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 April 22, 2022

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Patio furniture covers have a number of features. They allow you to extend the life of your patio chair while protecting it from UV rays, insects, and weather damage. You can also use them as a ground cover or simply add an extra layer of protection for when things get really cold outside.

Outdoor furniture is a popular item for many people to have in their home. There are many different options of what you can buy, from the type of material that it is made out of, to the size and shape. One option that seems to be on more and more people’s radar is patio chair covers. They are waterproof, so they will not get ruined by the weather, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Read more in detail here: waterproof outdoor chair covers.

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Patio Chair CoversAlthough most outdoor chairs are designed to be left outside all of the time, they typically need a little more care to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Patio chairs may be permanently damaged and stained by water and dust, particularly if they are made of cloth with cushions.

If you don’t plan on bringing your patio chairs inside or storing them in a shed, patio chair coverings are even more necessary.

Patio chair covers are made to safeguard your investment for many years. Your chairs will never be harmed by the sun, rain, or dirt if used between usage.

They’re simple to put on and keep on tight, thanks to Velcro or elastic bands.

While a patio chair cover may seem to be nothing more than a piece of fabric or plastic, there are many elements to look for that might improve your chair protection experience.

This article will go through these aspects in detail to assist you in making a more informed buying choice.

How to Select the Correct Chair Cover Size

Patio chair coverings are typically measured from the top of the back to the bottom of the legs.

To avoid the cover from becoming stuck under the legs while moving the chair, allow approximately an inch of exposed area at the base of the legs.

The length, breadth, and height of the cover are nearly always specified by the manufacturer, so measure your chair ahead of time to verify that it fits within these parameters. A “high-back” patio chair cover is a wonderful alternative if your chair has an unusually tall back. For stackable chairs, extra tall chair coverings are available.

When layered, the stackable chair covers can protect a number of outdoor chairs.

This enables customers to store their chairs in a more compact manner while still maintaining safety.

Elastic / Velcro Bands

Many coverings feature specific bands at the bottom that link to the chair’s legs to ensure that the cover remains on snugly. Winds may be a severe issue without these bands, blowing the covers off suddenly.

To wrap an elastic loop around each chair leg, the user must raise each one up. Velcro straps are more convenient to use since they wrap around each leg without requiring any lifting.

Straps like this may not be essential if you do not expect heavy winds in your location.

Materials that are resistant to the elements

It is essential to consider the sort of material used to construct the patio chair cover. Some coverings don’t genuinely offer sun or rain protection.

If the cover is made of vinyl, PVC, or another kind of plastic, you may be certain that it will keep moisture out.

However, unless the manufacturer specifies that the cover is UV resistant, it may not be able to keep the chairs from fading due to sun damage.

Fabric coverings are more attractive in terms of design and color, and they may provide equivalent or better protection than plastic covers.

The outside of fabric outdoor chair coverings has a natural or synthetic weaving that is largely aesthetic. The interior of the container is lined with vinyl or PVC, which offers waterproofing.

Fabric has the benefit of shutting out all sunlight, which helps to avoid sun damage. If you live in a region where the temperature drops below freezing, I recommend investing in a cover with a “anti-crack” function.

Air Vents

Air vents are available on several patio chair coverings. These unique vents enable air to easily flow through the cover, keeping it from flying away in high winds.

Furthermore, the air flowing via these vents may help avoid condensation in the chair.

Moisture may create rust on metal chairs, while moisture on seat cushions can cause discoloration and decay.

Multiple Chairs vs. Single Chairs

If you have an outdoor dining set with seats and a table, there are coverings that will protect everything at the same time. These bigger coverings drape over the whole patio set, removing the need for several covers.

Users don’t have to slide or stack all of their seats before covering them with a single cover. There are coverings in both rectangular and circular shapes.

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