Garlic Companion Plants: What to Plant with Garlic 

 April 21, 2022

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Garlic is one of those plants that we should all grow, but not everyone knows what to plant with it. This article will outline what a good companion plant for garlic would be and the best time to transplant them in your garden.

Garlic is a great plant to have in your garden. However, it can be difficult to decide which plants you should grow with garlic. This article will discuss the bad companion plants for garlic as well as good ones.

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Learn what to plant garlic with and how to develop the tastiest veggies!

To grow garlic, you’ll need healthy, well-drained soil, plenty of water, plenty of sun, and a decent winter (cold but not too wet) to get the bulbs going. If you have these things figured out, that’s fantastic!

You may be able to assist a variety of other crops if you develop proficient at producing garlic. This is due to the fact that garlic pairs well with a variety of different plants. Below, we’ll go through the finest garlic companion plants in greater detail.

Companion plants are plants that grow together.

When you cultivate plants next to one other that benefit each other, you’re doing companion planting. This is usually done for three reasons: to enhance the soil, attract pollinators, and deter pests.

With the increased interest in organic gardening, you may have heard a lot more about companion plants recently. Growing organically isn’t a new concept; organic enthusiasts have been doing it for years. Companion planting is effective, and it typically eliminates the need for chemical pest control.

The pest-repelling characteristics of garlic make it a great companion for a variety of other plants.

What role does garlic play in the growth of other plants?

Do you have any idea how strong garlic is? When it comes to garden pests, it turns out that this is one of its most prized characteristics.

Garlic is repulsive to aphids, and they avoid it at all costs. Spider mites, gnats, beetles, snails, and caterpillars are among the insects that may try to eat your vegetables. Garlic is known to repel various nibblers, including rats, in addition to insect problems.

The fact that garlic accumulates sulfur in its bulbs, which acts as a natural fungicide, is also a plus. This prevents pathogens from spreading in your soil. You may have seen garlic powder or oil-based home treatments for fungal illnesses. Planting garlic works nicely, as we’ll see below; you can even prepare garlic water to use as a spray.

Garlic’s Best Companion Plants

We’ve pulled together a list of the Garlic’s Best Companion Plants here. Choose some friends for your garlic from this list; it’ll help you to grow that bumper crop.


Garlic may help protect your tomatoes from spider mites. If you plant a spring garlic crop about a month before your tomatoes, they will be ready to harvest at the same time.


One of the reasons peppers benefit from being cultivated near garlic is because of its ability to fight fungal illnesses. As the weather warms up, spring-planted garlic may be joined by peppers, much like tomatoes. White mold and other soil-borne illnesses should be eradicated.


Although potatoes like to grow alone, garlic is one of the plants with which they will gladly coexist. Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers are all nightshade plants that benefit from garlic’s antifungal effects in the soil.

Trees that provide fruit

The anti-fungal properties of garlic make it a great companion for Trees that provide fruit. As a natural fungicide, it will prevent leaf curl in peach trees and apple scab in apple trees. Aphids, Japanese beetles and mites are not fans of garlic either.

Growing garlic near Trees that provide fruit will put off much larger nibblers too – even deer that might be partial to the bark of young trees.


Garlic repels common cabbage pests, making it a good option for planting near brassicas including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and kohlrabi. Cabbage loopers, diamondback moths, cabbage moths, and worms will be eliminated.


If your carrots are infested with carrot root flies, planting garlic next to them may help to alleviate the issue by deterring the insects. As companion plants, garlic and carrots get along swimmingly.


Many gardeners feel that growing garlic with beets improves the taste. Garlic’s antifungal properties will also benefit beets.

Dill and eggplant are two more garlic companion plants. But what about plants that don’t enjoy being in close proximity to garlic?

Plants That Aren’t Good Garlic Companions

Garlic is friends with a lot of things, but peas and beans aren’t one of them. Garlic may prevent your peas and beans from growing correctly, so don’t mix them. Asparagus, parsley, and sage are also regarded to form bad bedfellows with garlic.

Companion Plants for Garlic

Aside from the food garden, garlic works wonders on roses. If you plant three or four garlic cloves around each rose bush, you’ll discover that the garlic deters bugs from ruining your blossoms.

Sulphur is released by the garlic cloves into the soil surrounding them, which is absorbed by the rose. Aphids, snails, caterpillars, and other insects will be repelled.

Plants that work well with garlic as a companion


This relaxing herb is said to enhance the taste of garlic planted nearby.


Next to your onions and garlic, plant a row of rue to deter onion flies. This pungent-smelling shrub repels both flies and maggots.


Choosing a spinach type with a maximum height and spread of 9 inches will provide groundcover without overshadowing your garlic plants. Weeds are kept at bay using this method. Lettuce and arugula, as well as rocket, may be used in the same manner.

Garlic Companion Plants Can Be Eye-Catching

Some of the greatest garlic companion plants are listed below. Hopefully, it’s prompted you to consider how other plants may be used into your food garden.

A little design thinking will go a long way toward ensuring that your crops thrive. Consider the heights and forms of various plants and mix those that both look well together and are ideal companion plants. That way, you’ll have a bumper harvest and your backyard will look fantastic!

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Garlic is a popular herb, and it can be planted with many other herbs. These include mint, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes. Reference: garlic and potatoes planting.

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