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 October 25, 2020

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Champion Power Equipment

One of the greatest competitors in the power generation industry is Champion Power Equipment. The firm has various product lines under which various products are marketed with distinct specifications. The company’s product range varies from house standby generators to inverters to electronics and motors. Champion’s products are manufactured in the United States, with the company’s main market being the North American market. Established in 2003, the company has expanded itself from California to other markets like Toronto, Jackson, and Milwaukee.

The client service it provides along with all its goods is another noteworthy thing about Champion Power Equipment. The company offers technical assistance for its goods, including inverter generators, throughout their lives. By offering dual fuel technology, Champion has already produced important inroads while also implementing distant start-ups for inverter generators over 80 feet away. The Bluetooth Generator app from which you can monitor the efficiency of your standby inverter generator is another technology that Champion has. The company’s digital hybrid portable generators are louder and heavier than the traditional inverter generators on the market.

Portable generators from champions are considered to be inexpensive and reliable. Established in 2003, this comparatively fresh entrant works from the American coasts but is based in China’s Zhejiang County with its manufacturing facilities. This is the only reason why secure portable generators can be produced at half the price of Generac and others. Champion Power Equipment, often accused as imitators of good technology and developments in the sector, allows its generators to talk on their own. At half the price, however at the cost of longevity, they offer the same performance and cost-effectiveness as others.

Why Buy a Champion Generator?

Champion portable generators in the sector may be youthful and they are certainly not the most stable of the bunch, but where these generators match every other brand and create is in terms of complete price. The price of acquiring, owning and maintaining a Generac or Briggs & Stratton mobile generator together is just a fraction of what it takes to own and run. If you are after a brief investment of 2 to 3 years and reliable quality, choose this brand.

Generators of Champion Power Equipment are the brand of choice in the mining sector (at least where I am). They’re like the Energizer Bunny from practice and just maintain working… But they are very inexpensive in relation to being reliable and lasting. So much so that it disconcerts me as to how each quarter turns a profit. But they’re doing that.


  • EPA certified.
  • CARB compliant generator, allowing you to use in 50 states.
  • Limited 3-year warranty and free lifelong technical support.
  • With low oil shutoff sensor.
  • Prevents voltage overloads and peaks with integrated surge protector


  • Does not have wheels.
  • Does not come with an electric start.

This Champion Power Equipment 3650-Watt portable generator is intended to provide customers with comfort. It also comes with added privacy security characteristics.

The Champion 100412 generator will provide sufficient energy to your RV air conditioner in 15,000 BTU. The system has a 244cc OHV single cylinder engine for your house, which provides energy during a breakdown.

Using its Intelligauge function, this system can track maintenance periods and energy consumption. It detects hours, frequency and voltage of operation.

It also comes with a Cold Start Technology, so in cold environments there will be no issue powering it up. There is also an embedded surge protector for the Volt Guard that covers and avoids overloads.

It offers a number of stores. You have a 120V 30A socket for RV, 120V 30A socket for charging, and two 120V 20A family devices.

The portable generator 100412 Champion’s noise level is 68 dBA. It contains 0.6 quarts of 10W-30 engine oil, meaning you just need to add gasoline.

Fill the tank with 3.4 gallons of gasoline and experience a 50% charge of about 9 hours of electricity. This system will solve your energy requirements at 3650 working watts during an outage.

A generator is intended to provide urgent energy, and a mobile generator from Champion can provide years of service with adequate care and servicing. However, you may experience issues, especially if there is no periodic maintenance. Because a generator is used in emergency situations, it is vital that it runs properly and that when it doesn’t, you understand what to look for.

Difficult to Start

Portable generators that are difficult to begin can have a filter that is filthy or barred. Check the handbook of your owner for the place of the air filter, typically close the choke at the front of the generator. Remove the filter and use a fresh one to substitute it. A loose spark plug wire may also trigger difficulty beginning or poor running of the generator. Check that the cables of the spark plug are correctly fitted and attempt to reboot the generator. If the issue is not solved, remove the spark plug and check its status. Substitute it with a fresh one if it’s filthy or harmed.

Shuts Down During Operation

If the portable generator of your Champion begins but shuts down during service, first inspect the fuel tank. Check the oil amount if your tank is complete. If it is small, fill the crankcase with petrol and restart the engine. Make sure that the generator is on a plain, level ground if this does not solve the issue. Typically, champion mobile generators do not overheat, but if there is inadequate ventilation or limited water, this may also lead them to shut down after overheating. Clean the filter and transfer the generator to a region that is well ventilated. If the issue is not solved, bring the generator for delivery to a licensed Champion retailer.

Won’t Start at All

If the portable generator of your Champion doesn’t begin, make sure it has enough energy. Over time, fuel degrades, so if your engine wasn’t used in a while, it might have degraded enough to avoid the generator from beginning. By beginning your generator once a week and allowing it to operate for a few minutes, you can avoid degraded gas. Drain and refill the fuel tank with fresh petrol, then attempt restarting the generator. If it does not begin yet, substitute the spark plugs. If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the problem, contact a certified dealer to inspect and repair the generator.

Preventative Maintenance

Check the oil amount every 8 hours or at least once daily when your generator is in service. Clean the air filter and change the oil for every 50 hours of operation, or at least once every season. Clean and adjust the spark plug after every 100 hours of operation, or at least once every season, and replace if necessary. Turn it on at least once every 30 days when your generator is not in use and let it operate for about 20 minutes to make sure it works correctly. Keep the generator’s interior smooth at all moments and store it in a smooth, dry place on a plain, level ground, but never use a garden pipe to wash any portion. If water comes through the cooling pipes into the generator, the inner sections may be damaged. To clear dust and debris, use a wet cloth to wash the generator’s interior and an air compressor with 25 psi of pressure.

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