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 October 25, 2020

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A lasting and strong item of machinery is the Champion 3800 Generator from Champion Power Equipment. It is ideal for both recreational and emergency use. The Champion 3800 is ideal when the energy runs out for those high-demand devices. It also operates fantastically when on campground you need an additional outlet. This generator has the capability to run off both gas and propane, depending on your need or preference.

With this dual fuel alternative, you can be comfortable knowing that you can store propane just in case you run out of gasoline and need to power your generator. The best part about this function is that the 3800 is willing to operate either petrol out of the cabinet straight without any extra attachments. A leader in energy generation machinery, Champion Power Equipment is renowned for generating quality, flexible and strong equipment. The Champion 3800 is an incredible choice if you’re searching for a reliably strong generator.

Operating Specs of the Champion 3800 Generator

The Champion 3800 Generator is a dual oil engine running on gas or propane. It boasts a 4-stroke, 224cc, single cylinder OHV engine that is an electric push-to-start. It comes fitted with a 3.4 gal fuel tank that gives you a complete operating time of 9 hours. On a 20 pound propane tank, however, it can grow up to 10.5 hours.

The generator has a patented fuel selector button which enables you to change between gas and propane rapidly and securely. Champion Power Equipment also guarantees that the 3800 will generate 69 decibels at a distance of 23 feet.

The strong 3800 offers a maximum load of 4275 watts and constant energy of 3420 watts. You operate small emissions and burn cleanly when you choose to use propane. The gas option produces 3800 running watts and 4750 starting watts. The device normal Intelligauge (volts, Hz, hours) enables you to readily monitor energy production and track service periods.


The push-to-start button operates off a battery than an inner battery charger that effectively charges during the running of the generator. With an impressively strong 30A RV outlet, the 3800 goes standard. There is also a typical triple socket of 20 amps and a single twist lock of 30 amps. Both the 20 amp units and the 30 amp outlets come with their own circuit breakers to protect your attached device.

There is also a distinct fuse on the push-to-start battery and test screen, providing an even higher safety rating. The 3800 includes the Volt Guard Champion Power Equipment, which is an integrated surge protector that prevents about the safety limit from peaks in voltage. It also comes with Cold Start technology, which optimizes the generator in cold weather to make it easy to start.

Another excellent characteristic on the Champion 3800 is mobility comfort thanks to the unit’s wheel and axel scheme. This makes it easily accessible to bring you anywhere – ideal for carrying around the home or on your next journey in your RV. For simple transportation, the generator comes with a robust steel frame, folding handle, and non-flat wheels.

The Champion 3800 also comes with a three year limited warranty and is a 50-state, CARB compliant machine. Free-life technical support also comes with the three-year restricted warranty. Additional information can be found in the instruction manual.

Pros of the Champion 3800

Dual Fuel System: We think the Champion 3800’s biggest advantage is its dual gas and propane fuel capacity. It provides you flexibility in your selection of petrol and provides you a strong backup option in the event that one of your gas supplies runs out.

Electric push-start: The push-to-start button scheme is an excellent function to get your generator moving in a rush quickly and easily. If you just use this for personal use, you’re not going to need this luxury as much, but it’s going to create procedure easy. This is a fantastic feature, especially in times when your generator is your only source of power. No one intends to fumble around in an urgent moment with a manual start system.

Power: The 244cc dual engine provides you a maximum constant energy load of 4275 watts and 3420 watts. For any of your generator demands, this is plenty of energy. The tank of 3.4 gallons offers up to 9 hours of operating moment, which can be expanded up to 10.5 hours if you choose to use a tank of 20 lbs.

Outlet options: The Champion 3800 comes not only with the anticipated 20 amp three-prong socket and single 30 amp twist lock socket, but also with a 30 amp RV socket as normal. Not all generators have this choice that certainly distinguishes the 3800.

Portable: Having the gears and folding arm enables for easy maneuvering and transportation of this generator. This is fantastic for any occasion, making it so much simpler to set up and put it back.

Cons of the Champion 3800

Can be a bit heavy: This isn’t a problem for everybody, but it’s enough to notice it. This is a robust generator and can be heavy. We think, however, that its portability with the connected wheels counteracts this.

Loud operation: Again, this isn’t a problem for everybody, but we believe it’s worth noting that the 3800 can run a bit noisy during procedure. You run the danger of noisy procedure as with any energy engine device, but the 3800 is certainly not silent.

Final Thoughts

  • The Champion 3800 in its entirety is a notable machine. The bright characteristic is certainly the dual fuel engine that allows either gas or propane to operate the machine on customers. It generates sufficient energy to run any device and is excellent for recreational use as well as safe for urgent occasions.
  • The 3800 comes standard with a 30 amp RV socket not available on all generators, as well as two 3-prong units of 20 amps and a 30 amp twist lock socket. If you are searching for a strong and safe device that also provides versatility, we suggest the Champion 3800.
  • Gas or Propane operates on this workhorse. No complex start-up is available. You bring it out of the cabinet, fuel it, and it’s prepared to deliver much-needed energy to you.
  • This model offers 4750 starting watts, 3800 operating watts, up to 9 hours operating time on a complete gas tank and 10.5 hours on a 20 lb tank. Propane tank. (Propane Hose included)
  • A reliable 224 cc Champion engine with Touch Start, push-button electric start (including batteries) power the generator. When the engine runs, the battery self-charges.
  • Outlets supported are 120V 30A RV, 120V 30A locking, two 120V 20A household outlets.
  • Volt Guard secures all stores, protecting your devices against energy surges.
  • Champion has a generous 3-year warranty with FREE technical support throughout his life.
  • It provides an excellent complement to your RV as well as an affordable and comfortable alternative for energy outages or other emergencies.


  • Easy to start and operate
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Provides a great power output
  • Adequate to run delicate gadgets
  • Not noisy


  • High capability for energy usage

Let’s begin by looking at the source of all that energy. The dual fuel generator of the Champion Power Equipment 3800 Watt is driven by a dual power (hybrid) motor of 224cc. Using a hybrid engine has the benefit of being able to operate on gas (like any other generator) or LPG (propane). This is excellent news for consumers who are environmentally aware. The advantages of using propane go beyond its small emission characteristics of smooth burning. Propane can be stored and transported simpler and safer. It is also more flexible, stored in a compressed shape. Compared to conventional gas stored in the same size container, you will go much further on a propane tank.

This strong and flexible engine offers you with 3800 watts of constant operating energy and 4750 watts maximum load (startup), these specs are for when using gas. You’ll get mildly less energy if you’re using propane – 3420W constant energy and 4275W maximum load. With either source of fuel, you will have the power you need during an emergency for just about any RV and a good percentage of your household electrical needs. It will also be found by contractors and landowners that it will provide sufficient energy for a variety of instruments and can operate most water turbines.

An electric starter, particularly in cold climates, will also create your lives much easier. Starting the mighty beast with a recoil starter could be hassle for some, so this inclusion will come as great news to you. Depending on your power consumption, your operating period on a petrol reservoir (3.4 gallons) should be around 6-9 hours (50 percent -75 percent load). You can stretch this to 10 hours when you use a 20LB propane tank.

The 3800W dual fuel portable generator of the Champion Power Equipment is intended with the RV consumer in mind. A 120V 30A RV power outlet, a 30A charging station and two normal 120V home appliances are available for this purpose. All power outlets are shielded by circuit breakers and the integrated VoltGaurd will safeguard your electrical equipment against surges in voltage. This operates much like an internal voltage controller (AVR). It also has a voltage, operating hours and frequency digital display. Safety characteristics include a low-oil shutdown sensor and a spark arrester authorized by the USDA. The engine is accredited both by EPA and CARB and in 50 countries complies with emission regulations.

Noise is one of those stuff that makes generators in campsites very unpopular and because of this they are even prohibited in some campsites. Good news for campers and suburban home customers, the dual diesel generator Champion Power Equipment is extremely silent for this size generator – sound concentrations measuring 68dBA from 23 Feet away. It’s not much more than a normal tone of conversation. Maybe not as quiet as generators specifically intended for silent operation, but in this category and cost spectrum still very nice for a computer.

The 3800W battery of Champion Power Equipment is not a lightweight machine at 122 LBS. However, if you think it has a solid steel frame and a big strong motor, this weight is quite sensible. Fortunately, a strong wheel kit makes moving around quite simple. A 3-year warranty is proof of this portable generator’s performance. You’re going to be tough pushed to discover a good offer for a dual gas engine of this quality and energy.

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