Garden Poetry and Quotes for Garden Mystics (Rumi) 

 April 22, 2022

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Poems and quotes help us cope with life’s challenges. The great mystics have been known to provide their inspiring words of wisdom in the form of poetry. This article is a collection of poems and sayings for gardeners who are seeking solace, peace, support or inspiration from nature.

“Rumi poem meet me in the garden” is a short poem written by the famous poet, Rumi. The poem talks about how humans should always remember to go outside and appreciate nature.

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Allow these garden poetry rhymes and quotations to move your heart, garden enthusiast. I understand that not many gardeners have philosophical, mythopoetic, or spiritual literature on their shelves… or even care about these mental-topics.

Gardeners, on the other hand, adore nature, which is at the center of everything.

All of the sages’ secrets are hidden in nature.

“…the All is everywhere, and anyplace may become the center of power,” says Joseph Campbell. In myth, every blade of grass might take on the role of savior and guide the wandering pilgrim into the sanctum sanctorum of his own heart.”

As you go into your garden today, remember to be grateful for the beauty you’re seeing. Commonplace things contain treasure– as Alan Watts puts it, “viewing ordinary things as though they were worth seeing” is the key of existence.

So, without further ado…

Rumi, Jalaluddin’s Garden Quotes and Poetry Verses

“Let the beauty we adore guide our actions. Kneeling and kissing the ground may be done in a variety of ways.”

Rumi, Jalaluddin

“The world is too full to speak about when the soul falls down on that grass.” Rumi –

“The early wind has mysteries to tell you.” “Don’t fall asleep again.” Rumi –

“We go out to the garden to let the apple meet the peach, to send signals between the rose and the jasmine.” Spring is Christ, emerging from the shrouds of murdered plants.

Their lips are wide in thanks, as if they want to be kissed. The rose and tulip glows, indicating that there is a light within. A leaf shakes. “I’m trembling…” Rumi –

“I’m like the earth, awestruck at what the atmosphere has done to it.” What I’ve learned is forming inside me. Every particle becomes pregnant with a secret when it rains.” Rumi –

“It’s spring, and everything outdoors, including the towering cypress tree, is growing. This is not a safe place for us to depart. These words, “My Life Is Not Mine,” are written around the rim of the cup we share. Rumi’s words

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