How To Create A Decomposed Granite Patio 

 May 4, 2022

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Whether your patio is new or old, you will need to create a decomposed granite surface for it. Here’s how:
1) Fill the bottom of any holes with crushed stone so that water cannot seep through them.
2) Spread on about 2 inches of sand over the area where you want the patio ground.
3) Add small amounts of pea gravel until all areas are covered in a 5-6 inch layer and then add more layers as necessary to fill up space between stones; this can be done by hand or machine depending on what looks best.

The “maintaining decomposed granite” is a process that involves cleaning the stone, sealing it with a sealant, and then applying a protective coating to the surface.

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How To Create A Decomposed Granite Patio

Decomposed granite is a high-quality surfacing material with a texture that resembles gravel. DG, on the other hand, is known to come in a wider range of colors and varieties.

Learn how to make a patio out of DG in the video below.

1. Select a Wide Range of Options

Several different types of granite may be used to construct a decomposed granite patio. Decomposed granite with stabilizers, loose granite, or decomposed granite with resin are all options for users. Loose granite is just granite that has been shattered into little fragments. Granite stabilized using stabilizers may become more compact, although it still has a sloppy consistency.

The hardest DG is a blend of resin and DG.


This makes it very tough by fusing all of the granite bits into one. Resin granite does not be kicked about by walking feet and has an asphalt-like texture. Resin decomposed granite is, as one would think, the most costly of the three.

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2. Surface Preparation

The surface must be prepped before your crushed granite patio can be built. The ideal ground surface is devoid of detritus and consists of pure soil.

How To Create A Decomposed Granite Patio

Before installation, any existing brick or concrete must be pulled out. Before beginning, remove any stones, sticks, grass, and plant debris. Before installing the granite, most DG installers suggest spreading a 304-inch layer of gravel on the ground.

The ground may need to be reduced to a depth similar to the gravel and granite layer to prevent the ground surface from getting elevated following application. Underneath the DG surface, the gravel helps to enhance drainage.

3. Installing Granite

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Large heaps of decomposed granite are brought. You may scoop a section of the mound into a wheelbarrow and transport it to the patio. Simply sprinkle the decomposed granite evenly on the gravel bed to form the patio. For optimal results, the thickness should be between 3 and 4 inches. With a rake, smooth out the surface.

4. Granite Compression

The decomposed granite may be compacted and stabilized using a variety of techniques. You have the option of renting a roller or using a tamper plate (hand or electric powered). If you’re going to use a tamper, go for a motorized kind since they employ tremendous vibration to compress the earth.

The “decomposed granite stabilizer” is a product that can be used to create a decomposed granite patio. The product is made of recycled materials and will not harm the environment or your health.

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