Essential Maintenance Tips for Inground Pools 

 April 5, 2022

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When you’re in the market to buy an inground pool, it’s easy to get caught up with all of the features and benefits that are available. However, a lot can go wrong during these years of carefree use. In order for your property value not deteriorate as quickly as others around you, maintain your pool properly by following these basic guidelines every season.

The “weekly pool maintenance checklist” is a helpful guide that provides essential maintenance tips for an in-ground pool. It includes things like how to clean the filter and make sure there are no leaks.

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Installing a pool in your house is a significant achievement. Pools are fantastic, particularly if you live in the south when summer temperatures may reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

However, as we all know… Pools need to be maintained. To assist you in maintaining your pool, we’ve compiled a list of vital inground pool care guidelines.

Three Points to Keep in Mind When Maintaining an Inground Pool

There are three things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining an inground pool:

  1. Chemicals for Chemical Balancing
  2. Cleaning the Pool Automatically
  3. Covering your swimming pool

Chemicals for Chemical Balancing

The only method to maintain the water clean is to balance the chemicals in the water, which is one of the most important pool maintenance tasks.

To kill germs, limit algae growth, and keep the water’s blue hue, chemicals like chlorine and minerals like calcium must be kept at safe levels.

The pH level of the pool must also be checked and maintained.

A pool water test kit may be used to determine all of these parameters. These kits aren’t outrageously priced. They’re also simple to operate.

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They function by combining a tiny sample of inground pool water with a particular color.

The color of the water inside the tester will disclose the current chemical levels after the chemical reaction is complete.

Pool chemicals like as chlorine tablets/liquid and pH balancers may be used to boost or reduce these levels.

Cleaning the Pool Automatically

Every inground and semi-inground pool has a pump that circulates water throughout the pool.

The water is drawn through intake ports along the pool’s edge, conveyed to a filter, and then returned to the pool.

Pumps of this kind have a long lifetime and may be put on a timer to run every day. The filter on the pump must be cleaned on a regular basis.

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The most effective filters are cartridge type filters, which can be rinsed out and changed.

Sand and Diatomaceous Earth filters are also available.

A pump filter alone will not keep an inground pool clean.

An automated pool cleaner is required to clear the filth, sand, and leaves that build on the pool bottom. These cleaners use the pool’s pump system for suction and are simple to install.

After entering the water, the cleaner will scoot over the pool floor, walls, and steps, sucking up filth.

They will switch on according to the timer on your pump since they are directly linked to it.

Covering your swimming pool

Inground pools do not need a pool cover throughout the summer. When the leaves fall in the autumn and winter, however, these ponds must be protected.

Pool covers are available for all inground pool designs and are designed to keep debris out of the water when not in use. The act of Covering your swimming pool for the winter is part of a process known as “winterizing.”

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This technique, together with the injection of specific chemicals, assures that the pool will be in manageable form when spring returns.

Solar pool covers are special sorts of coverings that are meant to maintain heat in the pool overnight, lowering heating expenses.

Other coverings automatically retract.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Pool!

Maintaining your inground pool properly all year may do more than simply lengthen your time in the sun. It guarantees that your pool remains in great shape and does not need costly repairs in the future.

It’s never too late to start treating your pool with respect!

The “how to maintain an inground pool” is a useful article that provides essential maintenance tips for inground pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance is required for inground pool?

A: In most cases, it is necessary to perform full-scale renovations on your pool every five years. If you want to maintain a depth of up to eight feet, then once a year should be enough for maintenance

How do I maintain my inground pool myself?

A: The most important part of maintaining your inground pool is to do the necessary weekly maintenance. Check that there are no leaks and make sure its properly draining. When you have a problem, call a professional service company like Pool Brothers

What does the maintenance of pool water require?

A: The maintenance of pool water requires the use of chlorine. This can be achieved by adding a certain amount (usually 1 to 2 gallons) into your swimming pools main filter or chlorinator, which will help remove organic impurities and maintain the pH balance in your water

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