Honda Power Equipment EU3000iS Inverter Generator Review 

 October 20, 2021

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This Honda portable generator is your best bet when looking for an easy-to-use, noiseless, and reliable power equipment. With its long battery life and CARB compliance, the Honda EU3000is is one of the best inverter generators your money can buy. Read on to understand why.

Honda EU3000iS Inverter generator

The Honda EU3000iS is a mid-sized inverter generator that weighs 131lbs and produces 3000watts of power. It is a fuel-efficient generator using advanced inverter technology for basic home backup power equipment or an RV, TVs, fridge, and other electronics.

This Honda generator comes with safety and convenience features to make it safe for your home, job site, camp, and RV power. Firstly, it will shut down if it detects high carbon monoxide levels, has Bluetooth compatibility, and is easy to start electrically.

If you need one of the best Honda generators, the EU3000iS is a perfect addition that is easily portable and does not take so much storage space when not in use. But, before we review it in deeper detail, here are its pros and cons.


  • It is almost noiseless with a normal conversation noise level
  • The generator is portable to bring to your camping trips or on an RV trip
  • It is CARB compliance, so you can use it anywhere in the United States
  • It is fuel-efficient with a 3.4-gallon tank. The power equipment can run for up to 20 hours on a single tank
  • It has lower emissions than most portable generators
  • It comes with an automatic Carbon monoxide shutoff
  • Starts easy with an electrical start
  • It has parallel capability
  • It has low-oil detection
  • It comes with overload protection
  • It has Bluetooth compatibility so that you can control it with your smartphone
  • It comes with two offset handles for easy portability
  • The outlets are covered to present damage from elements
  • It comes with a USDA-certified spark arrestor
  • It comes with a 3-year manufacturers warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Too heavy for one person to carry

Features of the Honda EU3000iS Inverter Generator

When you need stable power outdoors, on the move, or during power outages, you know portable generators make all the difference. The EU3000iS is the latest Honda engine, and it is making a world of difference in how generators provide reliable power. Below, we look at this power equipment's main features that make it stand out from the rest.

a) Portability

Since this generator is designed for portability, it is one of the first features to look for. At 131 lbs, the Honda EU3000iS is a piece of heavy power equipment that you will struggle to carry alone. However, if you have someone with you, you can easily move it around using the two offset handles it comes with. If you intend to use it alone, you will need to get a two or four-wheel kit to guarantee portability.

b) Application

You can use this inverter generator on various applications around you, but you will need to understand which you can power simultaneously with the generator's wattage. Here are some places you can use the generator;

  1. For RV power
  2. For your home's backup power generator
  3. For outdoor activities like camping

You can use the generator to power applications such as refrigerator, RV air conditioner, portable fan, microwave oven, furnace, computer, hair drier, coffee maker, blender, and incandescent lights, among others.

c) Advanced inverter technology

This Honda EU3000is is an inverter generator, thus ideal for great fuel efficiency. Inverter generators produce power from fossil fuels just like other traditional generators.

However, inverter generators produce power demanded by different applications; they do so by adjusting the engine speed. This technology differentiates them from traditional generators that only use one engine speed regardless of how much power a connected device or application requires to function.

As such, this Honda's inverter technology ensures reliable power output when in use. For instance, it will increase power production when you use more lights and reduce the current when you use fewer lights. Moreover, this Honda advanced inverter technology is fuel-efficient, but it also protects devices from damage.

d) Quiet operation

Since this Honda power equipment uses the company's advanced inverter technology, it performs quietly compared to other traditional portable generators. The Honda generator outputs 50-57db, which is comparable to a normal conversation between two persons.

e) Useability

The generator comes with two handles for portability, and you can also find a wheel kit for it if you want to transport it alone. It also comes in a compact design and has all outlets covered to prevent damage from elements. In addition, the red color is conspicuous from a distance when you need to locate it fast during a power outage.

Starting the generator is also easy; it comes with a conveniently placed electrical start on one side and has a recoil as a backup.

Before starting the generator, you will need to ensure it has enough fuel. Luckily, the generator comes with a 3.4-gallon tank that can give you a run of up to 20 hours on 1/4 load. The generator can last as long as 7 hours on the rated load, which is enough for overnight power. It has 3000 watts of starting power, 2800 watts of running power, and a powerful 196cc Honda Gx200 Engine.

Whenever you want to use the power generator, you will have a variety of applications it can power. Now, while you will need to find which devices you can power simultaneously, you will find two 120V 20amps power outlets, one 120V 30 amps outlet, and a 12V 12 amps DC outlet for your connections.

The best usability you expect from any generator is enough clean power. Luckily, this generator supports a parallel connection when you need an extra generator for more power. For example, you can get two Honda EU3000iS inverter generators plus a parallel kit and connect them to enjoy a combined 6000 watts power output. This way, you will still have portability, and you will not need to use a bigger generator.

f) Safety

Your safety comes first when you are using any Honda power equipment. Luckily, this particular model is fitted with these features on the control panel to tell how well your equipment is running. You will find an output indicator, a low oil indicator, a circuit protector, a fuel valve, and an engine switch.

In addition to using these features, the manual teaches how to shut off the generator quickly in an emergency. It is also best to prevent a minor from accessing or using the generator without parental supervision.

g) Maintenance

While Honda's inverter technology ensures fuel efficiency and safety for you, it also gives your power generator durability to serve you for many years. That said, if you want this basic home backup power generator to survive, you will need to;

  1. Recharge the battery regularly. When setting it up, you can install the battery tender lead, which will help the battery preserve more power between charges.
  2. Refuel with clean and safe to use oils such as gasoline.
  3. Change the dipstick oil twice a year.
  4. Change the oil filter after every 100 hours of runtime.

How to Start the Honda EU3000iS Inverter Generator

Before powering this power generator, you will need to understand three critical functions.

  1. The generator comes with an engine switch on the control panel that controls the ignition system and fuel and choke valves.
  2. It features an electric starter feature on the control panel with an On and Off function.
  3. The On setting starts the engine while the Off button closes the fuel valve to stop the engine.

Once you understand these basics, here are the items you will need for a successful setup

  1. A clean gasoline can
  2. Fresh gasoline or fuel. According to the manufacturer, it is best to avoid using any oil with more than 10% ethanol
  3. 1 Qt. of SAE 10W-30 oil
  4. A small funnel
  5. A 10-millimeter socket and ratchet
  6. Clean cloth to wipe spills
  7. The user manual.

Before proceeding, ensure you have placed your generator in a safe spot. While all Honda generators are tested and cleared before shipping, it is best to observe all safety features like not having a child operate the generator.

When ready to start the setup process, follow these steps;

  1. Open the generator's oil maintenance cover and remove the dipstick.
  2. Using the small funnel, pour in oil slowly until it starts to spill. Reinstall the dipstick and use the cloth to wipe any oil on the surface before closing the maintenance cover.
  3. In this step, you will need to connect the battery. To do so, remove the start key, then use the 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the front cover to access the battery at the lower right corner. Once open, you will find the battery bolts and nuts attached to the battery.
  4. Slide the nuts horizontally on each side of the battery posts. Following the user manual, you will also need to connect the battery and tender to preserve power. Ensure you tighten the battery bolts and the nuts on the battery posts. Before reinstalling the front cover, make sure the tender lead hangs outside.
  5. In this step, you will be adding gasoline to your generator. Before doing so, it is best to ensure you are in a well-ventilated environment and that the generator is turned off and disconnected from any power source since gasoline is flammable and can lead to fatal injuries. With safety observed, open the fuel tank and add gasoline until the fuel gauge reads full. Avoid overfilling the fuel tank and tighten the tank lid.
  6. Before starting the generator, use the cloth to wipe any gasoline spills.
  7. Take the generator outdoors before starting it. As the Honda EU3000is runs on fossil fuels, it should be outdoors where the carbon monoxide emissions will not affect or injure you.
  8. Turn the Eco-Throttle switch off before starting the generator. Then, turn the fuel valve on before pulling the choke valve out.
  9. Turn the key switch to start. Once the generator starts, push the choke valve in.
  10. Let the generator run for three minutes before connecting any appliances. Likewise, when done using the generator, you will need to disconnect all appliances before turning the power equipment off. To turn off the generator, turn the key switch to the Off position, and then turn the fuel valve off.

How to Store the Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator

If you intend to store the generator for more than a month before using it again, you will need to prevent gasoline oxidation before storing it. To do so;

  1. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline.
  2. Refill your generator tank and allow the generator to run outdoors for several minutes to guarantee the treated gasoline reaches the carburetor.
  3. Turn the generator off, let it cool, and proceed to store it covered and in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Additionally, it is ideal to drain the carburetor if you want to store the generator for up to one year. To do so, first, run the generator with treaded gasoline outdoors for about ten minutes. When it cools;

  1. Open the maintenance cover
  2. Loosen the carburetor drain screw to drain the fuel into a container.
  3. When it drains, tighten the screw, wipe any oil residue from the surface, and close the maintenance cover.

When you want to store the Honda EU3000iS longer than a year, you will need to drain the carburetor oil, the generator fuel tank, replace the oil, and add 5cc motor oil to the cylinder. 

You can use a hand pump to drain the fuel tank to a suitable container. Once empty, close the tank and dispose of the gasoline properly.

To drain and replace the oil:

  1. Open the oil maintenance cover and remove the drain plug and ceiling washer to drain the oil into a suitable container.
  2. Once the oil drains, replace the ceiling washer and tighten the drain plug.
  3. Add SAE 10W-30 oil to the upper level of the filler neck.

To add 5cc of motor oil:

  1. Remove the spark plug and add the oil into the cylinder.
  2. Turn the key to the Start position for two seconds to distribute the oil evenly.
  3. Reinstall the spark plug, tighten it, and reconnect the spark plug wire before closing the maintenance cover.

When done with the maintenance, you can connect the battery tender and plug it in to preserve battery power. Then, when the generator cools down, you can move the generator to a cool, dry place without sunlight. It is also best to cover it with the included cover to prevent dust and other debris.

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