ETQ TG32P31CA Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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ETQ TG32P31/TG32P31DF Tough Quality 3600-Watt Gas Powered Generator, Extremely Quiet- CARB Compliant...
  • ★Powered by Gas or Propane: TG32P31 is gas powered. TG32P31DF supports duel fuel - Gas and...
  • ★Endless Tough Quality: Reliable Forced Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV Engine. With 3,600 starting...
  • ★AC Output: 1*120V / 20A & 1*120V / 27A.
  • ★Run Time : 13hrs at 50% load. Recoil start.
  • ★Running Anywhere: Both TG32P31 and TG32P31DF are EPA and CARB approved for use in all 50 states.

The ETQ TG32P31CA  is a 3,600-Watt, seven horsepower generator suitable for most home uses. Its compact size and lightweight make it ideal for many emergency situations when utilities fail. With winter nearly here, buying an ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator makes sense, to be prepared if ice storms bring down power lines. In the spring, severe weather affects utilities lines too, when thunderstorms and tornadoes strike. The best insurance to keep your home appliances going is an ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator.

ETQ is Eastern Tools and Equipment. When it comes to power for your home, your outdoor adventures and your job sites, ETQ is your power source. They have service dealers throughout North America, committed to providing quality dependable service for your generator should the need ever arise. ETQ generators come with one-year manufacturer’s warranties.

The ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator has a heavy-duty engine, seven horsepower and 208 cubic centimeters in volume. This engine produces a 4,000-Watt burst of power, with running power at 3,250 Watts. The four-stroke engine has a muffle for quiet performance, acoustically rated at 65 decibels 23 feet from the generator. It’s made of heavy rolled steel, meant for a sturdy and durable lifetime of operation. At fewer than 90 pounds, it’s a lightweight among generators, but comes with a wheel kit and handle for easy portability. Shipping weight is only 93 pounds. Standard features include easy-to-pull recoil ignition, a low oil warning with automatic shut-off and a four-gallon fuel tank. It takes 10W-30 type oil.

The generator runs for nearly 13 hours at half capacity. The ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator delivers clean power from its alternator, which generates less than five percent total harmonic distortion of its sine wave. Clean power means the ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator is a safe power source for all your delicate electronic equipment. All outlets have circuit-breaker protection. The outlets included are a 120 V 20 Amp ground-fault interrupt duplex outlet, a 120 V 30 Amp L14-30R twist-lock outlet and a 120 V 30 Amp L5-30R twist-lock outlet. The 4,000-Watt power surge should be enough to keep some of your necessary appliances running until utility power is restored. Best of all, this little generator is California CARB-compliant, meaning its emissions standards meet the stringent requirements of the state of California.

ETQ TG32P31CA Customer Reviews

Satisfied users posted their comments about this ETQ gas-powered generator at Amazon.com. One user wrote,

“This generator works great! I ordered it during the power outages following the October 30th snowstorm in New England, as my house was without power for about a week. It required minimal assembly – installation of the wheels and rubber pads – and required oil prior to use. It started on the first pull, and seemed to run for about 3 hours on one gallon of gas at half-load – consistent with expectations. It weighs about 90 pounds, and was easy to lift onto my deck. I ran it over a period of about four days but did not hook up sensitive electronics, so I can’t comment on the cleanliness of the power. Nevertheless, it ran a 1500W space heater, a few lights, and an electric skillet with ease.”

Another user wrote,

“It started on the first pull. After setting the choke to ‘open’ position, it ran smooth with little vibration. The noise is very minimal and no smoke coming out of the muffler. It has a lot of power for a small unit and is easy to move with included wheels.”

The generator has a few drawbacks. It doesn’t provide enough power for an entire house. ETQ says this one generator will power lights, a fan, a DVD player, a television and recharge a cellular phone simultaneously. The generator will power these items individually: a computer, a stereo system, a washing machine, a garage door opener, a dryer, a microwave oven, an iron or a refrigerator. Some folks might prefer more outlets or different outlet configurations. It doesn’t have a battery-charging outlet.

Don’t let weather affect your life, your home or your plans. Buy an ETQ TG32P31CA gas-powered generator today and rest assured, knowing you bought a great generator for your needs.

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