DuroMax XP5500E Review 

 October 25, 2020

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DuroMax XP5500E 5,500-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

Specializing to produce a top-of-the-line item is a good idea. The generators of DuroMax are in fact specific and arrive as mobile devices exclusively. The fact that they have some of the only “hybrid” models is where the company has actually created a unique offering.

DuroMax has developed an extensive range of particular and creative models, unlike many other manufacturers of mobile generators. Consider the designs below:

  • XP4400EH – this is their “dual fuel” model, it makes use of liquid propane or gas to operate. It comes with a wheel kit and an electric start, providing a roughly 4400 watts of power.
  • XP4000S – Air-cooled OHV petrol motor is their 4k wattage scheme.
  • XP10000E-P4 – This is their 10k watt electrical beginning and heavy duty wheel installation scheme.

This list shows only a slim sampling of the different solutions that this company can provide. What makes them all so attractive is that the high-quality DuroMax characteristics are all intended for them.

These include their heavy duty steel sturdy frames and amazing mounting schemes. Four fully independent engine mounts offering vibration dampening and sound reduction characteristics are available on all units. The units rely on the DuroMax OHV engines and can be triggered by the electronic starters or through a quick pull, easy start recoil.

We also enjoy the attempts of the company to significantly decrease the quantity of noise from their mobile generators. The generators of DuroMax tended to maintain stuff below the required 70 decibel stage across the board, with even their biggest units producing 72 decibels or less in complete operation.

It also comes with a low oil protection system, which will turn on a warning light at the first sight of problems, and if the situation remains unsolved it will shut down the unit. The protection also extends to their AVR system, this is a sophisticated voltage control system that guarantees the most even power flow.

These units also count with features such as a super-functional energy panel with normal outlets and stronger “twist and lock” outlets. This makes them workable for the requirements of households and RVs and guarantees the system can be a truly mobile source of power. This is ensured by using the “Power Boos Amp Doubling Switch,” which is exclusive to generators from DuroMax. This switch enables the user to mix the 120 volt circuits in one socket with the switch twist, this way they can make a use of the power tools and the RV requirements without having to worry about overloading the generator circuitry.

Lastly, some generators have heavy duty wheels integrated, and the ones without any wheels there are wheel kits available. All of these, feature the “never-flat” wheels, which are not rigid and solid tires, but models that are really impressive and high-tech also giving the user an optimal functionality.

We also significantly valued the hybrid models now offered by DuroMax. Allowing a maximum fuel efficiency, and a better functionality machine. By using liquid propane, the life of the generator will be extended, and will avoid the typical “rubbing” in most gas and diesel lines. The change between fuels is made by obtaining the suitable source for the flexible fuel line. This approaches as a plug-and-play to eco-friendly generators, and it’s a feature we look forward to see on many other producers.

There is no much to say on the negative aspects of the DuroMax units. They all operate at a capability of 50% for long periods of moment, counting with the hybrid units that provide great results (on average about 20 hours of propane compared to 8 hours of gas).

If you want an affordable, reliable, and flexible electrical solution, the DuroMax line of generators is a good call. They can be found with features suited to the workshop, field work, or outdoors, but are also available in sizes great for household emergency use. They are well-designed with excellent control panels and smart features, and are an easy to use choice for those without any previous experience in using generators of any kind.

For those looking for an affordable, trusting, and adaptable electrical solution, the DuroMax Generators are a great option. Having units that are featured to the workshop, to be used outdoors, for the field work, and for household emergency use, with good size fot it. The design is excellently done, with smart control panels and features, and are a great choice for the first timers, because of its easy-to-use feature, you won’t need to have any previous experience in using generator of any type.


  • Nice size for the trailer.
  • Durable and power engine.
  • All metal construction.
  • Smooth operation.


  • There are no valves in the wheels for adding air.

DuroMax XP5500E is a variant smaller than the Champion 6250-Watt. It produces 5500 watts beginning and 4500 watts operating. Although, it might not look as powerful as the other models, but it can surely save you from a huge blackout.

The DuroMax is suitable for a strong engine. The 7.5 HP 4-cycle air-cooled spark-ignition 225 cc DuroMax engine creates sufficient mechanical energy to transform petrol into clean electricity. This also allows the generator to power high-drain appliances such as a fridges, air conditioner or several power tools.

This model from DuroMax features MX2 Technology, it gets maximum electricity from the 120V receptacles. And, additionally, you can change between 120V and 240V, making this generator compatible with RV’s.

The easy-to-operate energy panel and poor oil shut-off security are another feature we can consider as a highlight, it makes operation and maintenance easy to handle.

A negative aspect of this generator? The wheels have no air valves, if you ever get to see them flat there is no chance you could possibly add more air to it.

The strong series generator DuroMax XP5500E is intended to provide 5,500 watts of energy as a strong user-friendly generator. It is perfect when it comes to running household appliances, and even better it can provide the energy on the jobsite. The DuroMax XP5500E will deliver power whenever you need it the most.


DuroMax 5,500 Watt Mighty Series Generators are the most powerful generators of its class. With a tiny footprint of 5,500 maximum watts accessible, this generator can be used for anything anywhere. Similar units cost twice as much and weigh twice as much.


  • Durable DuroMax 7.5 HP, air cooled with low oil shutoff.
  • Electric Key Start when you need it to start easily.
  • Heavy duty steel frame with 1-inch steel tube.
  • Generator rests on the frame for clean operation with four-point separate engine mounts.
  • Flexible row enables tanks of any size to be connected.
  • Full energy panel with engine shutdown, volt meter, energy supplies and circuit breaker.
  • Wheel kit with a front handle for easy transporting.
  • Low oil shut-off to protect engine.
  • Super quiet muffler that reduces engine noise.
  • Idle control holds RPM for fuel savings and noise reduction at a constant level even under heavy loads.
  • Full EPA and CARB Compliance allows the operation in all 50 States.

This generator provides simple, trusting starting with either the keyed electrical start, or E-Z recoil pull start. This unit is sturdy enough for construction sites, additionally as simple enough to move for tailgating or encampment. The 5,500 watts of power offers you adequate power to run lights, tv, icebox, or the other necessary things throughout a power outage. Packing a powerful 5500 peak watts into a transportable unit was no simple task. DuroMax units are designed and totally tested at the headquarters in Ontario, California.

It’s a safe and reliable operation for any user. The XP5500E features a user-friendly electric start, just like starting a car, so it’s been designed for a safe and easy operation. Also, comes equipped with a recoil start, in case of running out of battery. Also, solid-fill tires are a feature, they will never ride flat, and strong leverage handles makes transportation a lot more simple across any land. The oversized noise reduction Muffler attached has a built-in Spark Arrestor for a safer use in mandated camping areas and workplaces.

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