Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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  • Professional-grade portable generagor for demanding job sites with OHVI engine
  • Reliable 8,000-watt power supply; 12,000 surge watts
  • Electric start with manual pull start backup (battery included)
  • 9-gallon steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge; runs up to 12 hours at 50% load...
  • Note: The production of Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E might be discontinued. 

    The Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E is one of the products of the lineage that is worth noting here. Made of a very durable material that is tough and wear proof, the machine is as hard core as you can get when it comes to numerical solutions and power needs. Generac is a company known for manufacturing quality products that are designed and painstakingly crafted to engineer efficient power solutions to the public. The huge wrap tubes at all sides of the power machine ensure that the product can receive no maximum damage through bad handling or any other device it is subjected to. Generac clearly knew what it wanted to do with the Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E and the spectacular results are for all to see. Moving on to the product qualifications, we aim to present to you the pros and cons of the product that has cleverly managed to carve out a name for itself in the market.

    Product design specifications and traits! Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E is an extremely high power producing portable generator device that has an actual capacity of taking over power requirement of about 8000 Watts at its normal rating with a mind blowing surge capacity of 12,000 Watts. This portable generator is definitely designed keeping dynamic high power requirements in mind. This electric motor runs for an approximate time of 12 hours at half load with the power in question and its dimensions seem to totally defy the assumption that such a small size device can actually manufacture such immense power capacity. It comes, no matter with perks of an extra battery, electric coil design system engine, oil intake system, gasoline intake valve and many other fittings to ensure that despite the huge engineering behind the product, it remains ergonomic to the core.

    Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E Pros & Cons

    Great user-friendly modules of the Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E! The most wonderful fact about the generator is that it is easy to install and assemble. Though the packaging and unpacking would seem overwhelming at first, it is not, we assure you. The cargo comes with an instructions book and a cover guide with all the steps necessary for assembly and installation. If you do what is told, the assembly should be simple and straightforward. Also the fuel tank and the overall insert procedure seem very easy and anyone could do it over a period of time. The ergonomic nature of the product is quite endearing and that could prompt you to buy the product on the whole. The efficiency is great and people have reported satisfactory operation when they connected numerous things onto the generator.

    The Oil Change Problem! One flaw in the Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E, as reported by customers, is that the company recommends you to have different oil additions to the generator at different temperatures. Considering the fact that ambient temperatures do change quickly at many places around the world, it cannot be expected of buyers to actually change oils numerous times a year. The Company should duly take note of the fact and seek to find a solution for the hassle.

    The noise levels are too high! When competitive portable generators are being able to bring in products that do not score high on the decibel level, you would expect the Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E to do the same. A little noise is expected out of every turbine, but if noise levels are so high that you cannot have a conversation with the device around, then that is definitely something you must look into. But obviously considering the fact that the turbine rpm and the overall performances of the device are so high, the noise is all but part of the program. You just have ‘to grin and bear it’ as one of the customers pointed out.

    We recommend you to do a thorough online research on the product and then arrive at a calculated decision. Obviously, given the product’s ability to perform so brilliantly and provide so much of power, we feel you might be better off buying it, despite the oil change and the noise, as the device looks like it could fill all your energy and power needs with élan. Our final verdict? Buy the Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E now!

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