How to Build a Garden Bench in 5 Simple Steps 

 April 9, 2022

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If you wanted to build a garden bench in 5 simple steps, this article will help you. Each step is highlighted and explained so that building your own bench becomes very easy

The “simple outdoor wooden bench plans” is a project that can be completed in 5 simple steps. With this project, you will build a garden bench from wood and nails.

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The next stage is to learn how to construct a garden bench once you’ve learned how to grow a garden and when to do so. A gorgeous wooden slat bench may be made in only 5 simple steps. And building a garden bench from the ground up provides you the opportunity to design something genuinely unique.

A garden seat has everything to love about it. A garden bench, when properly placed, may give a resting area for passers-by, a relaxing location to sit and enjoy the scenery, and a rustic charm to a garden.

Garden seats come in a variety of forms and sizes, but the nicest garden benches are those that the gardener has built himself. Make as many modifications as you want to your garden bench by following these easy directions and making as many changes as you want to make it fit your landscape precisely.

Build a Garden Bench: Step-by-Step Instructions

If you don’t have enough time in your schedule to accomplish this project, you may always purchase a garden bench.

Otherwise, follow the steps outlined below.

These Instructions’ Source

This Old House’s Jennifer Stimpson has a nice lesson on how to make a useful garden slat bench. These instructions are a common approach for making garden benches, and they have the added benefit of enabling you to manufacture it out of repurposed materials.

How to Build a Garden Bench in 5 Easy Steps

Build a Garden Bench: Step-by-Step Instructions in 5 Simple Steps


(Photo courtesy of Gregory Nemec)

This project is expected to take 4 hours to finish.

Use the picture above to get a better idea of the overall size and how the materials fit together. This method is very adjustable, and most gardeners like to construct using reclaimed wood, so many variations are possible.

However, you will need the following supplies for these instructions.



  • Seat slats (about 17) – dimensions: 1″x3″, length: 36″
  • 2 seat supports – 2″x6″, length: 24″, curved edge as indicated in Figure 1
  • 3 cross beams, each measuring 1″x3″ and measuring 25″ in length
  • 2 back supports, 2″x4″ in size, 30″ in length
  • 2 spacers – one straight edge and one angled 15-degree miter cut, dimensions: 1″x3″, length: 15″, one straight edge and one angled 15-degree miter cut (see Figure 1)
  • Make bench legs out of 2″x4″ timber to the necessary height.


  • 12 screws + the number of slats times 2 = (x46) 1 5/8 screws It would need 46 screws for 17 slats, 48 screws for 18 slats, 50 screws for 19 slats, and 52 screws for 20 slats.
  • carriage bolts, 3/8-inch (x8)


  • saw with a circular blade
  • Hand drill with an electric motor

Gathering Materials is the first step.

Before you start putting anything together, gather all of the necessary supplies.

Place the screws and nuts in easily accessible containers and cut the wood to fit.

Keep the dimensions of the timber the same, but cut the curvature of the seat supports into whichever form seems most comfortable. You may also choose to have the seat flat and without a curvature. Remember to provide at least two inches of clearance at the curve’s shallowest point.

Step two is to make a plan.

Determine the garden bench’s height. Do you desire a more decorative, shorter garden seat or a more useful, taller garden bench? Depending on your needs, cut the bench legs to the necessary height.

Step 3: Assemble the Base

Assemble the garden bench’s foundation. The seat slats will be attached in the last phase of construction.

Attach the back supports to the interior of the seat supports using 1 5/8 screws (Fig. 2).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Then, using two carriage bolts on each end, attach the legs to the seat supports using the bench legs you built (Fig. 3).

With 1 5/8-inch screw, secure the two spacers between each front leg and the angled back support. The lengthy 13-inch cross bracing should be screwed to the front and back’s extreme outside borders (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Take a look at the original instructions if this stage of the garden bench assembly is too difficult to comprehend.

Use the picture of the garden bench if you don’t have any other options. Make use of visuals to help you understand how all of the components are intended to fit together.

Step 4: Install the Slats

Screw the wooden slats that cover the foundation structure straight into all points of contact to secure them. If cut properly, the slats should overhang the base by 4 inches on either end.

As you put the first slat horizontally on the foundation, make sure it is absolutely parallel to the ground.

The level of the first slat will dictate the level of all subsequent slats. Allow roughly a one-inch space between the slats, or whatever size you believe is acceptable.

Finishing Touches (Step 5)

The garden bench should look like this after it’s completed.

If there are any protruding screws, double-check the bench by passing your palm over each slat. When required, tighten screws.

You may now add some finishing touches. Some people like natural wood, but it may also be stained or painted. To avoid paint peeling, use weather-resistant paint and protective enamel.

Other Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

A garden seat is only one of the numerous features that may be used into a garden design.

Unfortunately, many landscaping concepts may be rather costly, and individuals often abandon projects halfway through due to financial constraints.

There isn’t any reason for this. DIY approaches may take longer to create the garden, but they save a significant amount of money in the long term.

Check out these 20 Fantastic Backyard Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Fortune.

Summary of the Garden Bench

This slatted garden bench has a basic design and is not difficult to construct. It should be rather simple to construct for most novices.

Online directions for more intricate DIY garden bench projects are available, but sometimes less is more. It all depends on what you think looks best with your surroundings.

Place this garden seat next to some shrubs or along the side of a stone walkway.

A “simple 2×4 bench plans – pdf” is a simple design for building a garden bench. The project requires no tools, and the materials are easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a simple garden bench?

A: Ideally, you will want to use wood for your bench as this is the cheapest option by far. First make sure that the wood has been cut into smaller pieces with an angle on them so they sit securely in place while being glued together. Glue two of these boards onto one another and then glue a third board over it all at once using hot-glue gun or epoxy adhesive. Then just take some sort of hinge (screws or pins) and attach it beneath where you want your seat to be before screwing/pining each leg into its respective hole.

How do you build a bench step by step?

First, you will want to find a large piece of wood. This need not be straight; it can have knots or cracks if that is what you are looking for in the end result. Next, use some screws and nails to fasten the two ends together close enough so there isnt any space left between them. Then use one more nail at each joint on either side to hold it all together tightly once your boards are placed across both sides of the top board (the bottom of this bench).

How do you make a wooden bench step by step?

A: To make wood step by step, you need to use a jigsaw. If your bench is made of metal, then the steps are more simple and can typically be done with only power tools like a drill press or manual sander

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