. It has an adjustable thermostat and three fan speeds.

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Owners of Igloo coolers often put them to good use, keeping them for years.

Even Igloo’s high-quality coolers degrade with time. Your damaged cooler doesn’t have to be thrown away because of an accident or just because it’s old.

Parts for all Igloo cooler types, including personal and full-sized coolers, are easily accessible.

Hinges, drain plugs, locks, tow handles, and lids are among the many replacement components that may be easily purchased and replaced. Below you may see a variety of Igloo components.

Spring and Button

The Spring and Button mechanism is featured on the personal Playmate® cooler systems.

The spinning top of these Igloo coolers is locked using these spring buttons.

When consumers push the button in, the lid opens.

The spring maintains the button pushed outward at all times, ensuring that the cooler is always secured.

The spring can wear out over time, causing the button to stay permanently pressed. Fortunately, Igloo offers both the Spring and Button as a replacement part.

Hinges for the Igloo Replacement

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Because the Igloo cooler is used so often, the hinges are the portion that may wear out the fastest. The hinge may be worn out by opening and shutting the lid, leading it to break.

On full-sized cooler models, hinges are employed to hold and seal the lids.

Igloo coolers can be used with a single functioning hinge, however they will not be able to establish a tight seal. If the cooler is tipped on its side, water from melted ice might readily flow out.

Replace these heavy-duty Igloo hinges by removing the current screws and hinge, sliding the new hinge into position, and re-inserting the screws.

All Igloo coolers utilize the same hinges, making it simple to choose the proper one. Screws, on the other hand, are not included in the Igloo cooler components kit.

If you wish to replace the Igloo cooler hinges, be sure to keep the old ones.

Choosing the Correct Ice Chest Drain Plug

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You’ll probably want to drain any thawed ice in the cooler after your trip.

Several types come with an useful drain plug that may be used for this, however the drain plug might occasionally fail.

A damaged drain plug may cause a major problem by allowing water and other fluids to pour out of control.

A worn or fractured washer or a missing thread cap are the most common causes.

The drain cap may be changed with a new one from the Igloo cooler parts range, which is a good thing.

To replace, grab either side of the old plug with a wrench. One side is on the inside, while the other is on the outside.

Remove the old plug by twisting it counterclockwise. Apply the second one in the same way, ensuring sure you have a washer on each side of the cooler wall.

I’m looking for Igloo Latches, but I’m not sure where to look.

Latches are another important component of every Igloo cooler with a movable top.

When the lid is closed and not in use, the latch retains the contents within.

When the lid is overturned or fallen, a broken latch allows the lid to open. Having your cooler tumble over in the vehicle and spill its contents may be a genuine inconvenience. To keep the lid secured, Igloo sells new hinges.

So, how about Lids?

Replacement lids are available for both large and portable sized versions if your Igloo lid has gotten misplaced or irreparably damaged. To replace the lid, you may need to remove the hinge and latch.

Handle for towing:

Some of the bigger versions, such as the Wheeled and Ice Cube® Series coolers, include tow handles. The tow handle enables customers to easily carry the cooler by pulling it along on wheels.

Igloo cooler components like these are made of the same high-quality plastic as the originals. The tow handle is linked to a hinge and may be rotated up and down.

It may be stored in the down position and pulled in the up position.

Cushion for the seat:

The lids of Igloo’s Marine coolers include comfy cushions that may be used as a seat.

When you’re aboard a boat, you need to make the most of every inch of space. The Marine cooler’s seat cushion transforms it into a comfy, dependable chair.

Seats that have gotten dirty and worn out may be replaced. It’s simply one of the numerous replacement Igloo cooler components available.

The “igloo cooler price” is a product that has been around for quite some time. This product was originally designed to be used in the summertime, but it can be used all year long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Igloo coolers comparable to Yeti?

A: Igloo coolers are comparable to Yeti.

How long will an Igloo cooler stay cold?

A: An igloo cooler will stay cold for up to 4 hours on average.

Are Igloo coolers good?

A: Igloos are not good. They will kill you, and your family.

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