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 October 25, 2020

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Champion 3500-Watt Generator


  • With wireless remote start for convenience.
  • Semi water-resistant.
  • With never flat-tires and a folding handle.
  • With RV connection.
  • CARB means it is approved in 50 U.S. states.
  • Can run for 12 hours at full tank.
  • 2-year factory warranty.
  • Overload protector.


  • Oil change is a bit difficult due to dipstick position.
  • Quite noisy for some users.

This portable generator is 124 pounds heavy and has a capacity of 3.8 gallon. It comes with non-flat tires and a simple transportation folding grip. In 3500 operating watts and 4000 starting watts, it works. It can boost the device up to 80 feet with its wireless remote start.

If the start-up battery does not operate, the pull-start lever function can be used.

Champion 3500-Watt Generator

The Champion 3500W portable generator can last as long as 12 hours when operating on a complete tank. With 68-decibel production, this model retains a noiseless procedure throughout.

When serious storms strike your region, you can rely on it and the electricity runs out. It can fuel air conditioners, fridges, televisions, taps and lamps.

It arrives with an RV receptacle that straight and quickly links to the engine hole. Moreover, it includes 120V twist lock, 120V duplex outlet, and two more 120V outlets.

It also has a gage indicator and small oil sensor for simple check on the working time, Hertz, and voltage. This design can also resist fog without electrical breakdown.

Why should you use the Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator?

There are many good reasons why it’s great to use the Portable Generator Champion 3500-Watt.

This is a wonderful way to go camping with your RV. Even in cold climates, it operates very well, as it has characteristics that allow it to reliably start even in the cold. It has an outlet specifically intended for RVs. This one is considered one of the finest mobile RV generator. There are sufficient wattage rates, so you can control devices that are essential to your outdoor convenience. You may have a poor camping period without this. Just think you’re more probable to have fun with this!

In event of a power outage at home, you should also use this. Who claims you’ve got to be uncomfortable just because energy is out? With this, your refrigerator maintains your meals fresh, you’re cool with a fan, you’re not stumbling in the dark because you’ve got your house lamps, and you’re not bored because you can maintain the Internet and your TV working simultaneously.

You should use it as it is secure as well as minimizing the danger. The security controls in location stop the generator or your electronics from being accidentally damaged owing to problems such as overloading.

This will also last a long time, so you can use it to optimize its importance on a regular basis. Recall that a 1-year warranty is usual in the generator sector, but this provides a 3-year warranty. You are also shielded through free-life technical support. If you are using it and something is incorrect, you will get the assistance you need.

Product Benefits

  • You get just enough watts for your needs.
  • It can run overnight.
  • This has lots of safety features.
  • It’s very easy to use. It offers plenty of convenient features.
  • It’s not too noisy.
  • EPA-approved, which makes it alright for parks.


  • It’s not as portable as it should be, because there are no wheels. It is possible to get the optional kit so you end up with the wheels for this, but it’s an extra expense.
  • It doesn’t have electric start.

Main Features of the Champion 3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

This comes with a long list of excellent characteristics, but these are the ones that stand out:

RV Ready

If you haven’t been clued in by the “RV Ready” in this generator’s title, then look at the normal RV outlet it includes. All you have to do is plug in, and then you can power all your RV equipment. It’s so easy. This prevents you from getting to cope with various electrical cables attempting to separately power each of your RV devices. It’s easy and simple.

Home Power Backup Generator

There is a 120V family outlet among its stores, and there is also a locking system for powering whole circuits. Basically, if you have a power outage at home, you can also stay by as a backup.

This has 3500 working watts, at least for the most significant devices as well as those that prevent you from having bored out of your skull, this allows for sufficient wattage. You can operate your fridge, house lights, a nice fan, your modem and router, and your television at the same moment with the watts you have.

Overnight Use

You can also use only 1750 working watts when you sleep for your fridge and maybe the computer. This prevents usage at half load, so this engine can operate directly for 12 hours without refueling. That provides you overnight uninterrupted sleep.

And thankfully, for your sleep is good, cause it’s not too noisy at all. This is even approved by the EPA for use in parks. Only when you position it 23 feet away, it generates 68 decibels of noise, which is louder than the sound of a contemporary vacuum cleaner. And when you have your bedroom walls between yourself and the generator, it’s even quieter.

Safety Measures

This can actually operate very securely. You have a volt meter that you can inspect to see the level of energy production. The function of the Volt Guard avoids harm to overload. If it stops working when the fuel concentrations get too small, your engine can also be harmed, but this has an automatic small fuel shutdown to avoid that.


With its durable and robust steel frame, this is a tough generator. The Champion brand is popular for its high quality of construction and comes with an amazingly lengthy 3-year warranty span. Furthermore, Champion’s technical support is accessible for a lifetime, and it’s also free.

Final Verdict

While it’s not perfect, this RV Ready Portable Generator review makes it very clear why so many RV owners love it. This portable generator for power tools is popular for RV camping, and it’s very convenient, useful, and easy to use.

Although it’s not ideal, this analysis of RV Ready Portable Generator makes it very evident why it’s loved by so many RV users. This mobile energy tool generator is famous for RV camping and is very handy, helpful and user-friendly.

It can also be used for house backup, and its durability and security characteristics guarantee it lasts for a very long time. Buy this if you have an RV, and it can be much more pleasant for all your outdoor trips!

Works Perfectly in Cold Weather

In the center of nowhere, the idea of being stuck in the cold is something most individuals fear. Unfortunately, when their generators fail to begin owing to cold weather, this is something that most RV consumers are subject to.

This, together with its unique Cold Start Technology, enables the generator to work even in extreme weather conditions. This includes cold weather. The fact that you can run the generator without needing to start it manually is even greater. Because the generator arrives with an electrical remote control, you can use a key to get everything working.

Can Double As a Backup Generator

You can always use it as a source of backup power around your home if you don’t use the generator in your RV. This is possible because the generator has distinct kinds of outlets. Included in these outlets are two 120V 20A household outlets. In addition, Volt Guard guarantees that any of your household appliances are secure from surges in energy. This will assist save you from spending your cash in vain to replace your valuables.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

In conclusion, should I purchase the 46539 Portable Generator Champion Power Equipment?

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator is perfect for you if you own an RV. It produces enough energy to operate your RV comfortably, it can start when the climate is hot, it can be operated remotely and it can double as a backup generator. It also has a robust metal frame and can operate for up to 12 hours on a complete reservoir. All these are things every camper thinks about. All these are things every camper thinks about. In short, this generator is the ideal generator for camping, packed into a beautiful, compact and mobile package.

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