DuroMax XP2000EH Review 

 October 25, 2020

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DuroMax XP2000EH SideKick Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – Best Small Propane Generator

If you look for a small propane-powered generator that you can easily take to your camping trips, you might want to consider the DuroMax XP2000EH SideKick Dual Fuel Inverter Generator. This generator produces 2,000 starting watts and 1,600 running watts. This is the most flexible propane generator accessible with the embedded grip and lightweight maneuverability of just 47 pounds, this is the most flexible generator of propane accessible.

The SideKick has the capacity of maintaining the lamps on during an emergency, powering a food cart, or operating a TV, and a few household appliances. It also provides enough power to operate many of your power tools such as a portable table saw, electric chain saw, shop vac, and more.

Designed for safe and easy operation, the XP2000EH is considers as a user-friendly unit, with a Recoil Start and a high leverage handles, that makes it easy and quick to move. Turning on this small gas generator, is quite simple to do, due to the redesigned responsive pull start that decompresses before every start.

The built-in parallel ports allow for easy daisy-chaining of 2 generators to be used in tandem to produce 4,000W of power. As the Honda EU2000i inverter generator, the XP2000EH has a 12V, 8amp outlet that lets you to charge your 12V deep cycle batteries tranquilly without using a specific battery charger.

The DuroMax XP2000EH Side Kick, is able to last 24 hours on a 20lb tank at 50% load (800W). We consider it’s the proper companion for camping, charging deep cycle batteries, or using it on the workplace. With 3-year Residential Limited Factory Warranty, this is the best option of a small generator we’ve found.

Also considered as a Highly Versatile Generator due to its dual-fuel capabilities (propane and gas). I’m pretty sure you won’t find many 2000W dual-fuel inverter generators on the market. And DuroMax has engineered a great model to cater to consumers who give the right value to the flexibility of being able to use gas or propane in a compact design.


  • 2000 Watt Peak Output, 1600 Watts running (rated).
  • Inverter technology that provides clean and stable power for sensitive electronics.
  • It’s lightweight, 40% lighter than similar models, and it’s easy to transport.
  • Parallel capability makes daisy-chaining easy to get the maximum power of 2 Side Kick Generators.
  • Run Time Gasoline goes up to 8 hours on a single tank of gas at 50% load.
  • Run Time Propane goes up to 20 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank at 50% load.
  • Smart Throttle, to minimize energy usage, it controls idle velocity.
  • Quiet, it’s great for camping, tailgating, home and recreational use.
  • Clean running propane will not gum up or damage the carburetor.
  • Unlike gasoline, it is possible to store liquid propane for years.
  • Designed to run on gasoline or propane for maximum convenience.
  • (2) 120 Volt Household Outlets.
  • EPA and CARB Approved.

Parallel sockets allow two devices for extra production to be hooked together. (System sold separately).


The DuroMax XP2000EH is, for all intents and functions, precisely the same generator as the XP2000iS. The sole distinction with this model is that it’s a hybrid generator. Several of you’ll know this as a dual fuel generator. It will use either gas or fuel as a fuel supply.  Therefore aside from the flexibility to run on fuel, all specs and options are identical. I won’t bore you with the common details, you’ll be able to check this in the review of the DuroMax XP2000iS above.

The only additional specification that’s relevant, is the consumption and performance when using propane. Runtime on a 20 LBS propane tank is given as 20-hours at 50% load. Propane does not have energy yield specs, but this is generally about 10% smaller than when operating on gas. So you can expect a peak power output of ±1800W and around 1440 watts of constant running power when using propane.

But why would you choose a dual fuel generator?

Even though you’re paying more just for the propane connection, many users believe it is worth the extra cost. Due to propane being considered one of the cleanest burning fuels, meaning a better treat for the environment. Counts with a lower carbon emission levels. Although the use of propane has an amount of extra advantages that will influence your regular use of the generator.

A major plus factor in its storage and transportation is the use of propane. When placed in a tank, propane ends up being compressed into a gas condition. This means you can store and transport a greater amount of fuel in a smaller container. To see how much more practical this is, 20 hours on propane vs 8 hours on gas is an important distinction, you just need to look at the runtime you get from 20 LBS of propane opposed to 1.3 gallons of gas.

Ideal for any occasion that requires off-grid power

The fact that no fumes are released by a propane tank, makes use and storage easier and more pleasant. Gas fumes can present a fire danger and an uncomfortable smell. Unlike gas, it is possible to store propane forever. The example I provided of fuel degradation in the conclusion when reviewing the DuroMax XP2000iS won’t happen with propane. When using propane, you don’t need to operate the carburetor dry. You can store your propane tanks without any issue for months as well.

Fuel availability is another reason why some users prefer a hybrid generator. You can use whatever fuel is available more readily and one may be cheaper than the other in some cases. The point about accessibility in moments of natural disaster is particularly important. Whether it’s due to a hurricane or the highways are shut during a snow storm, gas storage trucks may not be able to reach the gas stations. Gas can be in short supply during these times. Especially when you think that, before the pumps run dry, many individuals hurry to the petrol store to fill their vehicles and store urgent materials. This is when the capacity to use propane could be a lives saver, which could well be in demand.

When gas is scarce you can still use propane

The use of propane decreases your maintenance costs because of its smooth burning elements. In your carburetor and on your spark plugs, you don’t have the carbon buildup and petrol waste collection as you do with petrol.

So there’s a long list of advantages to justify propane’s popularity and there’s a growing trend in favor of hybrid generators.

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