DuroMax XP10000E Review 

 October 25, 2020

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Ideal to power your personal working place, the DuroMax 10000E has an air-cooled 16 HP OHV motor with a capacity of 8,000 running watts and a maximum power of 10,000w. This portable model runs on fuel and incorporates an electric start while keeps the pulling start option. Its layout is accepted by the EPA and reduces gas emission. This, along with the spark arrestor, makes this generator super quiet and suitable for using in national parks.

The main panel offers a number of 5 outlets. Two 120V, 20AMP plugs, a single 30AMP 120/240V, 12V DC plug, one twist lock 30AMP plug and 50AMP heavy-duty outlet. It offers the options to run at full 120V or 120 out of 140V due to the Voltage Regulator feature. A voltmeter indicates when the machine is overloading or if there’s any voltage issue. It has batteries to charge the electric start, and when it’s not completely charged you still have the pulling cord to start the engine.

Providing up to 10 hours of runtime on 8,3-gallon gas tank at ½ load, quiet running and autonomous voltage modulation, circuit breakers, and outlet options, the XP10000E is a full package of power for your job or recreation.

DuroMax XP10000E Characteristics

Most portable generators sacrifice build and quality to maintain power. With a narrow size and cost margin, many brands usually cut corners on the engine and materials that compose the build. Unlike them, the XP10000E prioritizes performance, clear loading power, reliable running and a robust working case.

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap, and it will light throughout your home, run one or two air conditioners and still have some power left to recharge your batteries. I used it to power all appliances that came to my hands and still fell short trying to turn the voltmeter to the red side. It even ran my 30,000TBU air conditioner without uttering any groan, while all other generators I tried to use for it whined while doing the job. Two continuous running hours and no significant movement in the needle of the voltmeter. I must say the reach of power and long runtime of the XP10000E surprised me.

Having such a power, you could thing this is an enormous, heavy and loud machine. Ok, it could be considered enormous for a portable generator, and it’s kind of heavy, but it’s by no means loud. Actually, it’s not louder than a mower. So you can take it out with you on camping and have no issue with your neighbors complaining about the noise. The only negative feature I found is that the battery tends to die quickly. From time to time, it only charges halfway. Luckily, we still have the pulling cord to start the DuroMax, and it’s certainly quite sensitive.


  • 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts, electric start and oil shutdown system, 16HP huge motor, durable layout and build. Recoil start usually works at the first pull. Well manufactured and robust.


  • Arrives with dead battery, heavy and big structure.


  • Can run for 10 hours at ½ load on a full 8,3-gallon tank.
  • ​10,000 starting wattage and 8,000 running wattage.
  • ​Comes with both recoil pull starter cord and battery powered electric start.
  • ​Automatic low oil shutdown, 5 outlets and a voltmeter with circuit breaker in case of energy surge and overloading.
  • ​Covered by a One-year Warranty.

Engine location and Outlets

This model is equipped with a 420cc 16 horsepower OHV motor that provides 8,000 watts while running and 10,000 starting watts. It not only generates plenty of energy, but it’s also a resistent and strong machine with a cylinder sleeve made of iron and bearings made of steel for a longer lifespan.

Such a powerful generator can support most of the high-energy consumption artifacts of your house. Some people even state that they can power their whole house with this generator. But keep in mind that results may vary significantly depending of the different type and size of appliances you will run with it. To have a more accurate estimate of your power needs, use our Generator Sizing Calculator. In an important circumstance, you will prefer to use a manual transfer switch to operate every feature this model offers.

Runtime and Fuel Type

The DuroMax XP10000E has an average runtime of 10 hours on a full 8,3-gallon tank of common unleaded fuel. It run for a non-negligible period of time, a few hours longer than many others, and one of the main reasons is its consumption efficiency which is amazing for a generator of this size.

Starting Mode

It comes with an electric start, and a 12-volt battery to use it. With this, you can leave behind the need to start this beast manually.

Panel Outlets

This model has a great power panel with:

  • Two 120-volt, 20-ampere, 3-prong
  • One 120-volt, 30-amp twist-lock
  • One 120/240-volt, 30-ampere twist-lock
  • One 120/240-volt, 50-ampere heavy-duty
  • One 12-volt, 10-ampere utility

Noise Levels

Only rating about 72 decibels, the XP10000E is less loud than most conventional devices with such a large wattage. Actually, this decibel rating is more usual in generators with a wattage of about 4000 to 6000. One of the reasons of this low noise generation is the advanced noise-deadening muffler this machine comes with.

Size and Portability

Even if it’s very quiet for a generator of its size, it’s still a really big machine, having dimensions of 40” long x 29” wide x 40” deep. It is also definitely heavy. It weighs 265 pounds! Lucky for us all, it has a sturdy wheel kit with good tires.


It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is disappointing but not strange, since it has such an affordable price for such a powerful performance.

Conventional generators are hard to defeat when it comes to wattage capacities. Since they provide plenty of power for a really affordable price, they are the best choice to supply economical backup energy. And one of those in the over 7000-watt range currently is the DuroMax XP10000E portable generator with its 8,000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts. Stay with us reading our comprehensive review to find out more about this all-terrain machine and our experience with it.

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