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Champion 3100 Review

Champion 75531i 3100w Inverter Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator 3100w is a new outstanding inverter generator developed to be one of the best on the market. If you love to have a silent place of work, this product will help you get that. If you are looking for an inverter, which is more convenient than a standard portable generator, that gives you more price options and is a bit more affordable than the Yamaha or Honda machines, this could be the precisely what you were looking for. Since it was released, it has got five-star reviews from all the users that were able to test it. However, before you take the great leap, take your time to read the whole review.


Engine relocated and energy output

This furious and valuable overhead motor was moved to the center of the machine and generates the consistent amount of 2,800 running watts and 3,100 surge watts.

Performance and type of fuel

It can run uninterruptedly for about 8 hours on a ¼ fuel load of the 1,6-gallon tank. The most suitable fuel type for this generator is unleaded fuel.


In the same way other similar devices are, this machine is started by pulling a manual recoil.

Panel and outlets

It comes with all of the basic home outlets such as one 120-volt AC, 20 amperes dual outlets, one 12-volt DC outlet, and a 30 amperes receptacle. The control also includes a practical button to break circuit, an overload alert light, and an oil level indicator.

How quiet is it?

It produces a rate of noise of 58 decibels at a distance of 23 feet. Because of that, this is considered as one of the quietest inverters available.

Size and mobility

This model is 24,4 inches long x 18,3 inches high x 14,3 inches wide. It weighs 84,5Lbs. This is not precisely for carrying around with your hands. This is absolutely coherent because it has a bigger and stronger motor than many other generators of its kind. It has happily roller wheels to be transported easily.


Able to power small to intermediate devices. The 75531i has two outlets to provide energy to appliances with a power need of 120-volt Ac, 20 amperes current.

Meets CARB requirements

This inverter has the same weight as the inverters that meet the EPA/CARB standards: 83,8 pounds, or 38Kg.


Beside a Yamaha EF3000iSE, that weighs 147,5 pounds, and the Honda EU3000iS with its 134 pounds, the 75531i is light as a feather with its 84,5 pounds. The Champion brand outdid itself by producing such a light machine.

Fairly quiet running

Made with inverter technology, this machine isn’t loud at all while running. Maybe it’s not the quietest generator ever, but the noise level at 58 decibels at 23 Ft will not be a reason of complaints.

Decent runtime and consumption efficiency

When it comes to an efficient fuel consumption, this inverter will give you about 8 hours of uninterrupted power supply at ¼ load. It incorporates an Economy control Switch, that immediately idles the motor when not used. Also, the RPM system works automatically depending on the amount of the load. This lowers the noise and increases the lifetime of the engine.


Equipped with a grip and roller wheels to make it easy to carry around.

Other great characteristics of this inverter are its automated anti-overload system, a good quality recoil start and automatic low oil shutdown.


  • Even if the roller wheels are able to roll over smooth or even surfaces, they are almost useless on off-road surfaces because they are too small.
  • Though it’s usually quiet, this model could upset you when powering intermediate or big appliances since it tends then to get a bit noisy.

Key features

  • The engine speeds up and down automatically depending on the different power needs.
  • Controls are set on a single panel, and not all over the unit, which makes them more practical.
  • It comes ready for use, supplies a powerful startup load and a flowing and continuous current.

Structure quality and layout

Its build is solid and resistant. Dimensions are 22.5”, 17.3” and 18.3”, weighing 83,4 pounds.

This model includes two carrying grips, which allows two people to lift it up without effort. Roller wheels allows a single person to drag it over even ground.

Easy operability

The starting pull demands little strength and can be done by almost any owner.

A practical single panel center with all controls integrated which removes features located on uncomfortable places.


This Campion’s 171cc 4-stroke gas motor runs on fuel and has a 1,6-gallon tank.

It provides a start-up power of about 3100W/25.9A and working power of 2800W/23.3A. This should be enough energy even for powering air-conditioners.

Other traits and matters

Inverter means efficient. And since it doesn’t have dips nor spikes, the energy supply is clear and flowing.

With eco-friendly features that meet EPA and CARB standards. Decibel levels at about 58 dBA are quite convenient.

Break-in periods are burdensome and demand an hour with no use, an hour at 25%, another at 50%, another at 75% and an hour oscillating from off to max.

Weight and mobility

The machine is for sure heavy, but lighter than other inverters from other brands with similar dimensions. I’m a middle-aged fit and healthy guy, and I can lift and transport the machine without help.

It would be just awesome to have a pickup to drag your trailer. If you happen to have one, you just have to put the machine on the truck bed during the whole camping and forget about it. I have a Durango, so I don’t have a truck bed where I can put my generator. It’s a little hard to move it up, but it can be done.

This model actually includes wheels, and when you put it on the floor, you can drag it. The wheels are not awesome. They roll well, but it would be better if they’d have added more space between the bottom and the floor, so that the bottom wouldn’t crawl on the earth when you pull it off-road.

It has a real good budget-like handle that lets you pull the machine around as you wish.

Usually lightweight and mobility is a drawback for any inverter of this wattage, but luckily they didn’t give up on power. My father purchased a smaller inverter that’s lighter for him to move around, but he constantly complains about its inability to run the AC with it dependably.

What other people say

Online user reviews rate this generator as a reliable power supplier with a long runtime.

Users are pleased most of all by its operability. Some users complained about some issues with the starting cord (however the cord might be improved with time).

Other important negative section of reviews we found tell about headaches and doubts caused by the break-in cycle.


The Champion 75531i Inverter Generator is a strong unit. It was meant to be used for working outdoors or for having a picnic. Its small dimensions are ideal for people tripping with little space. The panels are great for users who need to take control and have several power options.

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