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ETQ TG1200 Portable Generator Review 2018

The TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator is a gasoline powered portable generator that produces 1,000w of continuous power and 1,200 maximum watts.

This quiet portable generator purrs at about 65db, which is acceptable in RV parks and campsites.

It has a 1 gallon fuel tank that delivers enough power to run for 8 hours of continuous use with a 50% load and 5.5 hours on at 50% load.

Portable Generator Problems

The problem with most portable generators is that you can’t effectively power delicate electronics without some sort of distortion or damage referred to as THD or total harmonic distortion. The TG1200 ETQ Generator solves this problem by minimizing the THD to less than 6%. Anything above 6% can eventually harm electronics. So,if you plan on using your laptop or any other sensitive device, you can be assured that the power you’re receiving through the ETQ Portable Generator is clean and won’t harm your electronics.

Another issue with most other portable generators is that they can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a quiet generator. This is because most quiet portable generators are inverter generators. The TG1200 ETQ Generator is the least expensive generator in its class, depending on where you make your purchase. At the time of this post, the the lowest prices were found at

TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator Features and Specifications

  • 2.2-horsepower, two-cycle engine
  • Quiet – Less than 65 decibels
  • Shipping Weight – 47lbs
  • 1000 watts / 1200 max
  • 1 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • One year warranty
  • Total Harmonic Distortion < 6%

The TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator Reviews

Most of those who actually purchased and used the TG1200 ETQ Generator gave it positive reviews. The majority of the positive reviews referred its low price. Many were surprised that a quiet portable generator could cost so little. Another positive feature was the noise level. One person said that his TG1200 generator is much quieter than his 1800 four stroke was yet he’s able to perform the same function. One reviewer, who is a retired maintenance tech of 65 years, said that the TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator is a product that he “believes in”.

There were only a few negative reviews. One reviewer referred to the TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator as being made with cheap parts and is “a bit wobbly”. Even though he mentioned the cheap construction, his overall review was positive saying that it was still performing well after a year of operation. Also, the TG1200 is not Carb Compliant and not for sale in California.

One more thing to consider is that if you need a DC Adapter / Plug, the newer TG1200 ETQ Generator models don’t have this feature anymore.

Final Thought

If you’re looking for a low cost, low noise, portable generator, the TG1200 ETQ Portable Generator is a good choice. Even though it was built with cheaper materials, most reviewers said that it stood the test of time and performed well. If, on the other hand, you want a generator that’s more stable and built to last “forever”, the Yamaha is the better choice.

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