How Do Tiki Torches Keep Bugs Away? 

 May 3, 2022

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Tiki torches are often considered a symbol of South Pacific culture, but they also have an unexpected utility: the light from the flames will keep bugs away. The tiki torch’s use has led to many myths about how it works and why we still see them today.

The “citronella tiki torches” are a type of torch that uses citronella oil to keep bugs away. The oil is also an insect repellent, and they are often used in gardens and at outdoor events.

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Is it true that tiki torches keep mosquitoes at bay? Continue reading to get the solution.

Tiki torches may cause their owners to have a love-hate connection with them. While the tiki torch provides a welcoming light for visitors, it may also attract mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other pesky animals that remain late at night and attack humans.

Is it true that tiki torches keep mosquitoes at bay?

Most tiki torches do, in fact, keep mosquitoes at bay. However, it is not the tiki torch itself that repels insects, but rather the kind of torch fuel used.

When tiki torch fuel is burned, citronella oil and other natural bug repellents are released, which keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

Citronella is available in a variety of forms, including candles, sprays, and essential oils, but when burned in a tiki torch, it is one of the most powerful mosquito repellents.

Mosquito Repellent Tiki Torch Fuel

The following are some of the greatest mosquito-repelling tiki torches fuels. Although “Tiki” is the most popular brand of tiki torch fuel, some of the other types may be just as effective in repelling mosquitoes, and at a lesser cost.

Keep the following in mind while purchasing tiki torch fuel:

  • It is preferable to have more gasoline. The fuel for tiki torches burns quickly. Each tiki torch should use roughly 1 ounce of gasoline per hour.
  • To save money, purchase tiki torch fuel in bulk and utilize propane tiki torches with a 12-ounce fuel capacity for longer-lasting flames.
  • Tiki torches with a smaller capacity might be inconvenient since they need to be refilled virtually every hour. Smaller tiki torches, on the other hand, may be suitable for folks who only use them for a brief time.

BiteFighter Mosquito Repellent Torch Fuel by Tiki (64 oz.)

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Citronella Formula Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel Odorless (1 Gal.)

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Citronella-scented Ner Mitzvah Smokeless Paraffin Lamp Oil (1 Gal.)

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Tiki Citronella & Cedar BiteFighter Torch Fuel (100 fl. oz.)

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Torch Fuel with a Tiki Citronella Aroma (1 gal.)

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Citronella Oil for Tiki Torches: How to Make It at Home

A handful of hazardous compounds may be found in all varieties of tiki torch gasoline. Most individuals, particularly those who are aware of their impact on the environment, are alarmed by this reality.

There is a simple technique to manufacture citronella oil for tiki torches simply at home!


The first thing you’ll need is a sealable jar to store the tiki torch oil in.

The remainder of the steps are straightforward. Combine 1 cup vegetable oil and 1 to 2 tablespoons essential oil in a mixing bowl. Cedar, lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus, chamomile, and rosemary are some essential oil possibilities. These essential oils are all effective mosquito repellents.

Mix the oil well before storing it in the container. The original instructions show how to make a tiki fuel bottle with a wick at home. Because some tiki torches do not come with a wick, this might make it simpler to put the oil in, and you could even use your design as a temporary tiki torch.

Citronella: Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some common questions concerning citronella, the key element in mosquito-repelling tiki torch fuel.

1. Is citronella effective against mosquitoes?

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Citronella is an insect repellent that does not kill mosquitos. Of course, if a mosquito comes into contact with the tiki torch’s flame, it will die, but the fragrance of burning citronella will not affect it. Citronella candles are the same way.

Insect zappers are the next step if mosquitoes become too much of a nuisance and bug repellent isn’t working.

Bug zappers attract mosquitos and other insects with UV light before shocking them with electricity. The Livin’ Well Insect Zapper and the TBI Pro Electronic ZapLikePRO 360 Bug Zapper are two of the top bug zappers.

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Bug zappers are normally hung high and have a barrier around them to prevent children and domesticated animals from being injured if they attempt to touch the lantern.

Tiki torches are dangerous to dogs and children, but they don’t function as well in killing mosquitos.

2. Is citronella a poisonous plant?

Citronella is a natural oil obtained from the wild lemongrass plant. Citronella isn’t inherently harmful unless you’re allergic to it.

Most citronella products state that it should not be used around pets or small children because allergic responses may be severe; nevertheless, burning citronella tiki torch fuel should not do any damage.

Smoke from citronella tiki torch fuel may cause respiratory problems in dogs, which can lead to stomach cramps in certain circumstances.

When utilizing a bug-repelling tiki torch, the easiest method to minimize respiratory difficulties in your dogs is to set the tiki torch towards the perimeter of the outdoor living area.

Tiki torches do not need to be placed immediately close to furniture to repel mosquitoes; they may repel bugs from a distance of several feet. Moving a tiki torch away from a living room will not greatly lessen the illumination since tiki torches burn brightly.

In general, citronella in tiki torch fuel isn’t toxic unless it’s handled improperly. Remember that tiki torch fuel may be harmful in general since it is flammable, and just because the citronella element isn’t dangerous doesn’t imply the rest of the ingredients aren’t.

3. Does citronella keep flies away?

Yes. Citronella is a natural insect repellent. Many people believe that citronella just repels mosquitos, however it also repels flies, moths, June bugs, beetles, and a variety of other flying and crawling insects.


Tiki torches are a great method to keep mosquitoes at bay. A tiki torch is a fun alternative to plain old citronella candles since most tiki torch fuels already include citronella and other bug-repelling substances.

Tiki Torches: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know is a great resource for learning more about tiki torch types, fuels, and wicks.

Citronella torches are a type of torch that emits a strong scent of citronella, which is said to repel insects. They’re often used in gardens and as part of bug-repelling schemes. Reference: citronella torches.

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