How to Make Citronella Oil for Tiki Torches 

 April 8, 2022

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Citronella oil is used in many different ways and can be found at most local craft stores. If you don’t have citronella oil, make a plant-based version by soaking cedar chips in water for 24 hours, then strain the liquid into an empty spray bottle with more than one ounce of vodka or rubbing alcohol. Pour it all back out before use to avoid any unsightly scents from lingering around your home!

Citronella oil is a popular fuel for tiki torches. It has a very long burn time and it’s safe to use indoors. This recipe will teach you how to make citronella oil for your tiki torches.

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Tiki torches are a must-have in the backyard of every outdoor enthusiast. The somewhat costly fuels that you must purchase are something that most tiki torch users have grumbled about.

The wonderful thing about Citronella essential oil is that it’s also an insect repellant.

This post will teach you how to manufacture Citronella essential oil for tiki torches. You’ll also learn about the oil’s advantages and some of its other potential applications.

What Is Citronella essential oil and How Do I Make It?

Citronella essential oil is made in a very easy manner. It does, however, need a great deal of patience.

Before you start making the oil, there are a few things you need know.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before getting started.

If you’re going to clip the leaves and stems, do it first thing in the morning. The reason for this is because throughout the day, the oils in the stems are at their most concentrated.

It’s preferable to keep the finished oils somewhere dark and dry. Citronella essential oil may last up to 6 months on the shelf.

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You should not attempt to eat or absorb the oil since it may be hazardous to your system if consumed in large amounts. When it’s blended into food, it’s done in little amounts that are safe for human consumption.

What You’ll Require

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To achieve the greatest results, you’ll need to carefully follow a few procedures.

Step 1

Combine the leaves, stem, and olive oil in a mixing bowl. Make sure the oil and nard grass are properly combined.

Step 2

In a slow cooker, combine the leaves and oil mixture. It would take 4 to 8 hours to cook on low. If you don’t have a slow cooker, a pot on the lowest temperature setting in the oven will suffice.

Just be aware that the leaves may begin to crisp up sooner than anticipated. Turn off the heat if this occurs.

After the timer has expired, set it aside to cool to room temperature.

Step 3

Using cheesecloth or a coffee filter, strain the mixture. As a consequence, you’ll have pure Citronella essential oil. The stems and leaves may be discarded.

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Step 4

Reverse the procedure. Replace the olive oil with your strained Citronella essential oil this time.

There isn’t a limit to how many times you may repeat this procedure. It mostly relies on personal taste and how strong they want the aroma to be.

Keep the oil in a dark container in a cupboard or anywhere else dark.

Citronella essential oil for Tiki Torches (Pre-Made)

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If you’re not a big fan of DIY projects or want to speed up the process. Citronella essential oil is available for purchase. Even if it’s less expensive, you’ll receive a lot more oil for the same money if you manufacture it yourself. 

Citronella essential oil in Tiki Torches: How to Use It

Let’s see how you may utilize your Citronella essential oil for your tiki torches now that you’ve made it.


  • Citronella essential oil
  • Oil made from vegetables


  • Place 1 cup of Oil made from vegetables in a bowl
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons of Citronella essential oil *
  • Mix the oils well until they are fully combined.
  • Fill your tiki torch with the oil mixture **

* The amount of Citronella essential oil you use depends on how strong you want the scent to be.

** You may want to make another batch depending on how many tiki torches you have.

Another Choice

Again, there’s a simpler way if you want to save time. You can buy a pre-made Citronella essential oil fuel. This one can fill up to 8 tiki torches. It’s affordable and will last around 5 hours for each 12-ounce fill. 

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What is Citronella essential oil?

In one of the previous articles, we’ve talked about tiki torches and discussed Citronella essential oil briefly. Let’s dig a bit deeper into Citronella essential oil and it’s benefits.

The History of Citronella essential oil

Citronella is an essential oil that has its origins in Asia. It has a lemony fragrance, which is how the French name came to be. It literally means ‘Lemon Balm.’

It’s made from the Cymbopogon family of Asian herbs. It’s often confused with the lemongrass plant.

This is due to their striking resemblance in appearance. Despite their differences, they are termed ‘cousins’ since they are from the same family.

To tell the difference between citronella and lemongrass, look for an off-white pseudostem on lemongrass. Citronella, on the other hand, is a bright red plant.

This essential oil has been utilized as a component in a variety of nations throughout the years, including China, Indonesia, and even Sri Lanka.

Because this oil is non-toxic, it has been utilized in a variety of goods, including soaps, lotions, perfumes, candles, cosmetics, and more.

The Benefits of Citronella essential oil

Citronella essential oil comes with numerous benefits. It’s most commonly used in aromatherapy and it stops the spread of bacteria and repels mosquitoes.

Another advantage of Citronella essential oil is that it helps in easing stress and anxiety. It also helps those with insomnia sleep better.

Citronella essential oil is an ingredient you’ll find in some creams and lotions. It aids in treating rashes and infections and stops odor-causing bacteria.

You can also use Citronella essential oil to clean your house. It has active Ingredients that kill antifungal bacteria, thus controlling mildew and mold. It also helps in deodorizing the surrounding air in bathrooms and kitchens.

Based on a study, Citronella essential oil may treat skin diseases like acne and eczema

What it mainly stands out for, though, is its insect-repelling properties. Back in 2011, a review proved that Citronella essential oil can keep mosquitos away for 3 hours or a bit more. It also serves as a great relief from insect bites.

Keep These Safety Concerns in Mind

If you’re pregnant or nursing, there’s no definitive answer as to whether it’s safe or not. To be safe, avoid using it on your skin or in your meals. It is, nevertheless, safe to utilize as a source of energy.

Here are some more ideas to think about:

  • Keep Citronella essential oil away from your kids as may cause poisoning if it’s ingested. 
  • Always test patches if you plan on using Citronella essential oil for your skin to avoid allergies.
  • Don’t consume Citronella essential oil in large amounts.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Citronella essential oil as Fuel?

Believe it or not, Citronella essential oil is the most common insect repellent fuel used nowadays for tiki torches.

The oil is non-toxic, as previously stated. As a result, whether grilling or dining outside in the yard, the gases will be contained.

The downside of using Citronella essential oil as fuel though is that it doesn’t last for long. It’ll repel mosquitos somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

That’s because of the small quantity of Citronella essential oil in the fuel and the fact that it’s burning. It’s best to keep refilling your tiki torch every 45 minutes to stay on the safe side.

Also, if you spill on the outside section of the torch during refiling, wait until the oil entirely evaporates before proceeding. You’ll end up setting the torch on fire if you don’t.

Keeping a fire extinguisher close is also a smart idea.

Citronella oil is a common ingredient for making torches. It can be made with the following steps: Reference: how to make oil torch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own tiki torch fluid?

How do you make a citronella torch fuel?

A: citronella candles are made from soy wax, an animal fat and a waxy substance called stearin.

How do I make citronella oil?

A: Add 3/4 cups of citronella oil to a pint canning jar. Fill it up with water, screw on the lid and shake to mix thoroughly. Pour into spray bottle when ready!

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