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 April 23, 2022

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The hose storage area is a tricky place to design. You need the space for your hoses, but also have them be easy to access when you’re using them on-site or doing maintenance work. There are many different ways of storing and organizing garden hoses in order to make these tasks easier, so let’s look at some of the best options available today.

Best hose storage solutions are a great way to keep your garden hose organized and safe. These hoses can be stored in the garage, shed, or attic.

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Let’s take a deeper look at the many garden hose storage options that are now available. Garden hoses are one of the most challenging items to keep in the yard.

When some individuals attempt to coil their hose into a loop on the ground, the hose kinks in 10 different spots. Hoses may become overly malleable and soft in extreme heat, making them difficult to work with.

Extreme cold may cause the hose to become brittle and susceptible to kinking. Many hose storage systems are available that not only keep hoses organized but also look good while doing so.

A hose rack is a classic hose storage arrangement. It’s just a plastic or metal hook that consumers use to roll up their hose. They may be mounted on any outside or garage wall. The hose reel is another excellent option.

A hose reel is a box with a handle that stores the hose by rolling it up and storing it out of sight. Decorative Hose Reels are a kind of hose. that attach to the wall like a hose rack are also available.

A hose pot or basket may be used as a basic option for those looking for something quick. A hose pot is nothing more than an open pot or wicker basket into which the hose is folded up. 

Hose Rack

Hose racks come in a variety of shapes and materials, but they all serve the same fundamental purpose: to keep your garden hose rolled up between usage. These racks are easy to set up and connect at a height you choose. They’re usually mounted adjacent to or above the outdoor water spigot.

Hose racks may be as basic as a piece of molded plastic (like Suncast racks) or can have extra features like an adaptable wall mount (as seen with the Racor Walldock Hose Rack).

Every rack has a limit on the length of hose it can hold. Before you choose a wall rack, be sure it has the capacity to support the weight of your hose.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, there are some nice things to look for. Some hose racks contain a front storage box that’s ideal for gardening gloves, hose adaptors, and plant pruners. A hose-end clip is a useful feature that holds the hose’s end between usage so you can always retrieve it and avoid bending down.

Hose Reels are a kind of hose.

Hose Reels are a kind of hose. offer an additional convenience over wall racks, in that they feature a handle which rolls the hose up for you. A hose rack requires users to hand-roll the hose over the mount, while reels have a handle which does this for you.

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Hose Reels are a kind of hose. come in many shapes, some a simple plastic box while others are more decorative. Besides the convenience of a reel system, this garden hose storage solution hides the hose out of sight and lends a more professional feel to a garden or lawn.

These reels, like the hose rack, can only handle a particular length of hose (this will be clearly specified on the package). To use, attach your hose to the connector on the interior of the box. The reel box must then be linked to the spigot on the wall. Then, using the outside handle, reel up the hose. Simply pull on the hose handle and draw it out when you’re ready to use it.

Hose Baskets / Pots

Hose pots are simple yet effective. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A simple wicker or ceramic pot is the most basic. Inside, users coil up their outdoor hose.

Hose pots look great in gardens and have a natural feel to them. As illustrated in the illustration to the right, some hose pots are a hybrid of a pot and a reel, combining the finest attributes of both. Hose pots are versatile in that they may be moved around as required.

Keepers of Coils

Keepers of Coils provide a way to store extra garden hoses that you don’t immediately need. It consists of two Velcro bands which wrap around a coiled hose, acting as a hose hanger.

The hose may be hung on any robust hook thanks to a loop strap. They’re simple to apply and remove, and they remain put for a long time. Many individuals use these straps to store their garden hoses in a semi-permanent manner.

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