Generac 5623 GP6500 Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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  • Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge
  • Locking fold-down handles and wheel kit
  • Hour meter with maintenance resets
  • 8,000 Surge Watts/6,500 Rated Watts...

Ready to test out the Generac 5623 GP6500 Power Generator? If so, read on as we discuss the underlying pros and cons of the product and why the brand or model is worth investing on. Whether it be for industrial work or for family use, such as powering RVs or for camp-outs, the Generac 5623 GP6500 Power Generator is a viable option you could take among the huge and overwhelming product line on the market. But considering the cost that these machines come with, you should be extra careful at what brand or model you are buying to ensure that you don’t get ripped off with a cheap piece of metal that has a considerably short lifespan.

The Generac 5623 GP6500 boasts a couple of notable features that can allure the keenest eyes for industrial equipment and machinery. To kick things off, the power generator is designed with a stainless steel fuel tank with built-in fuel gauge that lets the operator see the amount of fuel that the generator still has before it starts to flicker. Another prominent and valuable feature is its locking fold-down shafts and wheel kit that provides easier and quicker setup for storing or transporting with you on your outdoor trips. The Generac 5623 GP6500 Power Generator also features an Hour Meter with maintenance reset controls that allows the operator to check the machine’s status or condition. Talking about power, the product boasts up to a maximum of 8,000 surge watts. The machine’s outlets and circuit breakers are also designed with protection that enables durability against even the roughest environmental settings. The product is offered with an engine warranty of 2 years for residential clients while commercial or industrial businesses get an engine warranty of 1 year. Upon ordering the product, you’ll find the Generac 5623 GP6500 Gas-Powered Generator, a wheel kit, shafts, the machine’s first oil supply, and an instruction manual.

Generac 5623 GP6500 Pros & Cons


Now proceeding to its pros and cons. One major benefit of the Generac 5623 GP6500 Power Generator is its compact and easy to carry design, with the locking fold down system and wheeled frame features. With this key characteristic, one can easily transport their generator with them from the garage to a remote job site without any further hassles that some competing brands tend to impose.

A major benefit is its Overhead Valve or OHV engine that boasts superb performance and power at each project or application you accomplish. You can virtually power up anything from demanding power tools at a commercial construction site to outdoor occasions or celebrations.

Another pro of this particular brand of generator is its stable and durable steel-tube cradle system that safeguards the machine’s overall exterior from harsh elements or rough handling. You will also love the ultra quiet and noiseless feature of the machine during operations with its Low Tone Muffler system.

  • Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge
  • Locking fold-down handles and wheel kit
  • Hour meter with maintenance resets
  • 8,000 Surge Watts/6,500 Rated Watts...

You don’t have to irritate your neighbors or your guests and deafen them whenever the machine is operating at maximum speeds or power. For optimal safety and comfort during use, the machine is integrated with circuit-breaker outlets to avoid any unwanted torque overloads that may cause harm to the operator and to the machine.

Going back to the product’s main engine, the overhead valve engine is designed with an automatic low-oil shutdown system that prevents the engine from incurring any damage and keeps the machine in mint condition for longer use. Furthermore, the Generac Power Generator is equipped with Splash Lubrication and a high-performance Alternator, guaranteeing clients that operations for electrical devices at home or at the construction site is accomplished in a smooth and efficient manner.


Going to its bad points, one major disadvantage with the product is the company’s customer support service. The customer support team somewhat gives the blame at you whenever you’re having problems with the generator you’ve bought from them. In some instances, the quality of the voltage regulators has also been observed with some issues of error and failure that should be watched out for.

Customer Review

According to customer reviews, the machine is able to power multiple appliances and electronic devices including fridges, freezers and furnaces without any power failures. Moreover, upon his order, the client saw that carriage bolts for the handle were also missing and called the company immediately to inform them about the issue. Fortunately, no hassling waiting periods or followup calls were necessary and the client got the bolts right away.


Overall, the product from Generac is a nice buy for your money. The Generac 5623 GP6500 Power generator definitely has the capacity to comply with the toughest construction projects and home power requirements you have laid out.


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