Generac 5819 26R Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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The Generac 5819 26R wet cell battery is the life and soul for almost all domestically used Generac standby generator versions launched till now. Generac is a sub-brand of the popular battery manufacturing company Exide. The battery offers an ideal replacement for the generator’s built in battery, making power supply easy for different situations. Also called the flooded lead batteries, these batteries offer a longer product life. The replaceable battery is designed for use with standby generators that are air or liquid cooled, and working on a power supply of 60 kW or less, with the only exception of QT4842.

The Generac 5819 26R offers the following features to its users:

  • Product dimensions are 8.7 inches (length), 6.8 inches (width) and 7.6 inches (height)
  • Battery weight is 30 lbs.
  • Offers cold cranking amps equaling 525
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Voltage generation is 12 volts
  • The generator falls in the maintenance free category of wet cell batteries
  • Battery life of one year like most maintenance free batteries
  • Comes in black metal casing

Generac 5819 26R Pros:

Before buying any product, it is natural for the buyers to know what the product has to offer them in comparison with other batteries of its category. The Generac 5819 26R wet cell replaceable battery for generators offers a number of advantages, which are listed below:

  • Perfect for a large range of Generac generators
  • Makes it easy to install and run the generator in one go
  • Being wet cell batteries, they offer the minimum price for every amp-hour
  • Have a longer life than dry cell batteries
  • Most common generator batteries in domestic settings
  • Better than serviceable batteries as it does not require regular maintenance
  • Can be replaced once the battery runs out of power
  • Economically priced as compared to other products of its category

Generac 5819 26R Cons:

With the advantages offered by the Generac 5819 26R wet cell battery, there are several disadvantages of the product as well, which should be given equal weight by customers before making the decision to purchase the batteries. The drawbacks found in the replaceable battery are:

  • Its maintenance free categorization makes the 5819 26R standby generator battery run out right after the warranty is over
  • Does not offer the benefits of a serviceable battery such as removable lids and hydrometer to check battery levels
  • Although marketed as maintenance free, the battery does require maintenance especially in terms of the water levels
  • There is no way of telling if the battery is about to run out of power, which means that the consumers do not get any warning to change the batteries and only come to know about it when the generator does not start
  • Limited power generation
  • Not suitable for large-scale or commercial use
  • Only compatible with standby generators

Product Reviews By The Customers:

The Generac 5819 26R has received a rating of three stars on Amazon.com, where it has been reviewed by only two customers. However, it has received a rating of 4.8 on the Canadian webpage of home maintenance retailer, Home Depot. The customer reviews received by the wet cell battery for standby generators, both on Amazon.com and the Home Depot website, are given below:

  • Nice product
  • Best price
  • Perfect replacement for the generator
  • Best pricing for the product category
  • Battery did not work
  • Easily installed

Product Recommendation:

The Generac 5819 26R is the perfect battery for the standby generators designed by Exide’s generator brand Generac. It has been made as the suitable replacement for the battery requirements in a large variety of Generac generators. The battery can be used with air cooled and liquid cooled generators with equal ease and convenience. It has been designed to cater to the needs of Generac standby generators below 60 kW, except the QT4842 line of generators launched by the generator brand. The user experiences have regarded the battery as an easy to install power source for the generator, which is reasonably priced in comparison to its competitors. With the Generac 5819 26R, there is no need to consider other generator batteries for any Generac user!

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