Guide to a Back Porch Compost Tumbler 

 May 19, 2022

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In order to keep your backyard tidy and make it a more environmentally friendly place, you can turn to compost tumblers. These machines are great for overcoming the smell of rotting food in your garbage bins!

A compost tumbler is a device that allows you to make compost in your backyard. This article will show you how to make one.

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Back Porch Compost TumblerBackyard composting is not only a terrific method to get nutrient-rich compost for your plants, but it also enables gardeners to recycle plant and food waste. Anyone may utilize a back porch compost tumbler since it is a compact and manageable composting option.

Regularly, waste is deposited in the unit, where it decomposes. The garbage has completely decomposed in approximately a month owing to a large number of beneficial microorganisms.

Tumblers, unlike rigid composting bins, enable users to rotate the barrel to mix the contents and give air to keep the decomposition process moving forward. Users will never need to pick up a shovel to stir the contents.

The best compost tumbler for you is determined by how much you plan to use it. Composters have varying maximum capacity, resulting in varying yields after each cycle.

Spinning vs. rolling bins

There are two types of backyard compost tumblers: one with a spinning bin and one with a rolling bin. In the rolling variations, a bin is rolled over a set of bearings.

The spinning models feature a drum that revolves above the ground on a metal frame. In terms of aeration and decomposition, both varieties are equally successful.

The spinning models are usually higher off the ground, making them easier to reach. The ones that spin have wheels on the bottom to make transporting them easier.

The outside of rolling tumblers is textured to provide a strong grip while rolling the unit around. Because they are both equally effective, choosing between them is a question of personal preference.


Without the addition of oxygen, the tumbling movement of these bins would be ineffective. Manufacturers have inserted holes or screened side vents to let oxygen enter the container.

Air is allowed into the container, but no compost is permitted to exit. Users may complement the air vents by manually mixing the compost with a shovel if desired.

The bacteria need oxygen in order to thrive and reproduce. Decomposition gas may also escape via air vents, preventing it from accumulating within.


The quantity of compost that each back porch compost tumbler can contain is limited. A little tumbler may be appropriate if you have a small garden or produce little trash.

You may estimate how much compost you might produce by saving all of your yard and kitchen trash for a month. Place it in a lidded plastic bucket. Knowing the bucket’s capacity might assist you estimate how much garbage you’re producing.

Tumblers for compost are measured in cubic feet.

Tea from Compost

In case you didn’t know, the composting process can create a liquid plant feed called Tea from Compost. Tea from Compost is a nutrient rich liquid that can be used to feed plants.

Some tumblers contain a reservoir and a tap so gardeners can easily withdraw the water. It may then be put into the ground around plant roots once retrieved.

It enters the soil to provide nutrients to the roots. It may be difficult or impossible to extract the tea if the back porch compost tumbler lacks a reservoir.

Tumbler for Composting

Some forward-thinking people create their own composters at home. You get to pick how your bin works when you build it yourself.

Customize the capacity, aeration amount, rotating direction, and more.

Making your own compost tumbler, although more work than buying one already manufactured, may be a rewarding experience. To get started, you’ll almost certainly need a sealed drum and frame.

You may also establish a wormery, which is a form of composting container in which live worms are used to break down debris.

A compost tumbler is a device that helps you compost your kitchen scraps. It has a rotating drum and a lid with holes to aerate the contents. The drum can be turned manually or electrically, and it usually comes with an attached motor. Reference: free compost tumbler.

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