Champion 3400 Review 

 October 25, 2020

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Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 100263 Review

Now we’re going to talk about the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator, its benefits and its downsides. We will also bring up some issues with the Champion 100263 that could deter some customers to purchase this model.


Champion 100263 3400-Watt Inverter Generator

It offers a dual fuel option which means that the unit can run on either gasoline or propane. This is great for RV owners who depend on propane. In the case that you have to save LP to run your refrigerator, you can use gasoline to run the AC.

The average runtime of the machine is 7,5 hours on a full gas tank and 14 hours on a full 20Lb propane tank. The engine switches to idle automatically when there’s no call for load to burn less fuel.

Champion devices perform reliably.

This inverter generator has various RV suitable sockets. It comes with a 30-ampere 120-volt output, two 120-volt 20-ampere outputs designed for small devices and 12-volt DC outputs. It delivers clean energy with the minimum fluctuation which is great for powering electronics safely. Technically, the total harmonic distortion (THD) is under 3%.

A secondary advantage of this unit is that it can run some important appliances of your house like the fridge, lamps, and small digital devices. There aren’t many RV inverters that you can take out to power your cottage or campsite. This is one of them.

Inverters are much quieter than standard generators. This particular one only generates 75 decibels, which is not louder than a dishwasher or a radio at half volume.

It complies with EPA and CARB standards and can be used in all 50 states, including California, and not many RV generators can. This is also good for people who live in the country or like to camp in protected areas.

The machine comes ready to use. No assembly needed.

It runs on idle and stall. Just switch it on to restart it.


  • It provides 3100 running watts. 3400 means only starting watts. Your power needs must be under 3100 watts of total use. It can be connected to another identical Champion unit to double its power. But of course, you must then buy two units instead of one, only if you can afford them. A single unit can effortlessly run a small TV, a fridge, and a small air-conditioner.
  • You must tilt the unit down to an uncomfortable angle to use the casters. If you drag it at a less stilted angle, the case of the unit crawls on the floor.
  • Key fob is not included. It would allow you to shut it off at distance and save fuel.
  • It’s hilarious that the generator comes with a crying grip. The unit weighs about 100 pounds. You can’t lift it. You just pull it. Such a weight makes the shipping price unaffordable. You better get it at your store near home.

Other aspects

It is very well priced for a dual fuel device. We are used to pay extra for dual ovens for the kitchen. But usually electricity wins the match and therefore inverting in a gas oven has no meaning. On the other hand, RV users require more options. If they didn’t have the chance to refill the propane tank, they still have the option to keep their appliances running on gas.

It comes with a limited warranty that can be for two or three years, depending on each retailer. But we must say that the service provided can take weeks to do the job. Champion guarantees a lifetime technical support without cost.

The battery usually get it starting right away. It recharges while the unit runs on gasoline. That means that you will have to run the machine a few times a month to keep the battery alive so that it starts the engine quickly when you run it on gasoline. You should also know that the battery tends to die at the first start, but it recharges later while the generator works. It also includes a pull cord to start it manually.

In some cases, they have shipped the product with some parts missing like regulators or some cables. But the maker dispatch the parts nearly as soon as you contact them.

To sum up

This efficient dual fuel inverter generator can run several light-duty appliances or a single heavy appliance while it lights your lamps and charge your electronics. You cannot pay attention to its fairly expensive cost and hugeness if you regard its flawless performance, dependability, and versatility for powering home appliances, electronics, and RV equipment. The brand guarantees a proper technical support, but the warranty may vary depending on each retailer.

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