Champion Power Equipment 41537 Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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    • 7500 Watts rated, 9375 watts maximum output, outlets: 2- 120 volt duplex outlets, 1 - 120/240 volt twist lock L14-30 outlet.
    • Powered by champion 439cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve, electric start with battery
    • Runs for 8 hours on full tank of gas at 50 percent load, engine oil included..

Are Champion Power Equipment 41537 generators the best fit for you? Read on as we further explore the product’s features and specs and help you decide if whether or not it is best to invest on the particular product. In need of power generators that you can carry with you during outdoor recreational activities with your family, such as RVs, camping, and cabins? Or power generators that can easily comply with fundamental operations and applications on an industrial job site? If so, then Champion’s Power Equipment Portable Generator is an ideal option that is likely to be opened and taken into consideration. However, for the thrifty and strict buyer, you may be asking yourself why the product is worth investing on and why it should accompany you on your travels and not the other thousand of generator brands that are on the market.

Champion Power Equipment 41537 Pros & Cons

For starters, Champion Power Equipment 41537 Portable Generators are designed with a highly competitive 9,375 watts maximum output power that easily exceeds competing generator brands. It is compatible in both 120v and 240v for optimal flexibility for interchanging power outlets that are available on different job sites or remote areas that you plan on using the power generator for. The power generator’s tank can load up to 5.9 gallons of gas that can definitely supply longer duration of power requirements. You won’t have to worry about easily losing gas while on the job site or on your camping trip. Another notable and alluring feature that the product brings is the powerful Champion 439cc OHV engine made with cast iron sleeve, which boasts superb engine durability and longer lifespan.

The product also sports a convenient Electric Start button with batteries that enable you to start and restart the generator easily for faster and more efficient use without any hassles. The product is tested to run for up to 11 hours on a full tank of gas with a 50% load and engine oil included. Another great feature of the Champion Power Equipment 41537 Generator is its CARB Compliance. CARB, or California Air Resources Board, compliance details that the generator is operating with clean and efficient systems and is not impacting the environment with air pollution. This being said, not only is the generator powerful and competent on various tasks and operations but is also eco-friendly. The product also boasts a Low Oil Sensor and Intelligauge feature, which houses and displays the volts, hertz and operating hours of the generator. Lastly, the customer support services of Champion Power Equipment 41537 power generators are also surprisingly helpful and is provided toll free.

A slight disadvantage with the Champion Power Equipment 41537 power generator is that it is somewhat larger and more heavy than an average portable power generator could be packaged in. It weighs around 231 pounds and is almost 28 inches in length. These product dimensions may make it harder to store or transport the product with you on outdoor travels. Also, some users have found the product to be a bit noisy when operating due to the dynamic combination of a 15 horsepower engine running at max speeds of 3,600RPM, which definitely create the recipe for noise. The manual that it comes in can also be designed with a more thorough or detailed overview to guide owners proficiently.

Customer Reviews

According to various reviews on the internet regarding the product, the Champion Power Equipment 41537 power generator comes as promised from the packaging to the un-boxing part. Previous consumers have found the product to be very inexpensive as opposed to other brands of generators. They also regarded about the product’s ease of assembly which can take about 15 to 20 minutes only. The unit was easy to unpack from the packaging and easily attaches the wheels to get it ready to operate. With various testing procedures done by clients, they’ve tested the product on several demanding power tools and have easily stepped up to the plate at each test.


Overall, buying the product for both residential and business-related use is highly beneficial as far as cost, performance and ease of use matters. It seems that all the pros of the product easily outweighs that of its cons. Purchase your Champion Power Equipment 41537 power generator now and start using it on various projects and applications you may have.

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