DuroMax XP12000E Review 

 October 25, 2020

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DuroMax XP12000E Generator Review

No only perfect for blackouts, a potent generator can also power your RV, your truck and even your working place.

Applications are various and varied due to the multiple functions a generator provides.

In this review, we’re giving a try to the DuroMax XP12000E 12,000w portable fuel electric start generator.

This model provides a lot of energy to supply as the standby source for the house in the compact design of this more or less portable device.

Features and Operability

Though its layout and amount of buttons can make the XP12000E appear hard to use, starting and operating this machine is quite simple since it has an electric start.

Just switch the energy selector to the amount of power you require and turn on the motor with the switch key.

This is ideal for people with disabilities or lacking enough strength to pull a recoil cord to start a generator manually.

At one side of the machine you will find the controls and the instructions to start the engine. The instruction by themselves make the user feel more confident.

Control panel

On the panel you will find several switches, buttons, breakers and plugs that allow you to take absolute control on all of the functions at ease and conveniently.

We talked already about the energy selector and the start switch. What comes next is the two indicator lights placed nearby the start switch.

The first of the two, the oil light, shines when the oil level is too low in order to keep the motor from getting dry which might damage the engine severely.

The second light, the charging light, indicates when the start battery is loading.

The idle switch is located to the right of these lights. The idle mode is meant to run the machine consuming less fuel, when you’re using it for a long time.

Safety Features

Under and to the right of the idle switch there is a row of circuit breakers that prove that this model has safety as a priority. The function of this is to reset breakers.

You will find a voltmeter on the top of the machine that ensures that the voltage is delivered.


In the end the most important components are the outputs placed on the control panel. This model has one AC 120-volt 30-ampere outlet, two AC 120-volt 20-ampere GFCI outlets, one AC 120/140-volt 30-ampere outlet and one AC 120/140-volt 50-ampere outlet. This proves the dynamic applicability the XP12000E was made for.

How quiet is it?

For a machine this size, the noise level is not that intolerable. First, we must settle how loud is too loud for a generator. Generators are graded in decibels and tested at a distant of 23 feet. Most devices work at a rate of 70 to 80 decibels, more or less like a vacuum cleaner. Impressively, this model barely rates 72 decibels, which is fairly quiet for a machine this big.

Fuel Efficiency and Capacity

  • Average amperage: 79.2/39.6 Amps
  • AC outlet surge watts: 12000
  • AC outlet average running watts: 9500
  • Average AC voltage: 120/240 VAC and 12VDC

You can obtain up to 10 hours of running power from this generator at a ½ capacity load on a single full 8,3-gallon tank.

This way you can go to sleep knowing that your generator will keep running your appliances all night long.

With such a wattage power and several varied outputs, applications are virtually unlimited when you need to power your house, campsite or outdoor parties.

Service, Manual and Warranty

DuroMax has a serious and reliable technical service and user service email support that helps customers with any issue or doubts they could experience with their devices.

The generator comes with a 30-day replacement warranty and One-year warranty on all parts to ensure that you will be covered in case of any issue.

The warranty covers all parts without charge, but the customer must pay fright.

Since the manual is available on the website, we recommend you get acquainted with it before you decide to buy the product.

With this you will get all the details of this product to ascertain that this is the one you need.

DuroMax XP12000E Portable Generator VS Other Generators

XP12000E VS Pulsar Products PG10000B16 (10000W Hybrid)

DuroMax XP12000E

  • Double Fuel Capability: NO
  • Weight: 260 Pounds

Pulsar Products PG10000B16

  • Double Fuel Capability: YES
  • Weight: 209 Pounds

When you go shopping for a generator this size, you need to see how it competes with other devices.

Now we will see how does the XP12000E compete with the Pulsar 10,000 Watts generator we already read about.

Energy Rating

This goes definitely to the DuroMax since it’s rated at 12000W. Anyway, the double fuel feature of the Pulsar could redeem it for its power lacking.

Noise Levels

Pulsar doesn’t specify about their product’s noise level. But we read several feedbacks complaining about its loud noise. These feedbacks and the quiet performance of the DuroMax, we must say that the XP12000 wins this match too.


When it comes to power outputs, the result is based on the power needs of the customers. The DuroMax provides an additional AC 120V 30A output while the Pulsar adds two more GFCI outlets.

XP12000E VS Champion 12000W

XP12000E Running Watts: 9,500

Champion 12000W Running Watts: 12,000

Putting the DuroMax on the ring with a generator that produces some more power should knock it out. But yet, the DuroMax has much more to offer.

Energy Rating

As already mentioned, the Champion 12000 produces more running watts than the DuroMax. The “12000” refer to the running watts of the Champion while the XP12000 only produces 9,500 watts while running.

It even produces 15,000 starting watts, making the Champion comfortably win this match.

Noise Level

If it’s a matter of noise, DuroMax is the winner, being a little quieter with its 72 decibels.

The Champion is a bit louder with its 79 decibels.


In terms of power outlets, both DuroMax and Champion have similar features.

Champion outdoes DuroMax adding one more set of 120-volt GFCI plugs.

Online Feedback and Rating

According to the 70 user feedbacks we found on Amazon at the moment we wrote this review, the XP12000 seems to be on a medium level in terms of popularity.

But we must keep in mind that most users buy small portable generators instead of big ones like this.

Almost ¾ of the feedbacks online rate the DuroMax with 4 out of 5 stars. Only a 17% of all ratings gives it a 1 out of 5 stars rating.

Possible Problems, Common issues

Reading the most negative comments looking for common problems, we found two issues repetedly mentioned about this model: customer attention and low quality.

Several users say that the machine arrived in bad state and stopped running after a while.

There are many feedbacks saying the same and we hope DuroMax solves this issue soon.

Among these feedbacks we found some complaints about customer attention.

I never had the chance to treat the personnel, but many people say it is a problem to try to contact them.

My personal opinion: Is it a good purchase?

After reading this review, I would say that I would choose this model to use in cases where I require an important amount of energy and mobility, like in a working place or to power a truck.

The consistent number of outlets, powerful wattage and reasonable price tag make this generator a worthy option for many energy needs.

12,000 starting watts are enough to power a lot of appliances you have at home simultaneously during an outage (you can calculate your power need with my calculator).

While with small portable models or models with less dynamic outlets you are forced to power just some appliances at a time.

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