How to Sharpen Garden Tools 

 April 7, 2022

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To sharpen your gardening tools you need a fine grit machine. The process is quick and easy, but it’s important to remember that if you don’t remove all the material from the blade of your tool then it will rust prematurely. Here’s how to go about sharpening them properly.

“How to clean and sharpen garden tools” is a blog post that tells you how to clean and sharpen your garden tools. It also gives some tips on how to keep them in good shape.

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Garden tools must maintain their sharpness in order to function properly. Because of the ripping that happens with a dull blade, it will cause damage to plants and grass, not to mention the additional work you’ll have to put in to utilize it, making landscaping and gardening much less fun.

Garden tools should be used to cut plants carefully and with minimum force. If you continue to press harder, the dull edge may come loose and injure you.

Before sharpening your garden equipment, don’t go too far. It’s usually a good idea to give them a brief sharpening each time you use them to avoid any issues.

Sharpening your garden equipment may be accomplished in a variety of ways. The size and kind of garden tool you need to sharpen will determine the sort of sharpener you use.

All of these techniques require a reasonable amount of time to complete.

Only if the blade is exceedingly dull or if you’re sharpening a very huge blade with something tiny like a File for milling, such as on a machine used to chop down enormous trees or dig out tree trunks, would it take an eternity.

  • What is the best way to sharpen garden tools?
  • File for milling
  • Grinder with an angle
  • How to use an Grinder with an angle to sharpen a shovel
  • Grinder for the bench
  • How to sharpen a lawn mower blade with a Grinder for the bench
  • Stone for sharpening
  • What are the best garden tool sharpeners?

What is the best way to sharpen garden tools?

Gardeners often use five different kinds of garden tool sharpeners.

You will find that a File for milling can be used for sharpening almost anything, but there are alternative tools you can use for a faster and simpler sharpening process. You can find all of these sharpening tools at any hardware store as well as online.

For images, information, and pricing on the top garden tool sharpeners, go to the links at the bottom of the page.

  1. File for milling
  2. Grinder with an angle
  3. Grinder for the bench
  4. Stone for sharpening
  5. Diamond Stone for sharpening

File for milling

A File for milling is a long metal file used for a lot of grinding and handicraft purposes. One of its uses is to act as a sharpener for garden tools.

Sharpening a small implement, such as shears or a trowel, using a file should take no longer than with a grinder.

However, large or exceedingly dull blades take a little more time. File for millings can sometimes do a better job at sharpening because they give you more control over the sharpening process, and you are less likely to damage the blade.

To use a File for milling, you need to use both hands.

Place your writing hand on the file’s handle, and your less dominant hand on the top of the file itself, near the tip. This allows you to have greater control over the filing process.

After you’ve finished filing, lubricate the garden tool to keep it from rusting.

Use a File for milling for sharpening small garden tools or lawnmower blades.

Grinder with an angle

An Grinder with an angle is a handheld grinder that has a round, textured disc that you can use for grinding or sharpening objects, including garden tools such as a shovel, garden hoe, axe, or lawn mower blade. When sharpening gardening tools, make sure you have the disc labeled “Grinding disc. For metal,” otherwise it won’t sharpen the blade properly.

How to Use an Grinder with an angle to Sharpen a Shovel

  • Put on your safety glasses and take the appropriate measures.
  • To sharpen the shovel, secure it in a vice or with a hefty object.
  • Turn the Grinder with an angle onto the slow speed setting.
  • Begin by turning on the grinder. To sharpen the shovel blade, sweep it over the edge in a sweeping manner. For optimum performance, keep it at a 30-degree angle.

Grinder for the bench

A Grinder for the bench works for sharpening the same types of gardening tools that an Grinder with an angle will sharpen, but with less convenience. A Grinder for the bench sits on a flat surface; it’s not held in your hand like an Grinder with an angle, so there is less mobility and control.

You can still get a good blade edge by using a Grinder for the bench if you use it correctly. It isn’t typical to use a Grinder for the bench for sharpening unless your garden tool is very dull. You can also use it to get nicks out of the surface of the blade.

How to Sharpen a Lawnmower Blade With a Grinder for the bench

Using a Grinder for the bench is simple. Put the mower blade against the grinder, matching the angle of the existing bevel.

Move the blade so that it is sharpened evenly all the way down. Continue grinding until the blade is sufficiently sharp.

A dull mower blade can damage your lawn because it tears and pulls at the ends of the grass. For regular maintenance, sharpen your mower blade with a File for milling but use the Grinder for the bench again if a rock puts a large scratch or nick in the blade.

Stone for sharpening

Stone for sharpenings are small and compact. Sometimes, it’s much easier to hold a Stone for sharpening than a file or a grinder.

It’s also less cumbersome to transport. Sharpen knives, scissors, hedge shears, and chisels using it.

It generally won’t work as well for larger blades, but there are also Stone for sharpenings that have diamonds in them that you can use. Diamond Stone for sharpenings are a lot stronger and last a long time without wearing down.

What are the best garden tool sharpeners?

Best File for milling: Corona Mill Bastard Cut File with Handle

Check Amazon for the best price.

Best Grinder with an angle: Black + Decker Grinder with an angle Tool

Check Amazon for the best price.

Best Grinder for the bench: Dewalt DW756 6-inch Grinder for the bench

Check Amazon for the best price.

Best Stone for sharpening: Whetstone 5000/10000 Grit Stone for sharpening

Check Amazon for the best price.

Best diamond Stone for sharpening: Sharpal 156N Diamond Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Check Amazon for the best price.

The “sharpen garden shears with sandpaper” is a technique that can be used to sharpen garden tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sharpen your garden tools?

A: Most of the time, garden tools will have a blade that can be serrated by hand.

What is the easiest way to sharpen garden shears?

A: The easiest way to sharpen garden shears is with a sharpening stone. There are different degrees of difficulty, so I recommend starting off in the lower levels and working your way up.

What can I use to sharpen garden shears?

A: The best way to sharpen garden shears is with a hand-held sharpening stone. You can purchase these stones at hardware stores, or try using sandpaper and a piece of wood like you would use when sharpening an axe blade.

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